Treatment and diagnostics of viral hepatitis

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Where to treat the hepatitis in India?

One of the largest medical institutions in India is Manipal Hospitals Group. It includes over 2000 doctors. 15 hospitals and 3 clinics of Manipal Hospitals Group provide the medical care for over 2 million of patients.

Manipal Hospital in Goa provides the full set of treatment of all types of hepatitis. The experts of Departments for Contagious Diseases, Therapeutic or Gastroenterological Departments of Manipal Hospitals can treat the disease. The treatment is held by applying both traditional and innovative achievements of the world medicine and pharmacology.

What are the diagnostic methods to detect the hepatitis?

Diagnostics of hepatitis is held at Manipal Hospital in Goa based on the analysis of liver functioning disturbance that appear in the external symptoms.

The following laboratory tests are held for final diagnostics of a certain type of hepatitis:

  • Bilirubin testing
  • ALT testing, i.e. liver enzymes
  • Liver functioning testing

If any suspect of viral hepatitis, the immunological or genetic testing are held additionally to check for viruses.

Ultrasound and liver biopsy may be appointed for the final diagnostics of the hepatitis.

Who are the doctors to treat the hepatitis?

The following doctors provide the hepatitis treatment at Manipal Hospital in Goa:

  • Devaki Thatte Dalvi MD, Diplomat of the National Board
  • Vikram Dalvi MD, intensive care expert, member of the National Board
  • Jose Filipe Alvares MD, gastroenterologist, Diplomat of the National Board
  • Oscar Rebello MD
  • Pradip Pai Dhungat MD
  • Vijay Naik MD

What are the treatment methods of hepatitis at Manipal Hospital in Goa?

The chronic forms of hepatitis are treated by combined antiviral therapy, including the application of interferon and nucleosides analogues. Besides that, Manipal Hospital in Goa applies the innovative medication “sofosbuvir” and its combinations, which affection is more reliable as it does not have any side effects. The big attention at the hospital is paid to correct nutrition and medical diet to recover the damaged liver cells.

What is the cost for hepatitis treatment at Manipal Hospital in Goa?

The cost for hepatitis treatment differs considering the types and forms of this disease. However, its treatment cost at Manipal Hospital in Goa is 2-5 times lower than at the similar hospitals of Western Europe and USA.

You can get more details on the cost of treatment by contacting the coordinator of the International Center of Patients Assistance Bookimed. Order the individual treatment program now!

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