1534 patients have already received the treatment plan

Acibadem Health Group

1534 patients have already received the treatment plan

Acibadem Healthcare Group is a leading network of hospitals in Turkey for providing health services, which includes 14 multispecialty hospitals of the country.

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The patient was treated of kidney cyst

After I got the address of the doctor needed, I managed to see him, but everyone was surprised by my visit. The doctor was not aware that I was going to meet him, the staff were all surprised. They were not aware of bookmed at all neither did they know the focal person who linked me with the hospital. The doctor told me he would send a preliminary report on the patient. I never got the report. Please let me know what happened? Is it scam or something?

The patient was treated of otosklerose

Very satisfied with the clinic Acibadem. Our stay at the clinic was comfortable. The level of medicine is high, the necessary studies have been made without delay. Many thanks to the doctor, Professor Halyuk Ozkarakash, he treated us very carefully, he considered our situation long enough and carefully. Special thanks to the translator Galina, very much helped us with all the questions. Staff was fairly polite.

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The patient was treated in this clinic

It's terrible. Brought a 2-month-old daughter ha treatment for 2 days gave 14,000 lira except for a dropper that did not do anything. The diagnosis was not made and sent to a state hospital

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The patient was treated in this clinic

Hello! I am very satisfied with the clinic! And I'm very glad that I chose this clinic! I was there in August 2015. Did laser correction of vision. There was minus 8. The staff was very polite, nice. And Professor Banu Joshar is simply amazing person !!!!

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The patient underwent rehabilitation of cerebral palsy

We also underwent surgery at the clinic of Ajibadem, my child has Dsp, spastic hyperkinesia of medium gravity, we say we understand everything, we just do not go was a strong Spastica everywhere we did not sleep at night, he was drawn very much from pain, we were given a baclofenic pump after her condition improved his condition relaxed, now he can sit with the support of what we could not because of spasticity, we are glad that it was done by the world doctor Memet Ozek

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Prices for diagnostics

Genetic screening
$750 - $1750

Prices for treatment

Hysterectomy (uterus removal)
$7000 - $8000
In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
starting $3700
Embryo cryopreservation
starting $580
$1500 - $2500
$15000 - $21000

About hospital

Acibadem Health Group are available for booking on Bookimed portal. Booking a treatment at this network on Bookimed portal, it guaranteed high quality diagnosis and treatment in a comfortable environment in which will be applied the best and latest medical technologies for patient.

About Acibadem Health Group in numbers:

  • 14 general hospitals that offer in-patient treatment;
  • 9 outpatient departments;
  • more than 11,000 medical personnel;
  • 1,850 experienced medical professionals;
  • 2,000 beds;
  • more than 350 beds in intensive care unit (ICU);
  • 83 operating theaters.

The institution has JCI accreditation and is known for its range of laboratory procedures. The latest achievements of genetics, pathology, umbilical cord blood, health, stem cells and foodstuffs are learning and practicing by the institution. Network of Acibadem Health Group operates on the University basis, where the exchange of experience and are prepared to practice health care professionals.

The main activities of the complex Acibadem:

  • Child and Adult Cardiology;
  • Radio-oncology (using modern technologies, such as CyberKnife, Trilogy, RapidArc);
  • Child and Adult neurosurgery (gamma knife is used);
  • Surgery using robotic systems;
  • IVF;
  • Bone marrow transplantation;
  • Orthopedics, Sport medicine;
  • Treatment of obesity;
  • Breast diseases.

You can book treatment in hospital network Acibadem Healthcare Group on the Bookimed portal. In addition to treatment, diagnostic services is providing in the network. For example, you can pass the Check-up on ultramodern diagnostic equipment with affordable prices. Turkey attracts many visitors thanks to the democratic cost of services and treatment and European quality.


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  • Choice&SpeedYou will get treatment options during 19 hours

  • Cost savingWe will save up to 50% of your treatment budget

  • Time savingWe will save up to 300 hours of your time

  • Treatment arrangementWe are looking for the best solution among 281 medical centers

  • 24/7 SupportYour personal Medical Doctor is here for you

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Recent reviews
The patient was treated of klatskin's tumor

I addressed a problem in the hepatobiliary system. Coordinator assured me that the clinic specialize in oncology and specifically in this direction too. Unfortunately, it is not. After 12 days of overdiagnosis and treatment, I feel worse than I came. Pat diagnosis could not be established. Doctor "oncologist" is not even a diagnosis on the international classification Bismuth- Corlette (saying that the tumor is not poddaetsya classification). He offered chemistry, given that the chemistry without surgical lechniya this tumor is not effective. The worst thing is that they did not offer alternative (surgical) treatment. They do not do such complicated operations. Maybe they are in the treatment of other oncology and spetsializiruyutsya, but in terms of the hepatobiliary system, zero balls. Very disappointed with the work of the coordinator, who focused on the operation and even co-ordinated on the cost. Paliative treatment is not a cure. If the coordinator did not believe me in Turkey, I would consider Israel or Germany. In the end, Ukraine and Russia are doing these operations. Thank you, co-ordinator for flights from drains and spent two weeks in the hospital with pain on their treatment.

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The patient was treated of breast cancer

Doctors of the clinic are qualified, speak English well. But the organization of treatment, that is, all these coordinators and translators already when you are in India, is a huge minus of the process. Simply huge. Expectations of everything and everywhere for hours, sometimes at times, poor awareness, a terrible accent on Russian, that one can understand a lot to the exact opposite, ignorance of medical terms, that is, only life can translate. I accompanied mamutna treatment, I speak English a little, therefore something accelerated due to this. One patient should not go, look for an accompanying person if other countries do not fit the prices for treatment. If someone is traveling alone or an accompanying person does not know English, the process will spoil your nerves. The very examination and treatment, surgery, everything is at a good level. But before the ability to organize everything painlessly for the patient, it will still come to BLK not soon. I do not know, as in other clinics in India, I think it's the same. Translators are different here, and the problems are the same. So in the whole country I think. But if there is no way out, you can entrust local doctors to the health. The patient is well fed in the hospital and the accompanying person. Chambers of any size isolate the patient with curtains around the perimeter, you see only the staff, but keep in mind that the multiple rooms are very noisy. Who prays in Arabic for the whole room, who sings the song, who plays the game with sound effects, who is screaming on the phone, because there is still no silence, people still have groans for the illnesses of people ... they do not do anybody for unconnected phones, loud talks and other inadequacy.

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The patient was treated of dermatomyositis

Very fast, affordable, and g

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