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Virnsberger Straße, Nürnberg, Germany

Dental Metropol clinic is one of the leading and reputed dental clinics in Nuremberg.

About hospital


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About hospital

The clinic is equipped with high-quality equipment, it meets all international standards and uses in its practice the latest materials and techniques.

Dental Metropol clinic Nuremberg offers a wide range of dental services for patients:

  • Dental Implants;
  • Dental orthotics;
  • Dental Surgery;
  • Special treatment;
  • Saving teeth;
  • Functional treatment;
  • Treatment of periodontal disease;
  • Aesthetic treatments;
  • Preventive treatment;
  • Pediatric Dentistry.

The clinic offers  for its patients comprehensive preventive program. The basis of all dental procedures of German hospitals are the latest developments, technological methods and modern equipment. Besides traditional tools, Metropol clinic experts is widely uses computer prosthetics, laser treatment of dental caries, the latest anesthesia techniques (needle-free injection, electrical anesthesia), computer diagnostics and more.

Experienced dentists use a completely painless method of implantation, replace and reconstruct damaged teeth. Dr. Matthias Weiler  is a leading expert in implantology and aesthetic dentistry works in this clinic.

The specialists of hospital are used for operations equipment that allows to work with maximum precision. Nuremberg Clinic Dental also offers patients a variety of techniques of correction of teeth. The clear brace system is one of the most popular to date methods of occlusion which is developed individually for each patient by a computer program. The main advantage of this system is that it is absolutely not visible on the teeth, and it can be removed for eating.

The environment is friendlier and makes patients feel relaxed and comfortable. The fear often associated with the dental office, but at Metropolclinic Nuremberg patients receive dental care with the least amount of stress.

If you are looking for a good dental clinic in Germany, Bookimed portal recommends choosing a dental Metropolclinic Nuremberg. The main principles of the clinic is the ideal patient care with maximum guarantee. At Metropolclinic Nuremberg you get high quality dental services and positive result.  The dentists can provide the best smile and keep you away from tooth problems.


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