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The patient was treated of hemangioma inHelios Berlin Buch

I am Zalikhan, mother Jannat, very pleased and very grateful to Professor Bshorer and the medical staff Helios. We had the risk of removing the eye, but the result was pleasantly shocking. The eye was saved, the vision was not disturbed, the tumor was removed, the operation was successful. Many thanks to Prof. Dr. R. Bshorer, a world-famous doctor with golden hands and a kind heart. Jannat was lucky to get to him. May the Almighty protect all children and the sick. Health to all! 8938-8902684
Thanks you! I'm very happy. I haven't sighed like that right now for these 2 years. Everything went, now everything is fine. We are very satisfied and very pleased.
Who needs to ask about the details let him communicate by vatsapu. With pleasure I will tell you everything.

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    Leonidas Representative of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin Jun 18, 2019

    Рады были помочь Вам, Залихан! Желаем всего наилучшего Вам и Джаннат!

The patient was treated of nonspecific ulcerative colitis inAnadolu Medical Center

During the visit everything was fine, I liked the doctor, he was a professional in some kinds of medical treatment, the coordination and translation was well. It was a good experience.

Normal clinic, did not see anything special. They prescribed good medicines, I felt better. There were also very good translators. It is better to always be insured, because if there is insurance, the clinic offers a 50% discount.

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The patient was treated of ovarian cancer inHospital Quiron Barcelona

The format is quite simple, everything is accessible and understandable, the doctor is very qualified. I will not say that we talked about clinical studies, there was no definitive information. We are happy, time has been spent, the translator also translated everything correctly. The doctor explained everything popularly, we received an answer to all the questions we asked.
I believe that what you are doing is very important and useful for people who need help.

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The patient underwent rhinoplasty inCentro Médico Teknon

Passed online consultation. After the consultation, a treatment plan was created, which we will undergo, further consultations will continue.
Online consultation is very convenient and of course there were some doubts, especially when the invoice was billed, because it was a bit confusing, there was only one seal, so I advise you to make the documents more official, so that you would not be so scared to pay for the consultation.

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The patient was treated of varicocele inHelios Krefeld Clinic

Moe stay at the clinic duly honored. Vsi vaccinate respect. Doctors at Vishma luvni rozumni vidovidalni. The chamber is ideal, it is good and strong. Meni was honored and helped in my problem.
Okay happy. Antonina., And Barbara that they took care of me. Thank you very much.

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The patient was treated of melanoma inSan Raffaele Hospital

The doctor caused confidence and showed high professionalism, understood all the details and documents. She appointed the newest treatment.
Satisfied with the service, Katerina Bonko was constantly in touch, showed attention and care. Thanks her.

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The patient was treated of myocardial infarction inKardiolita Private Hospital

Я в клинике второй раз, первый раз был в 2007 году, приехал второй раз из-за инфаркта, нужно было сделать коронарографию, наши врачи на родине не решились, поэтому я приехал в клинику. Все было прекрасно, хорошо приняли, доставили на машине из аэропорта, разместили в клинике, кормили. Клиника на высоте с тех пор как я о ней узнал. Я очень благодарен за Ваш труд и все что Вы делаете для народа не только своего но и для народа из других стран и я очень Вам благодарен, большое спасибо. Я очень благодарен этой клинике и очень ей доволен. Такие приятные медсестры, такой приятный персонал.

The patient was treated of inHelios Krefeld Clinic

Everything was great! All at the highest level! The stay in the clinic was effective and comfortable.

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The patient underwent check-up inMemorial Şişli Hospital

It was a great experience. The Staff were very supportive and the doctors were very nice and supportive at the professional level. The hospital is very very clean , encouraging, and comfortable. It is more than five star hotel.

The patient was treated of hepatitis с inMemorial Antalya Hospital

All is well! The impressions are the best, the staff is very polite, the doctor was attentive, the translator is competent! We are glad to have contacted you! Thank!

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The patient was treated of ankylosing spondylitis inSourasky Medical Center

Bookimed specialists recommended an experienced doctor in a good clinic, without them it was difficult to determine the place for consultation. Since personal examination is expensive, I decided to find out the feasibility of such a survey in the format of consultation by phone (via Skype), which is about 4 times cheaper. The well-known doctor competently and professionally held a consultation, no questions left.

What you liked:
- bookimed themselves translated downloaded analysis results and any conclusions that I received from myself in Moscow;
- Skype offered a translator (I did not need it);

What did not like:
- It was not possible to schedule a video call on the day I needed because of discoordination, but then they figured out;

Total: in my opinion, a hangout with a doctor is appropriate in those cases when it is necessary to make a decision on a transaction with a high cost, it is faster, cheaper and organizationally simpler than a flight. In general, I liked how bookimed fulfilled the request.

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The patient was treated of astigmatism inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

Everything was at the level, the organization of reception, transfer, etc. was quite operational. thank

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The patient was treated of glomerulonephritis inSourasky Medical Center

Антон Вольвак лучший координатор сервиса bookimed,спасибо ему за поддержку на всех этапах!
Что касается консультации в клинике, врач-нефролог сказал,что нет ничего страшного,что важно, так как мнения врачей на родине разнятся, думаю,что ещё в будущем обращусь для контроля состояния, но только если меня будут вести другие координаторы самой клиники, так как была немного неприятная ситуация с ними,надеюсь больше не повторится.

The patient underwent face lift inBumrungrad International Hospital

Excellent medical team, provided efficient care and professional services.

The room was comfortable as and clean.
Maryna Slysarenko Provided professional service and information. She was efficient and resourceful.

The patient was treated of scoliosis inMedicana Hospitals Group

Hello. Everything was top notch. The chamber was not seen, but the doctor and staff inspired confidence. Everyone was very friendly and professional. thank

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The patient was treated of alopecia inEstetik International Clinic

In the clinic, everything was fine. Nice, nice staff. All amenities were provided. After leaving home, a question arose, but after contacting the clinic coordinator, I quickly received a response from the doctor.

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The patient was treated of breast cancer inHelios Berlin Buch

The bookimed services are simply great. Very good communication with their experts adds to the whole positive picture. Berlin-Buch Clinic is professional with very helpful staff members. I highly recommend!


    Kamran Abbas-Zade Bookimed medical coordinator Jun 12, 2019

    Thank you for your kind feedback. I hope you will recover very soon.

The patient was treated of prostate cancer in St. Zdislava Hospital

Specialist Alexey helped me very carefully, personally and accurately. Pape successfully made a prostatectomy in the Czech Republic.
I thank all the people involved in the organization Bookimed !!!

Separately, many thanks to the surgeons, the medical staff of the clinic !!!
Dr.Tvaruzek, Dolegale, Irina Korchminska!

Best regards and best wishes for you!
Stanislav Kalchenko

I have got a lot of carefull, personal and proffessional help. My papa successfuly was operated (prostatectomy) near of Praha. I love you.
Separate a lot of medcine center
Dr.Tvaruzek, Dolegale, Irina Korchminska !!

Best regards and wish all best!
Stanislav Kalchenko

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The patient was treated of benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph) in St. Zdislava Hospital

Reception, transfer and the question of organizing a trip fully satisfies, I will note the prompt resolution of questions by Irina.
The conditions are all in moderation and there are no domestic inconveniences. Food is good and you can always adjust it. Underwear and clothes are no problem, merchant
Consultations, reception, check-ups before and after the operation — there are simply no questions, the average medical staff is excellent. The patient is surrounded by care from the entire staff and has not seen artificial smiles, everything is natural, lively emotions
The operation, anesthesia, is very satisfied. Subjectively, without thinking that this is possible. I went on the second day, on the 3rd day at least three times an hour. taking into account the road.
In my case, which pleases, the retention of urine is functioning. I didn’t take anything from the pain, everything was OK. Snot also. The stitches and the catheter were removed on day 7
if someone has questions they can write SMS and call. I’ll tell you

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