5 days clinic's response speed

181 patients have already received the treatment plan

MizMedi Women`s hospital

5 days clinic's response speed

181 patients have already received the treatment plan

Miz Medi Women's hospital is a multi-specialized women's hospital of international standard in gynecology and obstetrics, children's diseases.



Prices for diagnostics

Complex diagnosis of infertility for men
starting $1800
Complex diagnostics of infertility for woman
starting $500

Prices for treatment

Artificial insemination (IVF)
$5500 - $7000

About hospital

The first medical center "Miz Medi" was opened in 1991 and it is located in Kangnamgu. Miz Medi is one of the largest  hospital in Seoul on the number of received deliveries. Every year  5000 babies are born at this clinic.

Medical staff of Miz Medi consist of  80 highly qualified specialists and 600 service personnel. All of them provide all necessary treatment and staying in the walls of the hospital was pleasant and comfortable for the patient. Each year hospital services 400,000 outpatients and 10,000 inpatients  and performs 20 thousand operations.

The hospital is equipped with modern equipment, which used the latest technology and innovative methods for the treatment of female diseases.
Only Miz Medi Women's hospital is certified by JCI - Accreditation Joint Commission International - is the most objective and prestigious international certification in the field of health care, which is considered the "gold standard" of quality.

The Miz Medi Women's hospital includes 2 hospitals, which  united under this common brand located in Seoul. I-Dream Clinic treats infertility, the second clinic is a special treatment center for women and children.
Miz Medi women's Hospital has such departments:

  •  Gynecology;
  •  Pediatrics;
  •  Department of IVF (I Dream);
  •  Therapy;
  •  Urology;
  •  Surgery;
  •  Family Medicine;
  •  Plastic Surgery;
  •  Diagnostics;
  •  Anesthesia;
  •  Pathology.

In the hospital  specialized centers operate:

  • Delivery Center;
  • Kids Center;
  • iDream Clinic;
  • Endoscopy Center;
  • Gynecological Laparoscopy Center;
  • Breast & Thyroid Cancer Center;
  • Health Promotion Center (Gangnam);
  • Incontinence and Vaginoplasty Clinic.

At the Miz Medi hospitals offers treatment of the following directions: gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, urology, surgery, family medicine diagnostics.
Miz Medi Hospital strives to be advanced and the best women's hospital in the area of research and health services. It has a lot of awards, premiums and scientific achievements that why Bookimed portal recommends  to choose it and to book on our website.


Diseases treated in the clinic

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The patient was treated of epilepsy

We arrived in Istanbul, I didn’t know the language, it’s good that the doctors coordinators found me on request, and they signed me up for the best doctor. I’m very happy that I came to the doctor I needed. Thanks

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The patient was treated in this clinic

Clinic at a high level of service. We have been diagnosed with a 6 year old son. Service at a high level, we were met at the airport, organized a transfer to the hotel, to the hospital. They provided a translator, the coordinator constantly helped to organize visits to the doctor. Have been vaccinated and set a date for surgery. If you take the child, you need to take into account all his documents, even the vaccination card.

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The patient underwent check-up

Thanks to the Bookimed guys for their support at all stages! I managed to combine the survey with the trip and it was the right decision :) A few words about the clinic: Doctors are attentive and pay maximum attention to details, quickly with the help of analyzes, they eliminated all possible options and got to the bottom of the problem. Repeated consultations provided comprehensive information on the course of treatment. It is important that all the doctors said that I can email them if necessary. Anyone who thinks whether it is worth the money or not, I will say what it costs, since you will get the answers to all your questions and you will be sure of the treatment. Thanks again for the organization!

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The patient was treated of ovarian​ ​adenocarcinoma

what is relevant is that without bookimed help I will not reach the clinic and the specialized doctor for an opinion (the name of specialized doctor being recommended by Bookimed. from this perspective, I thank you a lot for your support and help in order to get rapid access to information and support and respectively to solution for my future treatment. thank you.

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