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15 patients have already received the treatment plan

National Research Cardiac Surgery Center

medium price level

15 patients have already received the treatment plan

National Research Cardiac Surgery Center (NRCSC) is a highly specialized state hospital in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The Hospital specializes in the treatment of heart failure, valvular heart disease, and congenital malformations.

NRCSC is among the world’s 22 best clinics, where specialists perform complex heart surgeries. Doctors carry out aortocoronary bypass through small incisions and heart valve replacements through catheter applying the TAVI method.

6,000 patients receive treatment in the Hospital annually. 600 of them are children, and 70 are newborns.

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The patient was treated of hypertension

Good day! On the recommendation of the coordinator Dmitry Belik, I drove my mother to the NNSC to be examined for hypertension. We held a consultation, we appointed all the examinations and we all did it quickly. According to the results of tests and examinations, the doctor prescribed the necessary medicines. Were at the Center in the beginning of September 2018, now the mother takes the pills, the pressure has decreased from 180/60 to 140/70 and while we are in these values, as a doctor, it was recommended that it should not be lowered to 120 immediately. We are very grateful to the coordinator Dmitry Belik for his help, for doing this kind of work for people, for his recommendations. I was always in touch, I called and was interested. Everything went well and well. Thank you, Dmitry. And the Center was impressed, very worthy, clean and quiet everywhere, and of course the doctor prescribed the medication necessary for my mother.

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The patient underwent coronary artery bypass grafting

Thank the doctors, for my mother. Great team. The best equipment in Kazakhstan. Pya Yuri Vladimirovich has great respect, the best cardiologist in the country.

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The patient was treated in this clinic



Prices for diagnostics

Consultation with a cardiologist
$15 - $20
Lab tests
$20 - $30
Heart Diagnosis before OP
$800 - $1000

Treatment costs

Radiofrequency ablation
Heart Valve Replacement
$6700 - $11600
Radiofrequency ablation with 3D mapping
Interventricular septal defect surgery
$4300 - $5500
Coronary stenting
starting $3000
Heart cryoablation
Atrial septal defect surgery
starting $3000
Coronary artery bypass grafting
$4600 - $7000

About hospital

National Research Cardiac Surgery Center (NRCSC) was founded in 2011 by order of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan.

The Hospital is situated 8 km away from the central railway station and 13 km away from Astana International Airport.


  • The Hospital cooperates with the leading medical facilities in Germany, the USA, France, Italy, Belgium, and Turkey. Doctors of the Center undergo international internships and adopt experience of their foreign colleagues.
  • The most innovative surgical techniques are available at the Hospital. Surgeons perform minimally invasive and safe interventions such as transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), closing of the oval window through a puncture in the artery.


NRCSC in figures


JCI sertificate Joint Commission International (JCI) certificate

JCI accreditation warrants that the Hospital follows international healthcare and quality standards. NRCSC is equipped with all the necessary technologies for complex surgeries. Certified and experienced doctors work here. Operating theatres are 100% sterile.


Doctors perform open and minimally invasive heart operations. According to specific indications, doctors prescribe a minimally invasive intervention through 7-12 cm incision. As a result, the surrounding tissues are less damaged. After such a procedure, a patient recovers more rapidly and returns to a healthy life in the short term.

Aortocoronary bypass without complications

Doctors of the Сlinic perform the procedure using the ROC Safe system. This is a device for artificial blood circulation, which allows reducing the amount of blood transfused to 58%. ROC Safe device reduces the risk of postoperative complications, such as atrial fibrillation and bleeding.

LVAD - implantation of an artificial left ventricle

It is an operation for mechanical pump implantation that helps the heart pump blood. Heart surgeons perform the procedure to patients with severe heart failure and those who are waiting for a donor heart transplant.

In 3% of cases, the heart completely resumes its work and does not require further transplantation. The device prolongs life up to 10 years in patients waiting for a heart transplant. LVAD restores the functions of other organs — liver, kidneys, lungs. And a patient lives a healthy life.

60 LVAD operations have been conducted in the Hospital. 30 patients have undergone heart transplant after LVAD, 19 patients live a full life with LVAD, 1 patient has completely recovered from the disease.

It is important to know that heart transplant at National Research Cardiac Surgery Center is available only for citizens of Kazakhstan.

Heart surgery at NRCSC, Kazakhstan

Heart surgery at NRCSC


NRCSC doctors specialize in percutaneous heart and vessels operations. They are performed through a thin tube (catheter) inserted into the femoral or carpal arteries. Hospitalization lasts 1-3 days. A patient does not have scars and does not feel any discomfort after such operations.

NRCSC perform catheter interventions to:

  • correct the interventricular septum defect;
  • implant the stents;
  • replace the aortic valve;
  • conduct the mitral valve clip;
  • complete the closure of the left atrial appendage;
  • replace the biological aortic valve.

TAVI - the aortic valve replacement

Specialists prescribe the procedure to adults with the aortic valve disease. NRCSC heart surgeons use the artificial valves produced by Carbomedics, the US manufacturer.

Doctors implant valves through the blood vessels using a catheter. At the end of the catheter there is a self-expanding endoprosthesis.

A patient is under general anesthesia during the procedure. After the intervention, the symptoms of the disease (chest pain, fainting, and shortness of breath) disappear entirely.

NobleStitch — the closing of the oval window in the heart

It is the most innovative surgery for the treatment of the oval window in the heart. Heart surgeons sew the defect through a puncture in the main vessel of the heart.

The procedure does not require a sternum incision. A doctor performs all the manipulations through a small puncture up to 1 cm. After surgery, a patient recovers faster than after the traditional open surgery.


Doctors of the Pediatric Department treat children from the birth to 18 years of age. Cardiac surgeons determine the most effective and safe treatment method for babies.

Heart doctors prefer endovascular surgeries (through a thin catheter) or minimally invasive ones (through a small incision). After such interventions, children do not feel severe pain and recover faster.

NRCSC doctors perform such procedures as:

  • plastic repair the interventricular septum defects;
  • plastic reconstruction of the atrial septal defect;
  • corrective surgery for Tetralogy of Fallot;
  • pacemaker implantation;
  • catheter intervention for abnormal pulmonary venous drainage;
  • coarctation of the aorta;
  • Mueller surgery.


  • assistance in applying for a visa
  • translation of medical records
  • transfer from/to an airport
  • accommodation in a single or double ward
  • consultation with an attending physician after returning home.

Single room

Single room


Diseases treated in the clinic

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The patient underwent breast augmentation

Это был замечательный опыт. Проводили операцию по увеличению груди в Forme Clinic. Это не клиника - это отель 5 звезд ))) Чувствуешь себя, как дома) Замечательный персонал, очень заботливые и что самое главное для меня - нет ощущения, что ты в больнице. Доктор Мертан, был очень внимателен к моим пожеланиям и выполнил все именно так, как мне было необходимо. Результат превзошел все ожидания, я осталась очень довольна. Всем советую эту клинику и доктора.

The patient was treated of lymphoma

Good day! My name is Tatyana! I am grateful to Bookimed, and to the coordinator coordinator Konstantin Siminenko in helping him to find a specific clinic in terms of quality and price !!! Konstantin is always in touch, trying to help advise on various issues! We hope for further cooperation! Thank you!

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The patient underwent diagnostic

The quality of medicine in the clinic is very high, the competence of the doctor is beyond doubt. All issues arising in the process were successfully solved through the coordinators Daria and Irada, as well as a specialist Jan.

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The patient underwent check-up

Everything is super !!! Five Stars!!! I liked it very much, the service of the clinic KUIMS is very fast and efficient. Many thanks to the girls translators, Nare and Lena, thanks for the organization of the company, the girls Barbara and Katerina, everything is super! Good luck to all!!!

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