5 days clinic's response speed

83 patients have already received the treatment plan

Marmara University Hospital

5 days clinic's response speed

83 patients have already received the treatment plan

Marmara University Hospital is working in the University for 3 years and is available for booking on Bookimed.


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Hip replacement

About hospital

Hospital took part in research and practical application. Thus, staff of hospital has extensive experience in the using of modern methods and technologies.
About Marmara University Hospital in numbers:

  • about 200 thousand patients examined annually;
  • each year over 6000 surgeries are performed;
  • 600 beds for patients;
  • 32 beds are in the intensive care unit,
  • Surgeries are carried out in 29 specially equipped operating theaters;
  • 2.5 thousand medical personnel throw all efforts on treatment and patient care.

Bookimed recommends only the best medical centers in Turkey, in the clinic employed the best specialists of all qualifications. The hospital is actively using the latest developments and technologies in medicine, making treatment even more quality. Intensive care units are equipped according to international standards.

The main areas of specialization Marmara University Hospital:

  •      Cardiovascular Surgery;
  •      Gynecology;
  •      Cardiology;
  •      Neurosurgery;
  •      Orthopedics;
  •      Breast surgery;
  •      Oncology;
  •      Pediatric cardiac surgery;
  •      Ophthalmology.

Bookimed portal offers services of choosing and booking of the best clinics in Turkey. Marmara University Hospital is considered to be one of them, attentive service and efficient therapy with rapid travel arrangements by Bookimed  patients quickly return to a healthy life.


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The patient was treated of infertility

Was in the clinic Medican on the recommendation of the coordinator Alexander. He quickly and clearly noted all the questions I was interested in, wrote down for a consultation. Meets the translator, so there are no language barriers. The first time I signed up for a consultation with a gynecologist-reproductologist Selman Lasin. It has to itself immediately. Very neat in inspection. Offers different treatment options based on your wishes and material capabilities. Very competent doctor! After consultation with him immediately decided on IVF. We arrived on the trail. Cycle with a spouse. The professor himself conducts the whole cycle. All staff is very attentive, sensitive and friendly. I was very pleased and recommend to everyone !!!

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The patient was treated of migraine

I stayed very long to see a doctor in Liv clinic such super doctors

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The patient was treated of atherosclerosis

The clinic can not evaluate, since I was there for one hour. He came with his analyzes, they didn’t say anything new, maybe this is good. Although I did not want to know.

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