5 days clinic's response speed

40 patients have already received the treatment plan

Fertility Center Berlin

5 days clinic's response speed

40 patients have already received the treatment plan

Berlin Fertility Centre is a leading center for infertility treatment in Germany.



Prices for treatment

Pharmacological stimulation for IVF
€1000 - €1500
Artificial insemination (IVF)

About hospital

Bookimed helps  for its visitors in choosing and booking the best hospitals which are specializing in many different directions. On the portal hospitals which are aimed at meeting the needs of people who are planning to become parents are posted. Desperate to get pregnant, many of them see Germany as a country, proven in the medical sector.

Bookimed recommends the Berlin Fertility Center which is a unique hospital of reproductive medicine specializing in the treatment of all diagnostics and different types of infertility. The Center meets to the latest, scientifically proven therapeutic concepts, which leads to high results of treatment and its excellent quality. The main reason to book exactly Fertility Center is statistics which showing that the pregnancy rate in this facility is much higher than the national average.

 Berlin Fertility Center offers these types of treatments:

  • Hormonal treatment of both partners;
  • Artifical fertilization;
  • Intrauterine fertilization;
  • Extracorporal fertilization.

The most important priority of Berlin Fertility Center is responsible attitude to patients, including a high professionalism of staff and attention. The  staff of Center has extensive experience in diagnostics and treatment of infertility, which ensures the most accurate diagnosis and effective suitable course  of treatment that will lead to the goal.

Diagnostics in women and men is somewhat different, with hormonal analysis is required for both partners. If a man can only pass the semen analysis, the woman can have assignment by ultrasound and investigation on inflammation of the genitals, a special examination in the case of frequent abortions.

Additional methods of diagnostics for women:

  • Hysterosalpingography  (examination of the fallopian tubes);
  • Palpation ;
  • Hysteroscopy of Uterus;
  • Abdominal laparoscopy.

Also, both men and women can undergo genetic analysis to ascertain all the causes of infertility and find solutions. 


Diseases treated in the clinic

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The patient underwent check-up

Thank you for your prompt attention, goodwill. Everything is done clearly, sensitively and on time.

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The patient was treated of breast cancer

She found information about Bookimed on the Internet. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 st. We decided to undergo treatment abroad. Coordinator Alena Soyak advised Turkey, Anadolu clinic. After 10 days my aunt was already in the clinic. There are clear positive results. Everyone is very pleased with both the clinic and the quality of service. Special thanks to the Bookimed coordinator Alyona Soyak for her work. It follows the important in the shortest possible time. Thank you very much! Who has the opportunity to use the services of this center, I advise everyone.

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The patient was treated of epilepsy

We arrived in Istanbul, I didn’t know the language, it’s good that the doctors coordinators found me on request, and they signed me up for the best doctor. I’m very happy that I came to the doctor I needed. Thanks

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The patient was treated in this clinic

Clinic at a high level of service. We have been diagnosed with a 6 year old son. Service at a high level, we were met at the airport, organized a transfer to the hotel, to the hospital. They provided a translator, the coordinator constantly helped to organize visits to the doctor. Have been vaccinated and set a date for surgery. If you take the child, you need to take into account all his documents, even the vaccination card.

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