5 days clinic's response speed

44 patients have already received the treatment plan

Ophthalmology Clinics Bati Goz

5 days clinic's response speed

44 patients have already received the treatment plan

Ophthalmology Clinics BatiGoz is an international medical network with the main hospital in Turkey. The Center specializes in treatment of ophthalmological disorders applying innovative therapies and safe surgeries. The network has got over 15 years of experience in this field.



Treatment costs

ReLEx SMILE eye surgery
starting $2100
LASIK eye surgery
starting $1190
LASEK eye surgery
starting $1190
Laser eye surgery
$1190 - $2100
Cataract surgery with IOL replacement
$1223 - $2569

About hospital

Doctors of Ophthalmology Clinics Batigoz have performed over 50,000 surgeries. Patients from all over the world (Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, etc.) go to Batigos to correсt defects of the vision. The reason of Batigox popularity is it Batigoz provides high-quality and safe treatment for prices lower at 70-80% comparing with hospitals in Europe.

Doctors treat such ophthalmological diseases:

  • shortsightedness
  • astigmatism
  • cataract
  • retinal separation
  • old-age sight
  • glaucoma
  • strabismus
  • color blindness, etc.
Therapies at Batigoz

Specialists of the Hospital apply innovative methods of treatment. They are safe and do not cause side-effects. Among them are:

  • Eye laser surgery (EximerLaser)
  • RelaxSmile is the 3rd generation laser therapy. It is used for treatment of myopia and astigmatism without pain and injuries
  • Phaco-method for surgery of cataract.
  • Surgical and non-surgical methods for treatment of strabismus
  • Treatment of daltonism with special contact lenses


Diseases treated in the clinic

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The quality of medicine in the clinic is very high, the competence of the doctor is beyond doubt. All issues arising in the process were successfully solved through the coordinators Daria and Irada, as well as a specialist Jan.

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Everything is super !!! Five Stars!!! I liked it very much, the service of the clinic KUIMS is very fast and efficient. Many thanks to the girls translators, Nare and Lena, thanks for the organization of the company, the girls Barbara and Katerina, everything is super! Good luck to all!!!

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