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Kardiolita Private Hospital
359 bookings
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359 patients have already received for free the cost of the treatment and the program

Kardiolita Private Hospital

359 bookings
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Prices for diagnostics

  • Consultation of a surgeon
  • Consultation of an endocrinologist
  • Coronary angiography
    from 920€
  • ECG
    from 25€
  • Echocardiography
    from 90€
  • Holter monitoring
    from 50€
  • Lab tests
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Ultrasound
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Prices for treatment

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting
  • Adjustable gastric band
    from 3475€
  • Bariatric surgery
  • CABG
    from 12000$
  • Heart Valve Replacement
  • Installing heart pacemaker
    from 9000 to 12000€
  • Radiofrequency ablation
    from 12000 to 16000€
  • Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
    from 6000€
  • Sleeve resection
    from 6000€
  • Stenting (1 stent)
    from 5300$
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Features of Kardiolita Hospital:

  • 15 medical fields;
  • 44 beds at the building;
  • 3 operating rooms;
  • Intensive care unit for 10 patients;
  • More than 500 surgical operations per year;
  • Best survival rates in Lithuania;
  • Own laboratory and rehabilitation center.

Kardiolita Private Hospital was founded by world-class surgeons Vytautas Sirvydis and Giedrius Uzdavinys in 1998. Kardiolita is the only medical institution in the Baltic States to be accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International), confirming the highest quality of management, medical equipment and personnel of Lithuanian hospital. Due to its long-term experience in treating International patients, Kardiolita is holding a Certificate of Treatment Abroad Code of Practice for Medical Tourism.

Profiling directions of Kardiolita Hospital:

Other areas include but are not limited to:


Operating theater

Leading departments, doctors and their specializations

Department Doctors Profiling disorders
Cardiosurgery Prof. Giedrius Uzdavinys Prof.Aleksandras Kibarskis Prof.Audrius Aidietis Arterial and venous revascularization of the heart (vascular bypass and angioplasty);
Heart valve replacement;
Congenital heart defects and others.
Vascular surgery Assoc. Prof. Kestutis Laurikenas Reconstruction, prosthesis and major peripheral vascular bypass surgery.
Оrthopedics and traumatology Prof. Narunas Porvaneckas Hip, knee, shoulder and other joints replacement;
Arthroscopic surgery;
Surgical treatment of degenerative joint diseases.
General and abdominal
Prof. Vytautas Lipnickas All kinds of laparoscopic procedures; Proctologic operations; Thyroid surgery; Bariatric surgery.
Urology and Gynecology Prof. Martynas Manikas Surgical treatment of genitourinary cancers;
Operations on the kidneys and bladder, treatment of urolithiasis; Operations on the cervix and vagina;
Infertility treatment.
Plastic surgery (Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic surgery) Plastic and reconstructive surgeons: Mindaugas Kazanavicius, Gediminas Rauba, Juozas Ravinskas Face lift, blepharoplasty, face plastic surgery;
Breast surgery;
Liposuction; Scars surgery.
Bariatric surgery Nerijus Kaselis Gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric plication, gastric band surgery.

Aside from high-quality medicine provided by competent doctors and modern equipment, Kardiolita Hospital staff provides some complementary services for better outcomes and acceleration of recovery:


Intensive care unit

Kardiolita Hospital in figures

  • 80% of cardiology unit patients are NYHA III-IV class. Despite this, the success rate for coronary artery bypass grafting is 99%.
  • The total number of infectious and non-infectious complications in the postoperative period is less than 2%.
  • The average duration of endoprosthesis exploitation is 17-18 years. Postoperative complications occur in 3% of cases.
  • Surgical department performs more than 300 operations a year. Bariatric profile operations constitute more than 15%.
  • Success rate of conservative treatment of urological infections is 95%. Postoperative complications 8%.
  • Number of non-infectious complications after plastic surgery is 1%.

Distinctive features of Kardiolita Hospital:


Vilnius, Lithuania

Date of foundation


Number of employees

376, among whose are 190 doctors

Availability of lab


Rehabilitation services


Price policy


Accommodation conditions

VIP wards: single, double and family; individual wards.

double roomDouble room

How much does treatment in Kardiolita Hospital cost?

Cost of treatment is very ranged since it depends on each patient's singularities, such as type and stage of the disease, set of diagnostic investigations, treatment protocol and length of hospital stay. Prices for some procedures are designated below.

You may get additional personalized information about arranging consultations, diagnostics or treatment course at Kardiolita Hospital through appealing to International Patients Support Center Bookimed.

Free Cost Calculation

Location of the clinic on the map (Lithuania, Vilnius)

Kardiolita Private Hospital

Kardiolita Hospital is the leading private multidisciplinary hospital - one of the largest private medical institutions in Lithuania and in the Baltic States. The Hospital offers a full range of medical services - from diagnostics to the most complex surgeries and post-operative rehabilitation in the best health resorts in Lithuania. Being a JCI accredited hospital working by the highest industry standards, it is equipped with modern medical facilities, high-level laboratory and air purification from pathogenic bacteria.
359 patients have already received the cost of the treatment and the program
Using Bookimed, 359 patients received individual treatment program in Kardiolita Private Hospital
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    Kardiolita Private Hospital

  • Kardiolita Private Hospital  photos

    Kardiolita Private Hospital

  • Kardiolita Private Hospital  photos

    Kardiolita Private Hospital

  • Kardiolita Private Hospital  photos

    Kardiolita Private Hospital

  • Kardiolita Private Hospital  photos

    Kardiolita Private Hospital

Infectious diseases
Heart Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Plastic Surgery
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Rating of the Kardiolita Private Hospital on the basis of 4 reviews patients

4 /5  - «Good»

The patient was treated of ischemic stroke

21 December 2016

The clinic is just excellent. My father had 4 strokes, but our doctors could not determine where the problem was, but in Kardiolita clinic for just 4 days after passing all tests was identified 95% blockage of the vertebral artery. On 5 day, he had the surgery and the next day returned to the ward. The food and all the amenities are good, the staff is smiling and friendly. Now he is undergoing rehabilitation on therapist’s advice.

4 /5  - «Good»

21 December 2016

Many thanks to cardiac surgeons for operations, and most importantly for the result - Health of my son! Thanks to the professor and his team, the boy has got the opportunity to play football. Thank you. Special thanks to the staff of the center for a homely atmosphere, maternal care, warmth and comfort. A year has passed and we miss you. Special thanks to our sponsors.

4 /5  - «Good»

21 December 2016

There are no such new beautiful words to express it to the people who have helped our family and saved it. It can only be felt with the heart of the power of Heaven, which is endowed with Giedrius Uzhdavinis and his entire team. We will remember you always, until the heart will beat in our breasts!!!

5 /5  - «Very good»

21 December 2016

We contacted Bookimed for help in organizing the consultation with angiosurgeon and duplex scanning of brachiocephalic arteries. Due to professional care of Bookimed coordinator Svetlana Kalinichenko we chose Kardiolita clinic in Vilnius and appointed date of the diagnostics. Because of the change of plans we needed to change the date of the survey. In the morning we moved the date and on the same day we got an appointment with a specialist! Thanks a lot to all the staff and Svetlana personally. Good luck in your noble work!

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