56 patients have already received the treatment plan

IRCCS Policlinico San Donato

56 patients have already received the treatment plan

San Donato is the largest Italian clinic specialized in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery. The Center of Health is a leader of the amount of conducted cardiac surgery procedures. On the base of this clinic, there also is located the Center of Studying and Treatment of the cardiovascular system “Edmondo Malan” which takes the second place among the most popular ones all over the world. San Donato (Italy) participates in projects regarding treatment and prevention of congenital diseases of the cardiovascular system together with the association “Bambino Cardiopatici net Mondo”.

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The patient underwent radiofrequency ablation


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Prices for diagnostics

Heart Diagnosis before OP
€1000 - €1500
Check up for women
€760 - €2620
Check up for men
€1370 - €2220
Heart сheck up
starting €790
€150 - €150
Lab tests
€150 - €150
Consultation with a cardiologist
€250 - €250
€40 - €40

Prices for treatment

Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)
starting €6000
Sleeve gastrectomy
€9000 - €9000
Da Vinci prostatectomy
€28500 - €28500
Laparoscopic prostatectomy
€16000 - €16000
Heart Valve Replacement
$20000 - $25000
Gastric bypass
€9000 - €9000
Coronary artery bypass grafting
starting $23000
€6000 - €24000
Radiofrequency ablation
€19800 - €19800
Installing heart pacemaker
starting €24500
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About hospital

Policlinico San Donato is a leading Italian clinic regarding heart disease treatment. Annually the biggest amount of cardiac surgery procedures (over 1500) is conducted in San Donato Milanese. This Center of Health has the IRCCS accreditation which means verbatim “Institute of scientific hospitalization and care”. This includes not only a progressive approach to disease treatment but also development of new healing methods and medical programs.

Policlinico San Donato is:

  • 14 specialized centers;14 operating rooms;
  • 430 hospital beds;
  • over 28,000 appeals per year;
  • over 400,000 rendered services for 2015:
  • leading Italian specialists;
  • best efficiency indexes in Italy.

Several key directions are presented in San Donato clinics:

  • Cardiology;
  • Pediatric cardiology;
  • Cardiac surgery;
  • Therapy;
  • Cardiac rehabilitation.


San-donato clinic

San Donato building

Leading doctors and their specialization:

Cardiac surgery

Prof. Lorenzo Menicanti
Prof. Alessandro Frigiola


Prof. Marco Guazzi

Pediatric cardiology and congenital heart disorders

Dr. Mario Carminati

Invasive cardiology and vascular radiology

Dr. Francesco Bedogni

Arrythmology and electrophysiology

Prof. Carlo Pappone

Cardiac rehabilitation

Prof. Roberto Tramarin

Combined heart visualization

Dr. Massimo Lombardi

General surgery

Prof. Luigi Bonavina

San Donato Policlinico

Clinic applies only MRI of the last genertion

There are all the necessary equipment for diagnostics and treatment of heart diseases in San Donato. Best Italian cardiologists and cardio surgeons work here. Among them are Dr. Lorenzo Menicanti – ex-president of association of cardiac surgeons of Italy, Dr. Francesco Bedogni – a Director of Italian community of invasive cardiac surgery and other eminent specialists.

  • Foreign patients have a priority: hospitalization and consultations are conducted out of turn;
  • Individual program of diagnostics and treatment is developed for each patient;
  • Best quality/price ratio for the treatment in Italy;
  • Patients can chose an attending doctor by themselves.

Hemodinamica San Donato

Hemodynamics room

San Donato Italy (selected) pricing:

Standard check-up

1,500-2,100 Euro

Cardiology diagnostics

approx. 780 Euro

Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy (Surgical procedure+)

1,700-2,600 Euro


approx. 6,100 Euro

General Surgery procedures

varies from 2,000 to 50,000 Euro

The exact price depends on individual diagnostic/treatment program with necessary procedures, specialist's fee, accomodation and many other factors. Leave a quote to the International Patient Support Center Bookimed to specify the price for the treatment, choose a doctor and find out information.

San Donato medical personnel

San Donato Hospital medical team

Characteristics of San Donato Clinic:


Milan, Italy

Date of founding


Quantity of staff

Over 250 doctors

Availability of own laboratory


Rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation services


Pricing strategies



General and VIP wards



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The patient was treated of dermatomyositis

Very fast, affordable, and g

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The patient underwent breast implants

I liked everything: doctors, stay, honey. employees, service, I will recommend, and bookimed services also liked, since without their help I would not have found out about this clinic

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The patient was treated of herniated disk

In general, the impression is positive. But the pain has remained, it is necessary to continue treatment, but as it is not clear for me. Obviously, an additional examination is needed. The quality of the coordinator's work is fully satisfied. Thanks her.

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia

1. Very far from Istanbul. 3 hours away by car. 2. It was written that there will be a personal translator, but 1 interpreter for several patients and translators will transfer you to each other. 3 no on the part of doctors of personal approach to the patient, you feel yourself like a cander.

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