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Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Clinic

The Clinic was built in 1912. It is included in the list of best private clinics in Paris according to the Figaro Magazine. The Hospital includes a therapeutic and a surgical center where 15,000 surgeries are conducted annually.
About the hospital
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The Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Clinic (Clinique Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire) has 12 surgery units, 19 outpatient departments and 6 intensive care units. The hospital offers 177 beds.

The quality of medical services in Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Clinic is controlled by state organizations:

  • HAS is a public health organization. Certification of HAS confirms safety, high-quality service and high level of medical care.
  • COMEDIMS is a drug control organization. The COMEDIMS Commission also deals with the sterility of medical facilities and their equipment.
  • CRUQPC is a commission for the protection of patients' rights. Guarantees quality service for patients and their relatives.

The Clinic has own committee for risk management (COVIR). COVIR specialists monitor the hospital's conditions, conduct staff training and deal with biosafety issues.

the surgery in the Clinic

Main specialties of the Clinic

  • Visceral surgery. Doctors perform surgical treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. Operations can be performed laparoscopically. After this procedure, the patient restores more quickly.
  • Vascular Surgery for atherosclerosis, aortic aneurysm, varicose veins treatment.
  • Ophthalmology. The department treats a wide range of eye diseases, including cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment. Surgical and conservative methods of treatment are used.
  • Orthopedics. Specialists of the department perform arthroplasty of the joints, treat valgus deformity and tunnel carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Urology. Doctors of the department specialize in the treatment of urolithiasis, prostate adenoma, bladder polyps.

Diagnosis in Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Clinic

Diagnostics Department

The Clinic uses modern diagnostic methods like:

  • Dopplerography. It helps to analyze the characteristics of blood vessels, the speed of blood flow, to detect atherosclerotic plaques.
  • Angiography. The method is used for contrast radiographic examination of vascular pathologies.
  • Holter monitoring (daily ECG) used for prolonged examination of the heart rhythm. It helps diagnose heart disease and monitor the pacemaker.


To accommodate patients, the Clinic offers standard single and double rooms, as well as VIP rooms. There are TV and Wi-Fi. For an additional fee of € 30 a day you can have a relative of a companion to live with you.

The Clinic offers a comprehensive diet recommended by the doctor. VIP patients can visit the Gault Millau restaurant.

The Clinic will provide a coordinator. He makes a schedule of treatment and provides a reservation for all necessary procedures.

59 Rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, 75005 Paris, France
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