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Rozenpark Сlinic
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Rozenpark Сlinic

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The clinic operates more than 15 years, founded by Dr. Sonja and Gerhard Sattler (Dr. Sonja Sattler und Dr. Gerhard Sattler). Their professionalism deserved high praise, not only companies in Germany, but also far beyond its borders. Over the past years, the clinic has treated more than 50,000 patients from over the world.

The clinic of Aesthetic Medicine has a research center «Rosenpark Research» for research in the field of dermatology. Where the doctors of the clinic with colleagues from university research centers and pharmaceutical companies work together.

Bookimed offers you to receive quality services in the field of Plastic and Aesthetic Medicine in Germany.

The clinic offers for patients:

The Rozenpark clinic specializes in plastic surgery, dermatology, laser surgery, and also offers a wide range of aesthetic services.

The priority for the clinic is patient safety, so all laser treatments, injections, surgery performed by highly certified physicians. One of the important reasons of the clinic’s success is individual approach to each patient and each of his wishes.

Currently, the clinic employs more than 10 doctors - specialists in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, dermatology, phlebology, anesthesiology and physical therapy. In addition, your health will be taken care by the best expert team of nutritionists, cosmetologists and physiotherapists.
Plastic Surgery specializes in using the most innovative methods to rejuvenate the face, neck and contour of the breast and body contouring.

Operating chambers are equipped with the latest European medical standards. During the entire stay at the Rozenpark clinic you see and feel a warm friendly interior, as the hotel in Art Nouveau style, the individual meals, friendly staff and a highly professional medicine services. The building of the hospital is located in a beautiful park.Therapeutic and diagnostic equipment helps doctors  of clinics to solve various medical issues.

You can book a place in the Clinic Rozenpark easily with help of Bookimed portal.

Location of the clinic on the map (Germany, Darmstadt)

Rozenpark Сlinic

The Rosenpark Clinic is one of the world-renowned centers of aesthetic and plastic surgery in Germany, located in Darmstadt.  
23 patients have already received the cost of the treatment and the program
Using Bookimed, 23 patients received individual treatment program in Rozenpark Сlinic
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Rozenpark Сlinic
  • Rozenpark Сlinic

  • Rozenpark Сlinic

  • Rozenpark Сlinic

  • Rozenpark Сlinic

  • Rozenpark Сlinic

Plastic Surgery
Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology
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