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Erlangen University Hospital is a huge center including 24 clinics and one of the best cancer research centers. 

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1 patient reviews
Oct 12, 2016
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Operation on a means in the department of cardiac surgery of the Erlangen clinic. I was operated by Professor Wyand, who has truly golden hands. Attitude was very attentive, the care was good.

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Erlangen University Hospital that opened 190 years ago is the main reason why Erlangen is considered a city of health and medicine. As the hospital is located in a nice quiet place it is also called a “medical valley” that is in close proximity to hectic urban life.

The hospital itself is famous for its operating room that is considered one of the most advanced in the world, diagnosing and treating techniques, and cutting edge equipment. For example, the most advanced in Europe catheterization lab was opened here last year. Patients who suffer from heart rhythm disorders, heart valve ailments or patient who recover from infarction use the services of this division. Lab equipment that cost some EUR 1.5 million provides 3D images where small details are visible while radiation exposure is 60% less.

For surgeries with high risk of complications robotic equipment is used for several years. Da Vinci robot is used for high precision interventions taking surgery beyond the limits of the human hand. After such treatment the patient recovers quicker and there is no need to remove scars as robot’s high precision leaves no scars. Oncology department offers radiation and chemotherapy and regenerate organs with strip techniques. Specialists of the center are ready to work with patients at any cancer stage and with different complications. Everybody is treated individually. This brought the hospital top-lists in Germany.

Today the university hospital includes:

  • 24 specialized clinics
  • 19 separate departments
  • 6 institutes
  • more than 1300 beds for inpatients
  • 7300 medical specialists

The medical faculty of the university where the hospital was founded is committed to train specialists and to conduct research. Students and professors understand the value of cooperation both for experiments and clinical research. So all the divisions of the hospital regardless of their functions are closely interconnected which helps to allocate patients according to their diagnosis. Special interdisciplinary centers work for people whose diagnoses require several different medical specializations. Patients of the university hospital benefit from new research achievements and in most complicated cases innovative treatment techniques that have not been applied by other hospitals are offered.

Maximilianspl. 2, 91054 Erlangen, Germany
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University Hospital in Erlangen · Germany, Erlangen
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