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Operation is used in Urology.

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Asklepios Medical Group
Germany, Hamburg

Asklepios is a prestigious Germany's largest network of clinics that offers high quality service to patients and covers virtually all areas of medicine from ophthalmology to dentistry. Quality and introduction of innovative technologies allow the company to play a key role...

Dmitriy Kaminskiy Dmitrievich
May 11, 2018

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Professor Gross, as well as all the staff of the Asclepios clinic in Hamburg for their high professionalism, efficiency, sensitivity and attention to patien...

Andreas Gross
Andreas Gross

Chief Physician of the Urology Department

Experience : 30 years
The patient was treated of kidney cancer

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Professor Gross, as well as all the staff of the Asclepios clinic in Hamburg for their high professionalism, efficiency, sensitivity and attention to patients. About a month ago left an application on the site bookimed, within an hour I was contacted by coordinator Katerina, immediately offered several clinics specializing in oncourology. The choice fell on Asclepios in Hamburg, in particular, Professor Gross. Within a week, thanks to Katerina's efforts, prof. Gross, determined the tactics of treatment and already in a week there was immediate operation. There were some doubts that the nephrectomy could be performed laparoscopically, but the golden hands of prof. Gross know their business. The postoperative period went smoothly, recovered quickly. During the week of the stay, there were no complaints about the work of the staff: attentive, sensitive and affable. Conditions are more than comfortable. The language barrier was not a problem due to the well-coordinated work of the translators Lydia Goncharenko and Vladimir Fissenko. Separately, I want to once again express my gratitude to coordinator Katerina, who was always in touch, quickly resolved all sorts of difficulties.

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The patient was treated of bladder cancer

We thank Professor Gross for the difficult and very difficult operation. We are sure that in the CIS, and in many European clinics, Alexander would not come out of intensive care. Professor - the golden hands. Also thanks to the guys accompanying us as translators, Vladimir and Lydia. Moral support and qualified medical translation they provided completely. Also thanks to all employees of the Asklepios polyclinic, our two-week stay in the room of increased comfort and a week-long stay of Alexander in the intensive care unit, although it was not easy, but the staff did everything to help and facilitate the rehabilitation period. Very home furnishings and not fake care.

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The patient was treated of pancreatic cancer

Doctors are highly qualified. Detailed information about what is happening with the patient. The ratio of all medical staff is positive. Many thanks to our accompanying Lydia. No language problems. If any questions arise, a competent decision.

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The patient was treated of prostatitis

Dr. Gross was amazing and our medical coordinator was very helpful. We received all the information requested prior to the consultation and Dr. Gross is truly a leading urologist, an expert passionate about his job. We travelled from Romania to Germany and we were very pleasantly surprised about the quality of their services.

The patient was treated of leukoma

The medical services was very good and the doctors also specially Ph. Schargus He explained to us every thing about my son's case and he advice us to meet the cornea surgeon Prof. Geerling, Head of the University Eye Hospital in Düsseldorf and arranged to meet him so i would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to you and the hospital staff for your great efforts and supports.

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Department of Urology at Dortmund Clinic

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The patient was treated of stomach cancer

From the beginning of the search for the clinic and until our arrival, it took 2 weeks. Constantine (Bukimed coordinator) explained all the nuances of both the disease and the clinic. After we decided on the place where the mother will be treated, Konstantin connected with the coordinator of the clinic Anadolu (Turkey). The new coordinator Ludmila also maintained contact with us, she arranged everything (a free transfer from the clinic meets at the airport, is brought to the hotel,

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The patient underwent neurologic rehabilitation

A unique technique. Talented specialists. Very attentive and helpful staff.

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The patient was treated of breast cancer

Professional service company with a sympathetic, attentive staff. Price and quality are justified

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The patient was treated of ovarian cancer

I am very satisfied with the work of Catherine Koliko, and the clinic that she helped us to choose. Anadolu in Istanbul-delight ... Staff, doctors, methods of treatment, everything is fine. The only thing I regret that I did not turn to them early

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