Treatment of melanoma in Turkey

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Symptoms of melanoma

Melanoma is a tumor that develops on the skin from the pigmented naevus. The disease begins to develop painless and does not attract the attention of the patient at its early stages. Only an experienced doctor may suspect developing the disease by the following symptoms of melanoma:

  • Mole changes its size and continues to grow;
  • Crust, harshness, density in nevus area;
  • Mole changes its color or turns red and is inflamed;
  • Focal pathologies are spread;
  • Nevus is bleeding or ulcerating;
  • Pain, itching or burning in the area of changed mole.

Peculiarities of melanoma treatment in Turkey

Experienced oncology specialists in Turkey quickly determine and identify the type and stage of melanoma, and prescribe an effective treatment.

Turkey has world-famous cancer centers, where minimally invasive surgical removal of melanoma by means of advanced surgical techniques are conducted, which is important for the effective treatment and cosmetic effect.

  • After surgical removal of melanoma, Turkish chemotherapists фтв experts in the field of radiation therapy carry out the effective systemic treatment of metastatic process;
  • Turkish cancer surgeons apply the Gamma-Knife and da Vinci Robotic Systems during the minimally invasive surgeries;
  • Up-to-date schemes of immunotherapy, when immune cells of the body destroy the tumor cells with particular drugs, are applied to stop the advance of the disease.

Melanoma diagnostics in Turkey

The early diagnostics results in malignant skin oncology arresting and suppression of the metastatic process, returning the patient to regular life with no recurrence of the disease. Diagnostic examinations include:

  • Dermatoscopy, i.e. analysis of changed skin cells under a high-precision microscope;
  • Histologic study after naevus removal within healthy tissues. If the cancerous cells are found, a radical surgery is performed.
  • MRI and CT;
  • PET-CT.

Cost of melanoma treatment in Turkey

  • The salubrious climate in Turkey will make the rehabilitation period shorter, combining it with the rest.
  • The achievements of the Turkish doctors in oncology treatment have the leading position in the world. At the same time, the prices in Turkey are relatively lower than for the medical care for the same pathologies in Europe and the United States. For this very reason Turkey is a reasonable option for patients from all over the world.
  • If you decide to undergo treatment in Turkey, you save your time on the visa (due to visa-free or simplified regime).
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TOP-10 most selectable oncology clinics all over the world: independent analysis of Bookimed
Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital is renowned thanks to continuous service of foreign patients, during which used biomedical technological equipment and qualified personnel of the hospital.
Universal Hospital Group consists of 11 hospitals with accredited ISO, TUV and JCI. Employees of Medical network focused on service quality and comfort of patients.
Marmara University Hospital is working in the University for 3 years and is available for booking on Bookimed.
American Hospital in Istanbul was founded in 1920. In 2002, the Hospital was accredited by JCI (USA). The clinic serves about 140 thousand patients annually. American hospital is a diversified institution that operates in 38 medical branches.
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