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German Heart Centre Munich

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German Heart Centre Munich

Lazarettstrasse 36, 80636 München

The German Heart Centre Munich is one of the leading cardiac centers in the world. Heart Centre was founded In 1972,  and it is one of the most advanced specialized centers of Germany for cardiovascular disease in adults and children.The center is subordinated by Representative of the center is the Bavarian Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Centre.

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About hospital

Since the foundation more than 500,000 patients have received a qualitative high-quality assistance for diagnostics and treatment of heart disease here. In 1981 here the first successful heart transplant operation was performed in Germany.

The main principle of hospital is to unite all the necessary  for diagnostics and treatment, clinics and institutes under one roof. Only a collaborative multidisciplinary approach can provide optimal patient care in the clinic.

The German Heart Centre Munich  is equipped with the most modern equipment and uses the most advanced technology in the field of medicine.
Cardiac center has its own base for clinical trials, sampling tests, operations and includes 3 intensive care units, 5 operating theaters, special departments for transplantation and dilatation, 5 departments for cardiac catheterization of invasive diagnosis and much more diagnostic equipment.

The German Cardiac center is multidisciplinary treatment facility at the Technical University of Munich, and includes:

  • The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery by the direction of Prof. Dr. med. R. Lange;
  • The Department of Cardiovascular Diseases by the direction Prof. Dr. med. H. Schunkert;
  • Department of Paediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Defects  by the direction Prof. Dr. med. Peter Ewert which during 30 years is a leading cardiology clinic of international level;
  • The Institute of Anaesthesiology by the direction Prof. Dr. med. Peter Tassani-Prell;
  • The  Institute of Laboratory Medicine by the direction Dr. med. Siegmun Lorenz Braun;
  • The Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine by the direction Dr. med. St. Martinoff.

The main purpose  of the German Heart Centre is providing all types of cardiology and cardiac care for children, adolescents and adults with all forms of cardiovascular disease.

The hospital provides professional support and comprehensive medical care for the speedy recovery of the patient. Here most experienced doctors with extensive experience employs.

In the German Heart Centre Munich a special office opened for service Russian-speaking patients. The staff of this office is always ready to help you resolving all issues.

In Cardiac Centre heart surgeries  such as: coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve surgery, atrial closure defects and ventricular septal, surgical treatment of tumors of the heart, a heart transplant and surgery for heart rhythm disturbances, and others are performed.

Bookimed advises you to choose German Heart Center in Munichand technologies treatment of cardiovascular diseases which have received high recognition worldwide. For professionals, the medical center is almost no unsolvable problems.


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