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Hospital Without Pain Certificate by the Polish Society for the Study of Pain
International Organization for Standardization

American Heart of Poland Group is the largest network of private hospitals in Europe regarding treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Annually 60,000 patients appeal to the Heart Hospitals.

Over 500 doctors work at clinics. A majority of them underwent study and practice in the medical centers of West Europe and the USA. Polish heart surgeons conduct operations with 99.7% success rate. It is one of the highest indexes in the world.

Patient reviews on the hospital
2 patient reviews
Jun 4, 2019
The patient underwent coronary stenting

Hi I was satisfied with Bookimed and the wonderful doctors . I was totally unsatisfied with the clinic after care . There was no coffe and the food given to me was terrible. If I come back I will insist on bringing my own food

Jun 20, 2019
The patient underwent coronary artery bypass grafting

About the hospital
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American Heart of Poland is a network of hospitals which specialize in the treatment of the heart and vessels.

Patients of the Network get access to:

  • highly accurate diagnostics
  • qualified treatment of the heart and vessels disorders
  • effective prevention and rehabilitation.

Cardiologists of American Heart of Poland perform surgeries with the highest success rates:

  • 90.6% for treatment of unstable angina and acute myocardial infarction (average index in Europe is 88.9%)
  • 98.9% for valve replacement.

Patients can undergo rehabilitation on “Ustron” spa-resort. Polish heart surgeons recommend to attend it also for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

American Heart of Poland in figures

  • 30 hospitals
  • over 60,000 patients annually
  • 64,000 coronary procedures per year
  • 16,800 vascular surgery procedures annually
  • 2,000 cardiosurgery procedures.

Advantages of treatment in American Heart of Poland hospitals

  • The effectiveness of treatment in American Heart of Poland (AHP) is one of the highest in the world.
  • Scientists provide the research with their following implementation in the treatment.
  • A patient can receive remote consultations after a visit to the Clinic due to the telemedicine.

Awards and achievements of American Heart of Poland

ISO certificate image

ISO 9001, ISO 1400 certificates are given to American Heart of Poland for quality medical service.

Hospital without pain

The Cardiac Surgery and Cardiovascular Departments were awarded “Hospital without pain” certificate for quality postoperative service.

Cardiovascular Surgery Department

Cardiologist of the clinic American Heart of Poland Pavel Bushman

Prof. Pavel Bushman is a co-founder and chairman of the American Heart of Poland Group. The Professor has practiced since 1991. Prof. Pavel Bushman has studied additionally in Germany, Great Britain, and the USA. He developed innovative treatment methods for treatment of myocardial infarction.

Polish cardiologists have participated in the development of accurate catheterized technologies of treatment for over 15 years. Due to them, doctors remove blood splashes from the cerebral artery after a brain hemorrhage.

Specialists apply innovative methods for the examination of the blood circulatory system. A laboratory of hemodynamics is equipped with the angiograph. So, cardiac surgeons can perform angioplasty - enlargement of the artery.

Procedure room American Heart of Poland

Procedure room in American Heart of Poland Hospital, Warsaw

Cardiac Surgery Department

Cardiac surgeon American Heart of Poland Andrey Bchenek

Prof. Andrey Bochenek is a co-founder of the American Heart of Poland Group. The Professor participated in the first successful transplants of the heart in Poland performed in the middle 1980th. Prof. Andrey Bochenek studied in Switzerland, England, and the USA. He got numerous awards for the contribution to the development of cardiac surgery.

Heart surgeons of the hospitals perform surgeries using the most advanced equipment. Except for the traditional operating room, there is a hybrid one. Several teams of doctors can work simultaneously performing all the procedures at a heat.

Cardiac surgeons conduct operations for installation of an aortic valve and correction of the heart defects using X-ray C-hand.

Specialists use videoscopic methods for conducting surgery. It allows performing the necessary intervention with a minimal quantity of incisions. In this case, a patient recovers quickly.

Operating theatre American Heart of Poland

Operating theatre in American Heart of Poland, Warsaw

Cardiological Rehabilitation Department

Doctors of American-Polish heart hospitals conduct complex of rehabilitation services after surgery.

Patients who have a myocardial infarction, heart failure or arrhythmia, can attend “Ustron” spa-resort after hospitalization. The specialists of the Center develop an individual program of healing for each patient.

Research and Development Center AHP

American Heart of Poland has own Research and Development Center. There is a laboratory where tissues and stem cells are grown. It allows performing research for reconstruction of the heart and vessels. Specialists also try to limit the development of the central nervous system damages caused by ischemia with stem cells.

Doctors conduct a repair of a cardiac valve using 3D printing technology. Thanks to this, a surgeon can examine the heart in details and choose right size of a catheter.

Specialists developed a method which allows saving legs of people with diabetes and atherosclerosis. A moving catheter is applied. It cuts out the plaques inside the vessels. Patients can be discharged in a few hours after the procedure.


Specialists of American Heart of Poland develop an individual treatment plan for one day after a patient’s request. The representatives of the hospitals can translate the documents in Polish or English.

The Hospital organizes the transfer from/to an airport, provides a personal coordinator and 24/7 assistance in any issue.

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