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Leech Private Clinic

A-8010 Graz, Hugo-Wolf-Gasse 2-4

«Leeh» private clinic was founded in 2005, and it is one of the most modern clinics in Austria. 

About hospital


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2 reviews
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About hospital

The institution is located in Graz and specializes primarily in surgery and diagnostics of diseases while using latest technologies.
Since 2005 the “Leeh” private clinic belongs to the famous holding “Sanlas”. The admission to the clinic is carried out by leading experts in the field of medicine (many doctors hold an academic degree of professor). The clinic offers the most advanced and effective treatment and provides the patients with the highest level of service. The clinic staff makes their best efforts to ensure the pleasant stay of patients within the walls of this building and their fastest healing process.
The clinic is equipped with highly efficient medical equipment, and applies innovative medical technologies that can carry out the most complicated operations successfully. Here you can find:

  • modern operation rooms;
  • echography, X-ray, electrocardiography;
  • operational microscopes;
  • endoscopy;
  • optometry;
  • bronchoscopy;
  • laser;
  • laparoscopy;
  • computed tomography;
  • computed angiography;
  • the sleep laboratory.

The clinic is able to hospitalize 44 patients (accommodating them in single and double rooms de luxe), the building has 2 rehabilitation wards with monitoring devices and intensive care wards. To ensure the comfort of patients in the clinic its wards are equipped with beds adjustable in height, satellite TV, telephone and internet access. The customers are also provided with a fridge, a safe and a system of medical staff emergency call, communications and radio.

The diagnostics in the «Leeh» private clinic:

“Leeh” clinic is equipped with the most modern technology and when diagnosing the medical specialists use endoscopy, optometry, lasers, echography, surgical microscope, X-ray, electrocardiography, laparoscopy. The medical institution also conducts various kinds of laboratory tests. It also has the sleep laboratory, computed tomography and magnetic resonance tomography.
This private clinic offers the clients a wide range of diagnostic programs: general and specialized diagnostics, which is carried out within 24 - 48 hours, as well as the consultancy of leading doctors in Austria.

The contract consultants in the clinic are 67 university professors as well as senior consultants.
6 highly skilled doctors, 20 nurses and other medical personnel work on a regular basis there. The attending medical doctor determine the optimal conditions of therapy, as well as an experienced team of anesthesiologists, doctors of various specializations and nurses, individually selecting them to a specific patient. Operation rooms of the hospital are equipped according to the highest standards.


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