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5 days clinic's response speed

205 patients have already received the treatment plan

Wooridul Hospital

medium price level

5 days clinic's response speed

205 patients have already received the treatment plan

Wooridul Hospital is a specialized network of hospitals with experience in treating more than 30 years, which is a world leader in the treatment of diseases of the spine today. Wooridul Hospital meets the highest international standards. It is an international hospital is the best of the World by the  Medical Tourism Association.

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The patient was treated of neurology

In the clinic, Uridyl did MRI of the spine. Everything is fast and clear, attentive coordinators.

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The patient was treated of scoliosis

The patient was treated of herniated disk



Prices for diagnostics

MRI of one area
starting $500
Consultation with an orthopedist (traumatologist)
MRI of the spine cord
Lab tests
$30 - $50
Periapical X-ray
$20 - $60
Consultation with an orthopaedist
СT of the spine
$140 - $200

Treatment costs

Herniated disc surgery
$9850 - $16000
Removal of herniated disc with preoperative diagnostic
$10600 - $18000
Knee replacement
starting $14760
Hip replacement
Discectomy (Removal of lumbar disc)
$9840 - $11630
starting $12300
Surgical treatment of scoliosis
starting $21470

About hospital

Wooridul Hospital is a specialized network of hospitals with experience in treating more than 30 years, which is a world leader in the treatment of diseases of the spine today. Wooridul Hospital meets the highest international standards. It is an international hospital is the best of the World by the  Medical Tourism Association. It has JCI certificate. JCI accreditation (Joint Commission International) - this is the most objective and prestigious international certification.

Network  of Wooridul hospitals in South Korea consists of the following hospitals:

  • Seoul Chungdam Wooridul Spine Center;
  • Seoul Wooridul Hospital;
  • Busan Wooridul Spine Hospita;
  • Busan Dongrae Wooridul Spine Hospital;
  • Daegu Wooridul Spine Hospital.

Every year the hospital performed more than 20 million operations and over 80,000 procedures.

Our doctors are using cutting-edge digital equipment, such as MRI, CT, O-arm, C-arm, and the newest computer navigation system and ultra-modern Cyber Knife 4th generation specialists also conduct bloodless operations. Hospital performs minimally invasive spinal surgery for common diseases of the spine, as well as operations metastatic spine tumors. Doctors of  Wooridul hospitals network constantly develop new technologies in treatment of spine and joints (use of biological artificial joints). The hospital has advanced technology - the double-stranded ligament reconstruction surgery, which is known as one of the most complicated and high-tech operations.

New methods of treatment were published in 26 scientific papers in leading scientific journals in the world by hospital staff in 2007. The first specialized center for treating cancer of the spine in Asia through Cyber Knife opened in the Wooridul Hospital.
Hospital offers a non-surgical methods of treatment and diagnosis such as: rehabilitation, conservative treatment, physical therapy, stereotactic radio surgery by "Cyber Knife", comprehensive diagnostics.

Since January 2006  Service Center (Wooridul International Patients Center) for foreigners operates and arranges medical care for them. The Center developed a program of a number of special services, whose purpose - to provide medical care to foreign patients at the highest level during their stay in hospital.

If you are looking for medical treatment abroad and have serious spine disorders - Bookimed portal recommends that you to choose network of specialized Wooridul hospitals in South Korea, because it is the world's leading center of neuro musculoskeletal diseases.
Where the specialists of hospital are using minimally invasive surgery what allows patients all over the world to live a full life.

Medical  directions  of Wooridul Hospital (South Korea):

  • Neurosurgery Spine;
  • Orthopedics;
  •  Intervertebral hernia;
  •  Treatment disc protrusion cervical spine;
  •  Joint replacement, knee;
  •  Hip replacement;
  •  Cervical hernia, etc.

 Wooridul Hospital provides a wide range of treatment for patients:

  •  Endoscopic spine surgery;
  •  Microscopic spine surgery;
  •  Laser spine surgery;
  •  Spinal Surgery;
  •  Spinal surgery under CT;
  •  Implantation of artificial spinal disc;
  •  Laparoscopic surgery;
  •  Thoracoscopic Surgery;
  •  Soft stabilization of the spine anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction;
  •  Vertebroplasty / Kyphoplasty;
  •  Correction of spinal deformities;
  •  Joint replacement surgery (hip, knee, ankle).


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The patient underwent diagnostic

In order Bookimed was advised by a friend when she was diagnosed and the question arose of confirming it and obtaining a treatment protocol. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the diagnosis, Ukraine could not be considered. In general, everything seems confusing when far from medicine and you do not understand how further. 1. At night, Bookimed wrote - in the morning they called, identified the coordinator Daria (medical unit), they received copies of the test results, consulted and suggested further actions: clinics, expenses, etc. I chose Anadolu (Turkey), although Turkey was not considered Turkey at first , but having studied the info on the Internet and the reviews made a decision. 2. Logistics (flight, transfer, resettlement, etc.) organized by Barbara. Tickets, reservations, and so on — we didn’t do at all.) Now I wondered if there were any rust or comments — but no, everything was clear, correct, prompt responses, constant communication and full support. That's really all at a decent level. 3. By hotels: it was possible to choose on the territory of Anadolu or nearby (there was a list of hotels that provide transfer to the clinic) I decided that it would be boring on the territory of Anadolu, some patients and chose Elite hotel darica, in the hope that in addition to the clinic I would not have to be in the room. Hotel standards, but in early December, the kitchen is empty and very sad. But the room is spacious, modern - ok, were not hungry, although probably for all my trips and hotels - it was the most meager breakfast and dinner. But in the room kettle, which was very useful to us. Friendly staff 4. In the Medical Center Anadolu accompanied Suleiman. In general, at all stages - accompanying higher praise. They know their business: correct, unobtrusive, but leading and most importantly constructive. 5. The clinic itself: a large, bright, modern, functional, no frills, but it became very sad that there is simply nothing like this in Ukraine. Reception in the queue, waiting for reception for a couple of hours, but the chairs are incredibly comfortable, you can be in the Cafe (there are also sofas, there are different snacks) - they will call. There is a dining room, but there is a clear time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In short, there are no comments when they immediately warn you that you need to wait and the waiting conditions are comfortable. 6. Reception at prof. Zafera Gulbash: there is nothing special to write, most of the techniques of normal clinics, the behavior of doctors is professional, the examination, the study of test results, the questions and the definition of further actions, the tests are done quickly, all electronically immediately on the monitor for the doctor. The doctor has caused trust. 7. It should be noted that we are at the very beginning: reviewing the diagnosis. Conclusion: everything and support from Bookimed and being in Anadolu was comfortable in all respects. We move on. I definitely recommend

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The patient underwent hair transplant

Had arrived. Made. I slept. There was a little giggle from behind. Blood. I ate. Sleep hard but you can. The bandage was removed. Blood. Bandage. Waiting for bathing. Writing. Airplane soon

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The patient was treated of breast cancer

Very, very pleased with the interaction with Bookimed. Has been treated for breast cancer. In November 2018, she flew to Istanbul, Medipol and Anadolu clinics for examination. Helped with tickets, travel arrangements, always stayed in touch. The coordinator from Bookimed has a medical education, can qualitatively advise on clinics, doctors. For me personally, this is a big plus. Before that I was treated in Israel, I organized everything on my own and spent incomparably more time, energy and nerves. I will work with Bookimed in the future and recommend it to my friends.

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The patient underwent consultation with an ophthalmologist

The quality of medicine is excellent. Doctors attentive. Coordinators solve operational issues.

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The patient was treated of ptosis

The high level and quality of medicine in the clinic Severence city of Korea. The clinic is huge, everything is beautiful, clean. Our doctor really liked, quickly and easily found a common language with her and came to a single solution to our problem. Thanks to the Bookimed website for the organization and a special thanks to the coordinator who quickly responded! We will go with you and advise others !!!

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