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Complex diagnostics after a stroke in Romatem Hospitals for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

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Romatem Center was founded in 2005 and over the past decade has become a network of clinics specializing in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. To day, has Romatem is located in 5 Turkish cities. Romatem has got a high-tech robotic equipment and uses the latest techniques in rehabilitation of patients with different diseases and injuries. The center cooperates with many major Turkish hospitals.

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2 patient reviews
Aug 15, 2019
The patient underwent rehabilitation after spinal cord injury


Nov 9, 2018
The patient underwent rehabilitation after spinal cord injury

Friendly attitude, high professionalism, responsiveness, willingness to dialogue and a desire to help, and this is not the whole list of words of gratitude to the employees of Romat. Many thanks to all the workers, starting with the ambulance driver and ending with the clinic management! These people knowingly put on white bathrobes !!! They correspond to the high title of doctor !!! I wanted such people to be everywhere, where human kindness, professionalism and responsiveness are needed !!!

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Romatem uses the latest technology of robotic rehabilitation. Modern equipment allows doctors of Romatem put patients with severe injuries and disabilities on legs. The Clinic is one of the largest rehabilitation facilities in Turkey. Currently Romatem provides services to the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department at the University of Namik Kemal and its Gural Thermal Hotel.

The main rehabilitation specialties at Romatem:

  • Pediatrics (rehabilitation of cerebral palsy and other spastic diseases in children);
  • Rehabilitation of sports injuries;
  • Postoperative rehabilitation (including after cancer);
  • Neurological rehabilitation (including rehabilitation after Parkinson's disease);
  • Cardiac rehabilitation;
  • Recovery from obesity;
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation;
  • Treatment of pain.

Center applies various rehabilitation methods:

  • hydrotherapy - therapy based on physical exercise in the swimming pool;
  • ozone therapy is designed to relieve pain and promote a speedy recovery;
  • occupational therapy;
  • speech therapy - training on speech rehabilitation;
  • laser therapy;
  • extracorporeal shock wave therapy;
  • reflexology (acupuncture, massage);
  • nutritional therapy;
  • decompression therapy;
  • robotic rehabilitation.

Romatem equipment


The system restores and hones skills of walking, even in paralyzed people.


The device simulates the movement of the hand, thus training the sensory and motor function of the fingers.


Simulates hand motor function, thereby stimulating the corresponding areas in the central nervous system.


This complex "teaches" the neuro-muscular system of the child to the correct body position in space, normalizes muscle tone.


Thanks to the "vertical stretch", the device extends the distance between the bones, reduces pain.


Shock-wave therapy, acting on the body's tissues.

Diers Formetric 4D

The system allows to detect the deformation of the spine, not irradiating the body.


High-intensity laser therapy, which stimulates the regeneration of deep tissue.

ICSC 2.0

The system reduces the level of pressure on the specific tissue to restore function.


The Center is equipped with modern apartments with the comfort of a five-star hotel. Each room has a button to call the staff at the bed.

The cost of stay in the Center varies from 300 to 350 USD per day and includes meals, lodging, all medicines and examinations, transfer, as well as translation and nutritionist's services.

Kükürtlü Mahallesi, Dr. Rüştü Burlu Cd., 16080 Osmangazi/Bursa, Turkey
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