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The patient was treated of larynx cancer inAnadolu Medical Center

Got a discount in the clinic and we have translator but in general we don't like it, we were expected that people speak English there but they don't.

The patient was treated of strabismus inNoviy Zir Hospitals Group

There was a slight misunderstanding in the treatment process; after a month, there was no apparatus for assessing visual acuity. At the consultation, we managed to ask all the questions we were interested in, but the consultation went very quickly, and in general we are satisfied.

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    Ihor Kobylinskyi Bookimed medical coordinator Aug 19, 2019

    Надежда, спасибо за Ваш отзыв! Очень рады, что помогли Вам. Желаю здоровья Вам и вашим близким!

The patient was treated of headache inMemorial Antalya Hospital

I really liked the Antalya Memorial Clinic. Starting from the translator, everyone is attentive and friendly. I completely trust the doctors of the clinic, because everything is done for people.

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The patient was treated of west syndrome inSourasky Medical Center

Good day.
Thanks to Dmitry, because we closed our question through a Skype conference. Initially, we only needed a doctor’s consultation. As a result, we spoke precisely with the professor that we needed. And he answered all our questions.

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The patient underwent consultation with an orthopedist (traumatologist) inZulekha Hospital Dubai

Qualified team and selection of the program, conducted 2 consultations and appointed rehabilitation, thank you for your promptness

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The patient was treated of varicosity inSourasky Medical Center

Everything is fine, the doctors liked it. The consultations were successful.
We decided that we received enough information and that we no longer need consultations with other doctors

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The highest of the highest scores to the coordinator and the blade, and to the girls who collect the questionnaire all to the doctor, all the best of the best ratings and many thanks

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The patient underwent check-up inBumrungrad International Hospital

I was recommended this hospital by a friend of mine who is a GM of a hotel and he informed me this is one of the best hospitals in Thailand and that only goes here.

The patient was treated of breast cancer inAnadolu Medical Center

The medical team are doing great,they really tried i will advice any other patients that has cancer or are diagnosed in all kinds of disease should choose Anadolu hospital for their 1st option.

The patient was treated of cerebral atrophy inCentro Médico Teknon

The team is very helpful and the doctor is very perfect and the hospital is very big and very clean my stay is very comfort

The patient underwent breast reduction inIstanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center

The team was just amazing! Everything went so quick and the procedure was done just next day up on my arrival. Airport Pick up and drop off organised and the hotel left me without a word. Abdul was so supportive all the way through: he will check on me every day to ensure that everything is fine and will remind me of my appointments and if he was there to answer any question I asked. Very good quality of care. I’m still recovering and trying to rest as much as I can. I definitely will recommend my relatives!


    Abdul Al Hawassli Representative of Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center Aug 19, 2019

    Dear Gisele, hope you had a great time with us, Good luck!

The patient was treated of colon cancer inHadassah Medical Center

VIP treatment. Clear, Fast schedule and execution. However, it is relatively expensive. You need to consider loading you debit cards properly before starting with any procedure.

The patient underwent rehabilitation after spinal cord injury inRomatem Hospitals for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Just wanted too let you know that we are very disappointed. Where did you guys book the place for my brother I ask you to book me the best hospital in Turkey they have a for brain injuries like neurologist doctor. Instead that you booked with therapy place a crappy little office they had nothing. We came from another country we spent money on the flight hotel and time and this is where you guys booked me.

The patient underwent rhinoplasty inBanobagi Clinic

Everything was very professional ! The doctors were very honest and caring they really care about what isn’t the best for you!

The patient was treated of stomach cancer inWiener Privatklinik

All is good. My dad is being treated in Wienna clinic and Profesor Dr. Zielinski is amazing. So thank you. We are very happy that dad is in good hands..Valeria xx
Angelina is an amazing Bookimed manager. She helped me so much that I cant thank her enough. She is calm, supportive, positive and always but always replies to my emails and my questions. :-) thank you Angelina. You truly are an angel.

Thank you also to Aleksandr. Thank you for your support and messages.


    Angelina Ivanenko Bookimed medical coordinator Aug 17, 2019

    Dear Valeria, Thank you so much for your lovely review :) I am happy to provide your father with all the necessary support during the treatment.

The patient underwent rhinoplasty inEstetik International Clinic

The room is very comfortable, everything is clean, the staff is very helpful. The doctor is a professional and told everything in detail.

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I can only speak about an online consultation I had which was good. The doctor was knowledgeable and professional.

The doctors are good, but the organization of the reception was specific. Spent about two hours before admission.
Maxim worked perfectly, turned on in time.

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    Max Voloshyn Bookimed medical coordinator Aug 13, 2019

    Рад Вам помочь! Желаю Вам крепкого здоровья.

The patient was treated of testicular cancer inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

I arrived at the clinic at the appointed time and waited 5-6 hours.
On the first day, the doctor, Ahmed, took over and said that he would be negotiating over the phone, but did not get in touch.
On the second day there was another, which was overloaded with its patients, took at the end of the day, after its patients. They complained to the translator that they had called at 11, but they had taken them at 6-7 pm.
Well done translator, tried.

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The patient was treated of stomach cancer stage 4 inAnadolu Medical Center

My father had a stomach cancer and we went to Anadolu hospital . They have great services and also great doctors and we got lots of good results till now .

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