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Mammoplasty — is a complex breast plastic surgery which is designed to change the size and shape of the breasts, as well as reconstruction after removal of the mammary gland.

Indications for mammoplasty:


Contraindications for mammoplasty:

What is the cost for mammoplasty?

The cost of mammoplasty in different countries:

Country and leading clinic


Turkey - Estethica Clinic

  • Specialists of the Clinic are the members of EURAPS - European Association for Plastic Surgeons;
  • The intervention is planned with the use of 3D Vectra Technology virtual system, which allows to estimate the future result before the operation.

€ 3,000

Austria - Worseg Clinic

  • Dr. Arthur Worseg, Head of the Clinic, is one of the most recognized plastic surgeons in Europe;
  • the Clinic provides extra comfortable conditions for each patient and retains anonymity of the patients.

$ 6,000 - 11,500

Poland - KCM Clinic

  • The Clinic collaborates with American Association of Sanford Health;
  • The mammoplasty is performed by Dr. Piotr Drozdowski, who underwent internship in Germany and Hungary.

€ 3,700 - 5,000

Korea - JK Plastic Surgery Center

  • Every year the team performs more than 85,000 plastic operations according to the German and European quality standards.

$ 8,000

India - BLK

  • The Clinic is certified by the National Board for Accreditation of Medical Institutions;
  • Breast augmentation is carried out by plastic surgeons Dr. Lokesh Kumar, who held practice in Chicago (USA) and Dr. Anil Kumar Murarka, who held an internship in Australia.

$ 4,000 - 5,000

Israel - Sourasky Medical Center

$ 13,000


Preparing for mammoplasty

Preparation for breast augmentation surgery includes preoperative examination, which is comprised of:


According to doctor's recommendation each patient should stop smoking, taking medications and hormonal contraceptives for 2 weeks prior to the surgery. Each patient should stop smoking one week before the surgery.


Breast enlargement (augmentation mammoplasty)

Breast augmentation is performed to correct the asymmetry, improve the appearance and shape of the breasts. The increase is carried out with the help of endoprosthesis (implants). Modern plastic surgeons use these types of implants:

Implant insertion is performed with a small incision (up to 4 cm), which can be made around the areola line, in the inframammary region, in the armpit, or with the midsection (through the navel). Implant size, its texture, and incision type is determined individually, depending on the anatomy of the breast and the patient's wishes.


Myths about breast implants:

  • Do breast implants really cause cancer?
  • Do implants interfere with breast examination?
  • Is it necessary to replace the implants after time?
  • Can the implant actually blow out during the flight?

All these myths will be busted by Bookimed doctor-coordinator Kamran Abbas-Zade.


Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty)

The breast reduction is applied to reduce the size of overly large breasts, the weight of which causes back pain and other senses of discomfort.
Reduction mammoplasty is often accompanied by mastopexy, or in other words, breast lift.

Immediately prior to the surgery, the surgeon marks the incision line (patient is in the upright position). During the procedure, excess skin, fat and glandular tissue are removed; areola and nipple are moved to a higher position. Thus, a new shape of the breast is crafted.

Breast reconstruction

Breast_reconstructionBreast reconstruction is carried out after mastectomy with no cosmetic object. Its purpose is to recreate a natural breast appearance.

Restitution can be:

Breast reconstruction may be conducted with a range of methods, which differ in kinds of tissue used for the restoration.

Self-tissue methods:

If surgeons have removed all the skin and adipose tissue of the mammary gland during tumor excision, breast restoration with person’s own tissues is difficult to perform.In such cases, a reconstruction with silicone prosthesis is a procedure of choice. In order to make enough room for the implant on the place of removed gland, the doctor sets the expander, meaning a silicone container with a special port for filling the implant with saline. The following gradual skin stretching makes possible to install a permanent silicone implant.

How is mammoplasty performed?

Breast plastic surgery is carried out in the morning hours in fasting state. Due to the use of general anesthesia, the patient needs to stay under medical supervision for at least 24 hours after surgery. Duration of mammoplasty depends on the type and complexity and usually lasts 1-3 hours.

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