5 days clinic's response speed

68 patients have already received the treatment plan

Universal Hospitals Group

5 days clinic's response speed

68 patients have already received the treatment plan

Universal Hospital Group consists of 11 hospitals with accredited ISO, TUV and JCI. Employees of Medical network focused on service quality and comfort of patients.


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Hip replacement

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Bookimed makes possible the reservation and organization of treatment in the Turkish network Universal Hospital Group.
About Universal Hospitals Group in numbers:

  • 165 thousand square meters of land, on which the necessary units located;
  • Total number of beds for patients - in 1420;
  • 410 beds in the inpatient unit;
  • 60 beds for patients in intensive care unit;
  • 1200 high-level specialists.

Specialists of network Universal Hospitals Group regularly achieve success in important medical areas. In departments network successfully pass heart surgery and vessels, intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging, intravenous laser ablation and IVF. The achievements of plastic and reconstructive surgery are used. In Universal you can undergo laser eye surgery.

Other specializations of Universal complex are:

  •    Adult and Paediatrics Neurosurgery;
  •    Oncology;
  •    Surgery (robotic systems are used );
  •    Obstetrics and Gynecology;
  •    Arthroplasty (Orthopedics);
  •    Urology;
  •    Obesity.

Patients who choose treatment in Turkey, oriented on geographic proximity, similarity of climate and affordable cost of medical services. Universal Hospital Group justifies all these expectations and issue, you can book it on Bookimed portal now.


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Recent reviews
Tahir Feb 21, 2019
The patient underwent coronary stenting

The level is above average. Cardiologist Murat Yalchin is a professional. Many thanks to him. The condition in the wards is good, sin to complain. And the staff is great. But the most important thing in my treatment is all the merit of the coordinator doctor Katerina Bonko. Many thanks to her. She treated me to a familiar person with a soul. And this is rare in our time. Thank you Katia.

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Roxana Feb 21, 2019
The patient underwent check-up

Excellent medical staff, very competent and thoughtful. Bookimed team was extremely helpful to identify the best type of medical investigation for our case. Overall, we are very grateful to everybody for all the care and support received in Solingen!

Viktoria Feb 21, 2019
The patient was treated of endometriosis

A wonderful medical center, highly qualified doctors, everyone speaks Russian. Never before have seen such a good and caring attitude of doctors. They did not understand one thing: why was it necessary to send all tests and ultrasounds to the coordinator, if the doctor was not familiar with them. Well, that took everything with you!

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Saltanat Feb 21, 2019
The patient underwent coronary angiography

Hello!! We in the clinic, our mother installed a stent on the heart. We are very pleased with the level of the clinic, service, staff attitude to patients !! I'm glad we made the right choice !! Thanks a lot to Pavel, Varvara for support, help !!

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Aleksey Feb 21, 2019
The patient underwent check-up

I liked everything, expected something supernatural for such money, but alas. We in Russia have not bad hospitals, even better than Kvims. No offense. In Novosibirsk, in Irkutsk, we have doctors and travel routes. I did not understand until the end, why people go there and give such loot for examination. Operations? And here in Moscow and St. Petersburg are not doing badly. I do not know, my opinion is purely. And in Korea, the unreasonable price tag for narrow specialists and so on. And I didn’t understand anything in the package, it seems more like a conveyor belt. This is my first impression. Maybe quims just an economy option? Although I traveled with a friend, he was at the top of the clinic and also saw nothing. And so in general, the rules rolled. And according to the test results I was told everything, too, as in Irkutsk I passed. It is certainly not very bad, I thought that I was much more serious. Ugh.

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