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Baby-friendly Hospital
The Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) by WHO and UNICEF
Turkish Medical Association
Joint Commission International

Medicana Group of Hospitals is a large healthcare organization that follows world’s standards of treatment. It comprises 12 modern clinics and employs over 3,500 medical personnel. All hospitals have high-tech equipment, caring and experienced medical staff. Medicana Hospitals meet quality and service standards of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Patient reviews on the hospital
34 patient reviews
Aug 12, 2019
The patient was treated in this clinic

It all started with the fact that the amount for the analysis indicated by e-mail did not correspond to the actual one, although nothing was ordered additionally. They said they were wrong and I had to pay extra, since the money was with me. I asked for a check where the prices for each analysis are written, the employee could not give it in any way, we waited 15 minutes and agreed that they would throw it in the mail. But they did not throw off. A few days later, after several of my messages, they still took a photo from the computer screen about how much I paid, but specifically how much the analysis cost, I did not write a consultation. They also could not understand what kind of analysis was needed, although it was he who was interested, and after a second examination he was taken. They said the tests will be ready 7-10 days. A week later I wrote, but the analyzes were not yet ready. Initially, the payment was for the analysis and consultation of the doctor after the results. Now 3 weeks have passed, no analyzes. There is no explanation either. I was interested in other clinics in Istanbul, such analyzes are done in 7-10 days. I’m no longer in Istanbul, I won’t be able to consult a doctor. If I knew that it would be so, I would not even start anything. Everyone even asks where the analyzes are, then there is no answer, but they don’t read the Messages, when I write the second, third time, then they simply answer that they don’t. I would like to return the money so that it would be possible to take tests in another place.

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Aug 12, 2019
The patient was treated of scoliosis

Thank you very much for your help, we are very pleased with the trip and the clinic, prompt and high-quality help, I would like to expedite the moment of receiving documents with an epicrisis

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Aug 3, 2019
The patient was treated of scoliosis

Everything is fine and fine, excellent specialists, the translator is generally gold!
Satisfied with everything. And everything went better than we expected and the doctors suggested. The child is recovering and feeling well.

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Jul 12, 2019
The patient underwent check-up

I had a bad experience. The therapist was rude and did not professionally answer questions.

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    Representative of Medicana Hospitals Group Jul 13, 2019

    Здравствуйте уважаемый Аноним. Просим Вас назвать свое имя и фамилию, контактные данные. Наши специалисты компетентны и наш отдел по иностранным пациентам всегда сопровождает своих пациентов, столкнуться с грубостью невозможно в нашем госпитале. Если у вас есть жалобы просим обратиться по данному номеру +90 539 593 64 18. С уважением, Lale Savaş Medicana Health Group International Patients Center Region Specialist

Jul 5, 2019
The patient underwent breast enlargement

The stay at the clinic was pleasant, very pleasant staff, decent care after the operation. Many thanks to the doctor, really professional in their field. I was very pleased with the result, there were no problems with the language, the translators were always there, it was always possible to clarify all the interesting nuances, the chamber is large, bright, the food is good, everything was at the highest level. Thank you, everything was well organized.

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    Representative of Medicana Hospitals Group Jul 6, 2019

    Здравствуйте Виктория, Большое спасибо за приятный отзыв. Мы рады, что Бы у нас чувствовали себя комфортно. Желаем скорейшего восстановления и всех благ.

    Lyudmila Soroka Bookimed medical coordinator Jul 8, 2019

    Виктория, спасибо за Ваш отзыв! Очень рады, что помогли Вам и желаю здоровья вам и вашим близким!

About the hospital
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The number of surgeries carried out in Medicana hospitals:

  • 41,000 heart surgeries
  • 105,000 angiography and angioplasty
  • 20,000 orthopedic surgeries
  • 300 urological procedures
  • 500 kidney transplants
  • 200 liver transplants
  • 500 plastic surgeries

Мedicana Hospitals is a group of 12 clinics that treat over 1.5 million patients from 70 countries annually.

All medical facilities rated Group A hospitals according to the “Service Quality Standards” inspection of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

The network of Medicana Hospitals consists of:

  • 1,170 beds for patients;
  • 228 beds in the intensive care unit;
  • 57 operating rooms;
  • 3,500 qualified employees;
  • 550 doctors (around 200 Professors among them);
  • more than 1 million patients per year.

Medicana Group of Hospitals has international accreditation (JCI) and is a member of the Association of Private Hospitals and Medical Institutions. It is awarded the status of a baby-friendly hospital by UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

JCI-accredited hospitals:

  • Medicana International Istanbul
  • Medicana International Ankara
  • Medicana Camlica
  • Medicana Bahcelievler

Medicana Avcılar Hospital is a member of American Society for Quality.

The main specializations of Medicana Hospitals include:

  • Transplantation of the kidneys, liver, bone marrow, cornea;
  • Oncology diseases;
  • Heart diseases (including cardiology intensive care units and pediatric cardiac surgery);
  • IVF (infertility treatment);
  • Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery;
  • Neurology (providing spine minimally invasive surgeries).

Medicana International Ankara Hospital

Medicana International Hospital Ankara is one of the most popular in the region with its 215 beds, modern architecture, and high-end technology. It is the first private hospital in Turkey to obtain CyberKnife in 2013. It provided radiologists with a unique experience in stereotactic radiosurgery.

The Hospital is also equipped with LINAC devices capable of making IMRT, conventional and interventional radiology, nuclear medicine imaging methods for precise diagnosis and advanced cancer treatment.

The clinic specializes in cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, kidney and liver transplantation, IVF services. It has a Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit, providing autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplant to children and adults.

Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Medicana Istanbul Medical Complex is located 20km away from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. The Hospital offers transfer for patients.

Medicana International Istanbul Hospital is a Medical Center with modern infrastructure and international standards equipment including:

  • 64-channel multi-slice (multi-detector) computerized tomography device (CT);
  • a dual head gamma camera (to carry out organs functional scans and perform scintigraphy);
  • a 4-dimensional gynecological high-level ultrasound device (for high-precision diagnosis).

Hospital meets the WHO and UNICEF criteria for the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI).

Medicana Oncology Centers

Medicana Hospitals Oncology Departments accept patients with all kinds of oncological and oncohematologia diseases. There are specialized departments of cancer treatment methods:

  • medical oncology;
  • radiation oncology;
  • chemical medicine;
  • molecular oncology.

There is a special council of doctors for complicated oncological cases. Ones a week specialists from the departments engaged in treatment gather for discussion of complex cases. They make a treatment plan, suggest new methods and strategies for therapy.

Medicana Organ Transplantation Units

Medicana International Ankara, Istanbul, Bahçelievler, and Çamlıca hospitals have Transplantation Units certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health and perform surgeries according to the international standards.

Organ Transplantation Units:

  • Kidney Transplant;
  • Liver Transplant;
  • Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplant (only at Medicana International Ankara Hospital).

Medicana Health Group is among important state healthcare facilities supporting organ donation and transplantation.

Medicana International Hospital IVF Center

The IVF Center fertility specialists have been educated and trained in the EU and the USA, and have many years of experience working with foreign couples.

For patients older than 35 years and with a history of previously failed attempts, doctors use 2 embryos for transfer (blastocysts). Doctors can also perform assisted hatching and IMSI (unique sperm selection technique) procedures.

IVF Success Rates

Woman’s Age

Pregnancy Rate (with 2 embryos)

< 30

68 %

30 - 35

57 %

36 - 40

40 %

41 - 43

22 %

> 44

7 %

The IVF Center has a special offer for the UK couples. British couples who wish to have fertility treatment at Medicana International Istanbul can be followed up in the UK to shorten the period in Turkey. It will reduce the amount of time spent in the clinic to only about one week (for egg collection and embryo transfer).

Medicana Dental Care Centers

Medicana Health Group offers dental care services on the premises of Medicana Dental Bahçelievler and Medicana Dental Çiftehavuzlar.

Medicana Dental Care Centers have specialist and academic personnel who work in line with international standards and involved in scientific research. State-of-the-art technology in dental procedures ensures the highest level of success rates.

Medicana Dental Centers offer:

  • Implants;
  • Aesthetic Dentistry;
  • Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery;
  • Orthodontics (correcting improper bites);
  • Periodontology (treatment of gingival diseases);
  • Bleaching;
  • Prosthesis;
  • Pedodontia (Pediatric Oral and Dental Health);
  • Endodontia (canal treatment and filling).

Dental treatment and surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia and sedation.

Medicana Aesthetics & Cosmetics Clinic

The Clinic offers a full range of affordable surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures:

  • Hair Loss Treatment;
  • Abdominoplasty;
  • Face Lift;
  • Breast Augmentation;
  • Breast Lift;
  • Arm Lift;
  • Eyelid Surgery;
  • Enlargement of breasts in men - gynecomastia;
  • Liposuction;
  • Rhinoplasty.

Cosmetic services include the administration of anti-aging facial injections, laser based skin improvement procedures, hair restoration (including hair mesotherapy), chemical peeling, acupuncture and ozone therapy.

Medicana Neurological Sciences, Spine and Orthopedics Center

The Spine Diseases Surgery and Neurological Sciences Centers have been working since 2012.

The Neurological Sciences Center comprises:

  • Epilepsy Unit;
  • Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors Unit;
  • Cerebrovascular Diseases Unit.

The Spine Diseases Surgery Unit works with the Wooridul Spine Hospital Group (Seoul, South Korea), which is among leading centers worldwide in the field of spine diseases.

The Spine Surgery Unit consists of 2 major departments:

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology Department
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department.

Units are equipped with spine reinforcement robot and Red-Cord system 一 for treatment of lower back region and all joint diseases.

Arthroscopic surgery, prosthesis surgery, endoscopic lumbar herniation operations are performed in surgery rooms, specifically designed for these kinds of procedures.

The Department provides pre- and post-operative rehabilitation services.

For international patients

Admission, reception, and guidance services are available 24/7 in all hospitals and centers of Medicana Health Group.

Patients on an outpatient treatment plan are informed in advance about the waiting time and the duration of the examination. Elderly and disabled patients are prioritized in access to the services.

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