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JK Plastic Surgery Center

584-2 Щинса-донг, район Каннам-гу, Сеул

JK Plastic Surgery Center is located in Seoul, South Korea and belongs to JK Medical Group. 18 years of work made it one of the most authoritative plastic surgery centers in the country. During this time JK specialists have performed more than 85,000 successful surgeries with no medical precedence. The Center provides complex servicing according to the world quality standards. The Center is also awarded with a lot of Korean and international organizations. The staff of the Center has a wide experience in work with foreign patients. Each doctor is specialized not only in general surgery, but in narrow area as well.

About hospital


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Prices for treatment

6000 - 8000$
Rhinoplasty (Nose job)
6000 - 7500$
Stem cell rejuvenation therapy
starting 4000$
Breast augmentation with implant
8000 - 12000$
starting 8000$
Blepharoplasty (Eyelid)
2230 - 3300$
starting 3000$

About hospital

JK Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul has:

  • 9 specialized plastic surgery centers;
  • Own stem cell laboratory;
  • 24/7 nurse team;
  • No accident ever;
  • JK Stem Cell is the 1st and the only one government approved stem cell therapy for cosmetic surgery.
  • ISO 9001 Certification;
  • Cooperation with American and Taiwan plastic surgery centers;
  • BMA Global Medical Grand Prize (2012, 2013, 2015) and other rewards.

JK Plastic Surgery Center was founded in 1998 by Dr. Joo Kwon. Since 2009 the Clinic obtained official decision to receive foreign patients.

More than 6,000 clients visit JK per year.To make the services of the Clinic more accessible, there were opened consulting offices in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the United States. They allow surgeons of the Hospital to consult patients and perform operations in the most suitable for the patient country.

Leading directions at JK Plastic Surgery Center

JK Plastic offers patients a wide range of services including complex surgical intervention, minimally invasive plastic surgery, unique programs of rejuvenation, cosmetic procedures.

Main directions in the Clinic are:


  • Changing the shape of jaw;
  • Plastics of the chin (incl. mentoplasty);
  • Reduction of the cheeks size;
  • Forehead plastics.


  • Breast enlargement and its reconstruction (implants, lipofilling);
  • Mastopexy (breast lift);
  • Breast reduction;
  • Nipples correction;
  • Plastics of male breasts (gynecomastia).

Anti-aging plastics

  • Deep facelift (SMAS-lifting);
  • Endoscopic facelift;
  • Stem cells facelift;
  • Thread lifting;
  • Bichat’s fat pads removal;
  • Face liposuction person;
  • DNA reconstructive injection;
  • Botox injections.


  • Plastics of double lid;
  • Changing the shape of the eye (plastics of epicanthus);
  • Correction of eyelid droop (ptosis).


  • Correction of the nose shape;
  • 3D rhinoplasty;
  • Rhinoplasty (nasal arch lift).

Body contour correction

  • 3D liposuction;
  • Aabdominoplasty (abdominal lift);
  • Liposonix (fat removal by high focused ultrasonic waves);
  • Changing the shape of the calf muscles;
  • Buttock enlargement (implants, lipofilling).

Hair transplant

  • Hair and scalp treatment;
  • Hair transplantation;
  • Tattoo scalping.

Intimate plasty for women

  • Intimate laser lift;
  • Increasing G-spot.

Reconstructive plastics

  • Otoplasty;
  • Cleft lip lift.

In the clinic, the patient undergoes a complete preoperative diagnostics. During consultation with a plastic surgeon discusses all the peculiarities of the upcoming procedure. Special imaging system allows patient to choose the optimal surgical technique and accurately recreate the expected result before the surgery. This makes it possible to pre-correct the doctor’s actions taking into account the patient's wishes.

For patients’ care in their postoperative period in the Clinic, JC has a special Aesthetic Center. The patient is invited to perform a number of skin care procedures to quickly relieve swelling and reduce the rehabilitation period.

Also, there is Spa Center with comfortable hotel, day-patient treatment, a pharmacy, a cafe and a garden on the roof of the building.

Treatment and Diagnostics Costs


$ 5,600

Lower blepharoplasty

$ 3,100


$ 495

Thread face-lift

$ 4,900

SMAS facelift

$ 6,200

To find out exact prices and costs for other prosedures leave a quote - and Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator will provide you with all necessary information concerning the treatments, conditions and costs at JK Clinic.

Surgical equipment and unique medical programs

The main priority of the Clinic is the safety and wellbeing of its patients. The doctors st JK use the most modern and effective medical technologies at all stages of investigation and treatment.

Diagnostic procedures include:

  • 3D computed tomography with high resolution;
  • FD-method - the world's first image virtualization system;
  • Pulsed fluoroscopy;
  • Virtual simulation system;
  • ECG;
  • Own laboratory.

Equipment at the Surgery Center:

  • Sterile operating system that corresponds to the US standard;
  • Backup power system;
  • Newest equipment for anesthesia from Germany;
  • Centralized patient monitoring system;
  • System of emergency medicine.

After the surgery the patient is under the constant supervision of the staff and special monitoring system in real time.

Treatment for foreign patients

JK Hospital has been working with foreign patients for 7 years. During this time, it has received numerous awards including Best clinic for foreign patients, as well as Global Medical Grand Prize.

Patients from other countries receive the highest quality service and individual approach at JK Plastic Surgery Center.

The Clinic provides:

  • Support by coordinator-interpreter throughout patient’s stay in the Center (translation on the Russian, English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian languages);
  • Transfer from the airport to the Clinic (should be ordered in advance);
  • Comfortable individual chambers;
  • VAT refunds;
  • Payment by credit card or in cash (dollars, euros, won, yuan);
  • Postoperative remote consultation (the patient's condition is monitored even after his return home).

The personnel at JK Plastic Surgery Center

More than 100 experienced nurses, 11 plastic surgeons and an anesthetist work here. Each doctor is a specialist in a particular field of plastic surgery and performs narrow specialized operations. If the patient needs to take several treatment procedures, doctors work together. This allows to provide high quality surgery and reduces the duration of post-surgery rehabilitation.


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