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Oncology clinic of European Institute of Oncology
  • European Institute of Oncology is in the list of Top 6 best cancer centers in the world according to the Hospital Benchmarking Award.
  • The hospital is in the list of the best medical facilities for medical tourism in the world according to MTJ (International Medical Travel...
Nicoletta Colombo
Nicoletta Colombo


Experience : 30 years
Prices for diagnostics
€200 - €1250
€2000 - €2300
Oncology Department of Ospedale San Raffaele
Prices for diagnostics
US transvaginal
starting €1707
The patient was treated of herniated disk

The patient was treated of scleroderma

The patient was treated of psoriasis

The patient was treated of alzheimer's disease

The patient was treated in this clinic

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The patient was treated of irritable bowel syndrome (ibs)

Everything is just fine: a clinic, a doctor and a Russian-speaking employee of the department for work with foreigners.

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The patient was treated of cervical cancer

Many thanks to Catherine Koliko for helping us choose the Anadolu Medical Center All at the highest level

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The patient underwent hair transplant

I did not regret for a minute about the choice. Everything was well organized. They were taken from the airport, settled in a hotel that was two minutes from the hotel. There were translators who always accompanied you everywhere and always explained everything. Separate thanks to Anna and Tahir. Thank you very much for the doctors. I can not yet judge the final result, but at this stage everything is exactly as I wanted. Thanks to the nurses and anesthesiologists. I have never been hurt (for me it was especially important) thanks to Olga, who sent me to this clinic.

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The patient underwent check-up

I was with my parents at the Asclepios clinic. I was satisfied with the quality of medical care. Thanks Bookimed for helping with the organization of the trip.

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