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Estetik International Clinic

low price level

9 requests per day

575 patients have already received the treatment plan

Estetik International is one of the largest centers of plastic surgery and cosmetology in Turkey. The Hospital specializes in the face, body, breast surgery, and hair transplant.

Estetik specialists apply Spider Web, a unique technology for the facelift. The technique has been invented by Prof. Bulent Cihantimur, the Clinic’s founder. The doctor is among TOP-50 plastic surgeons in the world.

Over 1,000 patients improve their appearance in the Center annually.

Hospital's rating according to patients' reviews Estetik International Clinic

The ranking is based on scores and reviews of hospital's real patients only

21 patients' reviews
The patient was treated of alopecia

I had an organic FUI hair transplant last week. My experience was a very positive one whereby I was treated in a one on one capacity.
Picked up from the airport, lovely hotel, driven to the clinic and brought home.
From the moment I entered the clinic I was met with the warmest of welcomes by very attendant staff.
Every step of the process was explained to me in great detail and my meeting with the doctor was a very professional one. Dr Aksoz is a thorough gentleman who loves his work.
The surgical process was very lengthy but my comfort seemed to be a priority, it was painless and the facilities were what you would expect from a top class clinic. All the staff made a great effort to make me feel relaxed and well informed. Time will be the true judge as I wait for my newly implanted hair to grow, I will review again in six months.

The patient underwent blepharoplasty (eyelid correction)

Everything went perfectly. Great staff, the clinic is cozy and beautiful. What is important when you come there just for the sake of beauty. The doctor Selcuk Aytach operated on me, a calm and very liking doctor who is not difficult to trust. Thanks to the whole team for the work done.

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The patient was treated of keloid scars

Put my request to see a specialist in the early hours of the morning and the online coordinator came back to me almost immediately with options for where I could go and whom I could see. The dermatologist was professional and took time to explain my symptoms to us and what the treatment would be. The clinic was nice, clean and looked attractive both inside and outside. The medical coordinator was very friendly and helpful and met us immediately as soon as we entered the clinic. Very satisfied with my visit to this clinic, with the coordinators and the doctor :-)


    Marian Zaiarna Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 20, 2019

    Thanks, that you have found time to share your impressions with us. With best wishes for your health!

The patient was treated in this clinic

Everything was extremely professional

The patient was treated of alopecia

Thank you very much to everyone who was involved in organizing and preparing for my hair transplant surgery and performing an operation at the Estetik International clinic. This is the coordinator of Bookimed-Alexander Serov. My main assistants, who did not leave me for a minute and helped me with translation, etc. these are Lana, Tahir and Anna. Special thanks to the doctors Mohammed and Aziz, an anesthesiologist, who anesthetized so that I did not feel pain and honey. personnel who participated in the operation. Unfortunately, the result of the operation must be waited for a long time, but for now I am pleased with the result. I want to note that the attitude towards the patient is very attentive. They brought the clinic and back to the hotel by car. Hotel is good. I recommend everyone to this clinic.

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    Aleksandr Siedov Bookimed medical coordinator Feb 26, 2019

    Инесса, спасибо большое за Ваш развернутый отзыв. Мы очень рады, что Вы остались довольны нашей работой и работой персонала клиники. Будьте здоровы!


Treatment costs

Otoplasty (ear surgery)
$700 - $1800
Abdominal liposuction
Lip Implant
starting $1400
Breast augmentation
€2990 - €3900
Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction)
$1980 - $3500
Chin Implants
starting $2800
Breast reduction
Tummy Tuck
Revision rhinoplasty
Brow lift
starting $1800
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About hospital

Estetik International was found in 1999. Today it is a network, which includes 6 clinics in Istanbul and 3 ones in Ankara, Bursa, and Izmir. The largest healthcare office in Istanbul admits international patients.

Estetik International in Istanbul is situated 4km away from the nearest beach and 30km from Ataturk International Airport.

Advantages of the Medical Center

  • Original and innovative methods of plastic surgery. Estetik doctors perform Spider Web Facelift, FUE Hair Transplant, and Cihantimur Fat Transfer.
  • The best plastic surgeons under the direction of Prof. Bulent Cihantimur. Patients from Europe and Near East visit the Doctor for plastic procedures. Models Pixee Fox and Rodrigo Alves, known as real-life Barbie and Ken, are among his patients.
  • Plastic surgery and vacation. In Istanbul, patients combine the procedures with relaxing at Bosphorus.

Estetik International in figures

Estetik International statistics


Each package includes transfer from an airport, hotel accommodation + breakfast, a cosmetic procedure, compression underwear, medications, and interpreter assistance.

The offer is available till 31 March.


starting €2,490 €2,990

Breast correction

starting €2,990 €3,490

Spider Web facelift

starting €3,990 €4,890

Body sculpt

starting €7,990 €8,390

Spider Web Facelift

The method is unique. Prof. Bulent Cihantimur has created this method as an alternative to surgery. The procedure is used for face, breast, arms, belly, and buttocks skin rejuvenation.

How Spider Web is performed

A patient does not feel any pain, because the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.

A doctor introduces needles with threads under the skin through the micro incisions (1-2mm). Then a plastic surgeon forms a so-called web in the subcutaneous layer. The threads are covered with collagen, making the skin compilable and taut.

The duration of the skin tightening depends on the part of the body, where it is carried out. Spider Web Facelift lasts just 15-20 minutes.


No scars remain after the procedure. A patient notices significant changes immediately, but the final result is visible in 3-6 months after the surgery.

A few minutes after the facelift, a patient is able to make up and return to daily activities.

Pixee Fox, the world famous “Human Barbie”, has undergone Spider Web Facelift here. The girl is pleased with the facelift, and says that the procedure is entirely painless, the result is noticeable immediately.

Pixee Fox at Estetik Internatinal Clinic

Pixee Fox, model

Simple and complex rhinoplasty

Estetik surgeons perform 2 types of nose job: complex and simple.

Simple rhinoplasty

Surgeons carry out the operation for small changes of the tip, ridge, and wings of the nose. In this case, cartilage and bone are not involved.

A patient does not feel any pain and discomfort, because the operation is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. The procedure lasts 15-30 minutes.

Recuperation is short after the surgery. A patient is able do common activities the next day. Among the restrictions are only sports and weightlifting.

Complex rhinoplasty

Specialists perform this kind of rhinoplasty, if a patient is dissatisfied with the shape of the nose, have problems with breathing or after the trauma.

The operation is painless. It is conducted under general anesthesia. Doctors prescribe pain medications after the procedure. Nose correction lasts about 1 hour.

Doctors plaster patient’s nose after the surgery to fix it in the correct position. A plastic surgeon removes it in 5-7 days.

A patient has swelling and bruising during the first 2-3 days after the operation.

Rhinoplasty at Estetik International Center

Before/after nose job for women

Male rhinoplasty at Estetik International Clinic

Before/after nose job for men

Hair transplant

Doctors apply modern techniques to help patients with thinning hair.

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment

The doctor injects plasma with the platelets into patient’s scalp. The substance strengthens hair grows and stops its loss.

It is important to know that platelets are not the stem cells. So, do not expect the appearance of new hair follicles at the site of a bald spot. A patient grows his hair. It becomes healthy and strong.

The technique is recommended for patients in the early stages of hair loss or before/after hair transplant to stop the falling out.

PRP treatment takes 5-10 sessions with an interval of 1 week on average. A patient notices the result of the treatment after 3 procedures.

  • FUE hair transplantation

It is the most modern and popular method of hair plantation. Estetik plastic surgeons transplant patient's hair follicles from the donor area to the thinned area. A doctor selects healthy follicles and collects them into bundles (grafts). The more grafts, the thicker the hair grows.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. A patient does not feel pain or discomfort during the surgery. People can watch TV, listen to music, read a book, eat, and drink during the hair transplant.

Firstly, the donor hair will fall out and the new and healthy own hair will grow. The hair grows in 3 months after the procedure. In 6-9 months the final result is noticeable.

Hair transplant at Estetik International Clinic

Before/after hair transplant

Services for international patients

✔️transfer for a fee

✔️accommodation in a single room

✔️3-time meals


Achievements and awards of Estetik International

ISO healthcare certification

ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 10002: 2004 certificates

ISO certificates guarantee the high quality of healthcare services in the Clinic. It means that Estetik specialists apply the innovative equipment and have vast experience in plastic surgery.



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Anonymous Mar 20, 2019
The patient was treated of kidney cancer

I am a Canadian who wanted to look for the kidney disease treatment in Hamburg right the way. I search on internet to find some one who can help me contact with doctor in Hamburg hospital and I found the Bookimed. First time, I really did not trust the Bookimed because I thought it is on internet - no face to face , but the Bookimed sent me a call immediately . After that, Liza Dudnik , the staff of Bookimed , contacted with me via email and phone. She helped me a lot to look for the kidneyprofessional doctor . Liza Dudnik worked very professional, kindly and helpful. From my heart bottom I would like to say thank her. Now I can tell people : I believe that the Bookimed is an agent that you can trust because it's service . Thank Bookimed and Thank Liza Dudnik again. God Bless You.

Tatiana Nikolaevna Mar 20, 2019
The patient was treated of hemangioma

Thank you, the doctor listened carefully and said that why was I satisfied with everything after the visit !!!

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Vladimir Mar 20, 2019
The patient was treated of uterine cancer

The clinic is modern, the staff is attentive, competent, highly qualified. The approach to the organization of diagnosis and treatment professional. Everything went according to schedule. The language barrier was not felt. I was somewhat surprised by the lack of sanepid mode, in my opinion. Logistics (hotel accommodation, transfer), translator on top. Great site, great service. Kind, competent, attentive and caring attitude of employees. You do not feel useless and lonely.

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