25 patients have already received the treatment plan

DRK Westend Clinic Berlin

25 patients have already received the treatment plan

Westend Clinic of Red Cross is a multispecialty medical center which is a network of DRK hospitals.

About hospital

About hospital

On Bookimed portal you have the opportunity to book a  hospital of member organization of the German Red Cross. It is belong to the German Red Cross and this means a rich history, professional experience and was originally assigned to the responsibility of all employees.

All the necessary information can be requested from the coordinator of Bookimed portal, the website also offers real patients comments are forming an impression about the hospital.Among the clinics  of DRK Bookimed advices to pay attention to  Westend Clinic occupying territory of the former Charlottenburg University Hospital.
About Westend Hospital in numbers:

  •   15 specialized departments;
  •   12 specialty centers;
  •   1,000 medical personnel;
  •   80,000  patients per year.

Westend Clinic has rich traditions and combines medical competence, responsive attention from specialists and convenient location. On the territory there is a park that allows patients to feel like in a resort area, to relax and recover after treatment.

Westend Clinic operates in the following areas:

  •    General surgery;
  •    Proctology;
  •    Operative Gynecology (at the clinic operates a certified Centre of mammalogy);
  •    Pediatric urology;
  •    Cardiology;
  •    Ophthalmology.

The cost of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation is always caused like high-quality services are available in Germany. On advice from a specialist of Westend  Clinic will be available the full price of the treatment and its contents.If  you necessary undergo treatment in Germany, not necessarily to learn German and to have thorough understanding of the law and organize trip. You only need to choose the suitable hospital on Bookimed portal among the leading German institutions and leave a request.


What do you get with Bookimed?
  • Choice&SpeedYou will get treatment options during 19 hours

  • Cost savingWe will save up to 50% of your treatment budget

  • Time savingWe will save up to 300 hours of your time

  • Treatment arrangementWe are looking for the best solution among 281 medical centers

  • 24/7 SupportYour personal Medical Doctor is here for you

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Recent reviews
The patient was treated of ovarian cyst

She underwent treatment at the Cardiolitis clinic in July 2018. Coordinator Konstantin recommended this clinic and I never regretted that I agreed with his recommendation. The clinic, excellent - both administratively, and on a medical part all questions were solved more than operatively. The staff speaks Russian and this, as you understand, is greatly facilitated by the doctor-patient mutual understanding. I was operated on the same day as I arrived; quickly took all the tests, conducted the necessary studies. No painful running around the experts - all for the patient. The operation was done by Dr. Rudaitis and I realized that it was my luck. Two days later I returned home. By the way - in Minsk, for all described medical measures, doctors were given 1.5 months. Thanks to all the doctors and medical personnel, infinitely grateful for your professionalism. And, of course, to the portal Bookimed - after all, they take on the most difficult work and at the moment when the sick person is still sick, and not healthy and for this reason is not always adequate to reality. Once again I thank you all

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The patient was treated of cervical cancer

Me and my sister liked everything, my sister is now undergoing treatment and radiotherapy. Upon arrival, everything was organized, as soon as we arrived immediately from the airport so as not to lose time to pass the tests on day 3, all tests were ready,

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The patient was treated of stomach cancer

From the beginning of the search for the clinic and until our arrival, it took 2 weeks. Constantine (Bukimed coordinator) explained all the nuances of both the disease and the clinic. After we decided on the place where the mother will be treated, Konstantin connected with the coordinator of the clinic Anadolu (Turkey). The new coordinator Ludmila also maintained contact with us, she arranged everything (a free transfer from the clinic meets at the airport, is brought to the hotel,

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The patient underwent neurologic rehabilitation

A unique technique. Talented specialists. Very attentive and helpful staff.

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