Treatment and diagnostics of melanoma

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Doctor's qualification 10
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412 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 412 patients received individual treatment program in Sheba Medical Center

Why is Sheba Medical Center the leading center in melanoma treatment?

Ella Institute for the Treatment and Research of Melanoma and Skin at Sheba is one of the largest significant Israeli medical institutions. It co-works with the leading research centers and hospitals, focusing at the early diagnostics and treatment of cancer skin, incl. US National Institutes of Health and MD Anderson Oncologic Center. The professionalism and experience of the medical staff in skin cancer treatment of the center enables to manage the most complicated cases of malignant skin affections on metastases stage.

What doctors are the experts in melanoma treatment at Sheba Medical Center?

The leading professional of the Insitute for Dermatology Dr. Alon Scop is the world-known expert in skin cancer treatment. He was awarded the rare title of outstanding researcher in the field of dermoscopy of the famous international organization International Dermoscopy Society in 2009.

What are the diagnostic methods of melanoma at Sheba Medical Center?

The following procedures are included into melanoma diagnostics at Sheba hospital:

  • Dermatoscopy;
  • Confrontal microscopy;
  • MRI, CT, PET-CT;
  • Biopsy;
  • Thorough physical examination.

What is the cost of melanoma diagnostics at Sheba?

The total cost varies from 3,000 to 4,000 USD. The examinations may be varied regardless the disease stage and ways of cancer spread. Clarify the price for treatment and diagnostic procedures costs on Bookimed website.

What are the melanoma treatment methods at Sheba Medical Center?

The following melanoma treatment methods are applied at Sheba Medical Center:

  • Surgical removal of the tumor;
  • Antitumor therapy by Interleukin 2;
  • Chemotherapy along with the immunotherapy;
  • Programs of clinical researches in skin cancer treatment;
  • Antitumor therapy by Ipilimumab;
  • Targeted cell therapy by TIL-cells;
  • Symptomatic therapy to improve the quality of life of the patient.

What are the results of melanoma treatment at Sheba?

The survival rate of the patients after the treatment is 97% under diagnostics disease at the early stages.

444 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 444 patients received individual treatment program in Rabin Medical Center
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Cancer Center "Davidoff" of Rabin Medical Center is the largest oncology clinic in Israel and the entire Middle East. Every fifth of Israeli citizens gets an aid of the cancer treatment here. The center treats patients with all types of cancer and hematological diseases (leukemia, osteomyelosclerosis, anemia, leukocytosis, and others). The Center includes the departments of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, integrative medicine, palliative therapy and dietology. Center operates with the following cutting-edge techniques for treatment: SBRT, IMRT, IGRT, Rapid Arc., SIRT.

Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 8
306 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 306 patients received individual treatment program in Teknon Hospital (Barcelona)

Why do the patients choose Teknon Clinic for the diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases?

The Department of Oncology at Teknon Medical Center is one of the best in Spain and Europe. A lot of leading Spanish oncologists work here. The leadership of the Сlinic constantly updates its equipment implementing the latest technological innovations.

What are the main oncological specializations in Teknon Hospital?

  • breast cancer;
  • prostate cancer;
  • stomach cancer;
  • intestinal cancer;
  • skin cancer;
  • lung cancer;
  • kidney cancer.

How is the diagnostics held at Teknon?

The diagnostic base of the Hospital gives an opportunity to carry out the most complex tests, which help to make accurate diagnoses and increase the efficiency of treatment.

Which therapeutic techniques are used at Teknon?

  • Radiotherapy (including radiosurgery: Gamma-knife, Cyber-knife, TrueBeam);
  • The latest protocols of chemotherapy (including those developed on the basis of Teknon Research Institute of Oncology);
  • Surgical operations (among which are robotic surgeries and cardiosurgery).

Prices for diagnostics and treatment of cancer at Teknon Hospital

The cost of diagnostics and treatment depends on many factors such as the disease development and body condition. International Patients Support Center Bookimed will choose an individual program with accurate prices for you.

Get the exact prices for diagnostics and treatment at Teknon Medical Center

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The first sensation of my arrival - I am very satisfied with the service. We were greeted, brought to the hospital and what was promised to us was all done. We have a phone and when we do not understand something, we call and our translator immediately comes. I like it very much. And we have raised the hope that doctors here can help us and I... Read full review
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Using Bookimed, 117 patients received individual treatment program in Herzliya Medical Center
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Clinic Cancer Center “Herzliya” has thirty years of experience. Center staff takes trainings and gets skills in the best medical centers in the world. Each patient throughout the treatment period is accompanied by a personal manager and translator. Center Department of Diagnostic works quickly and professionally - for the entire period of the department’s activity there was no single case of misdiagnosis. The main pathologies treated in Cancer Center Herzliya are: leukemia, Hodgkin's lymphoma, lymphoblastic leukemia, myeloma, carcinoid tumor, branchiogenic tumor, lung cancer, melanoma, brain cancer and other cancers.

Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 8

Why do the patients choose oncological Department of Quiron Barcelona Hospital?

Oncological Department at Quiron Barcelona is more than just a division of the clinic. This Department is honorary titled as the Baselga Insitute of Oncology. It was named after its founder, a world’s recognized oncologist Professor Jose Baselga. The prior specialization of Dr. Baselga is breast cancer. Annually, more than 3,000 patients get treatment and over 20,000 receive consultations at the Institute. Various scientific researches are conducted on the basis of the Clinic, which allows to develop new treatment methods and urgently implement them into practice.

Who specializes in the treatment of cancer in Quiron Barcelona Clinic?

The best oncologists in Spain work with the patients here:

  • Pr. Jose Baselga, a world-famous physician and the only European oncologist honored to be the member of the American Cancer Society;
  • Dr. Josep Tabernero is another great specialist in the world of oncology. He is the author of several medical protocols successfully applied in many countries;
  • Dr. Armando López-Guillermo, an oncohematologist;
  • Dr. Daniel Sánchez Posada, an oncosurgeon.

Quiron Barcelona Medical Center uses a multidisciplinary approach and the latest equipment. It gives an opportunity to exclude inaccuracies during diagnostics and increase the treatment effectiveness.

How is the diagnostics carried out at Quiron Barcelona?

The complex diagnostic program includes:

  • Complete and biochemical blood count (checking the state of separate organs, systems or of the whole body);
  • Blood test for tumor markers (detection of the specific substances common for cancer);
  • CT, PET-CT, MRI and ultrasound (detection of metastases, assessment of regional lymph nodes);
  • Biopsy of tumor tissues: fine-needle or trephine biopsy (for histological verification of the diagnosis).

Prices for complex diagnostics of oncology in Quiron Barcelona Hospital

The diagnostics takes from 2 to 5 days depending on the type of pathology and general body condition of a patient. The total cost of the diagnostics contains the price for doctor consultation and diagnostic procedures:

  • Blood count - €250-500;
  • Mammography - €195;
  • Arthrography - €293;
  • Cystography - €293;
  • Cholangiography - €293;
  • Urethrocystography - €293;
  • Ultrasound - €200-350;
  • Tomography - €242;
  • Myelography - €293;
  • Biopsy - €200-650.

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How is the treatment of cancer conducted in Quiron Barcelona Oncological Department?

The Baselga Institute of Oncology takes part in the development of innovative treatment techniques, that’s why it can be confidently said that the patients receive the most accurate diagnostics and high-quality treatment here. The hospital uses all kinds of innovative manipulations for cancer treatment:

  • Robotic surgery using the da Vinci robot;
  • Minimally invasive and bloodless operations;
  • Radiotherapy (Cyber-knife, TrueBeam);
  • Cryoresection and cryodestruction;
  • Chemotherapy with the newest drugs.
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 10
Popularity of the clinic 9
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Anadolu Medical Center is a combination
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Of course I thank my wife, even though she is young, but she probably loves me. After all, that was her who more than a month hammered into my head her mantra like a prayer that the operation must be done in Turkey. And she gained her end. I honestly do not regret, and even happy that she did. Firstly, it is not so expensive, and secondly, the... Read full review
Review on treatment of lung cancer
Gachon University Gil Medical Center is
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 8
Medical equipment 8
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 9
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Manipal Hospitals represent Clinical Unit of
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I was diagnosed with hemophthalmos and urgently needed an operation vitrectomy. I could not find doctor who could make this operation. I turned to the internet for help and found Bookimed. They answered me quickly, my doctor was coordinator Ivan Koval. After very short time I received all necessary information and program of treatment. I was very... Read full review
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 9
498 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 498 patients received individual treatment program in Asklepios Medical Group

A complete recovery or a stable remission in 95% of melanoma treatment cases.

Features of melanoma diagnostics at Asklepios

The program of skin carcinoma diagnostics includes the following researches:

  • dermoscopy allows to study the skin structure using optical system;
  • blood test for specific tumor markers detection;
  • CT
  • MRI
  • radionuclide research (tumor visualization through determination of radiation emitted by isotopes)
  • biopsy (It is conducted only after a full surgical removal of melanoma. Partial preoperational biopsy is not practiced at Asklepios because of high risk of tumor spread).

All diagnostic procedures are available in the clinic laboratories.

What specialists treat melanoma in Asklepios Clinic in Germany?

Relying on the diagnostics results, the physicians make out a common treatment plan with account for individual disease development. Treatment is conducted by the famous German dermatologists - Prof. Dr. med. Christian Sander, Head of the Dermatology Clinic of Asklepios, experienced Drs. med. Marc Armbruster and Melanie Schimmer.

Treatment of melanoma at Asklepios

Treatment of skin cancer in the hospital includes such procedures as:

  • surgical excision (carried out at under microscope supervision)
  • plastic surgeries on skin restoration (if necessary)
  • teleirradiation (to suppress the growth of cancer cells)
  • chemotherapy (cyclophosphamide, lomustine, dacarbazine, tamoxifen, carmustine and cisplatin)
  • immunotherapy (with the use of new developments which activate leukocytes to destroy the cancer cells)
  • targeted therapy (the prescribed drugs destroy cell proteins which have abnormal activity without harming the healthy tissues).

Cost of medical services in Asklepios Hospital

  • complex of diagnostic procedures – €3,000;
  • surgical removal of melanoma – €10,000-15,000;
  • chemotherapy – €3,000-5,000;
  • radiotherapy – €5,000-10,000;
  • immunotherapy – €5,000.

The doctor-coordinator of Bookimed will help you to clarify the exact price on skin cancer treatment or diagnostics

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