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Medical and Surgical Center ServiDigest
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Medical and Surgical Center ServiDigest

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ServiDigest Hospital provides medical and surgical services in such fields as:

This innovative Medical Center is managed by Dr. Josep Merlo Mas.

You may get more information and make an application on our portal Bookimed. Let’s score the advantages of ServiDigest Surgical Center which encourage to choose this Hospital:

Profiled fields:

If you want to effectively control your weight without referring to medication or surgical interventions, ServiDigest Clinic will give you such an opportunity. It uses the minimally invasive weight loss technique through installing the intragastric balloon. This balloon is filled with a liquid occupies the part of the stomach that helps to reduce the appetite and create a sense of satiety.

The Center’s specialists pay great attention to the preventive actions and early diagnostics which are very important for the reduction of risks of other serious diseases like cancer and so on. The detection of cancer at its early stages gives good chances to fight it completely.

Physicians and personnel

The staff of the clinic involves real professionals who constantly take part in different international congresses, symposiums, conferences and are the members of international communities. They also participate in scientific researches and contribute to the development of medicine using advanced treatment technologies and modern equipment. Many experts are recognized on the international level, among them:

  1. Dr. Ramiro Durán Bermejo is a leading specialist of the Digestive System Department.
  2. Dr. Patricia Gonçalves Cunha is a chief expert in coloproctology, endoscopy and digestive system disorders. She also coordinates the Preparatory Department of ServiDigest Clinic.
  3. Dr. Eduard Targarona Soler is a leading specialist in bariatric surgery, obesity and other metabolic disorders.

Cost of treatment for international patients in ServiDigest Clinic

It is widely known that Spanish hospitals offer high-level services based on the integrated approach to treatment. The level of medicine in the country is very high while prices are quite reasonable. Spanish health care structure ranks 7th for the quality of medical services in the world. The main focus is put on the prevention aimed at eliminating causes of the diseases. It is obvious that the most famous of the country’s medical and research institutes are located in Barcelona. Bookimed will be glad to help you in resolving all the organizational issues connected with the receipt of medical services in ServiDigest Clinic.

Technological innovations in the Clinic

Early diagnostics is crucial for the prevention of serious consequences of the diseases as well as during the option of the most optimal therapeutic method. The diagnostic procedures in the Hospital may include:

  1. Methods of digestive system examination:
  1. Modern methods of the abdominal cavity examination and surgical interventions.

Most of the surgeries in General surgery and Digestive System Department of the Clinic are performed through minimally invasive techniques by means of laparoscopy. Laparoscopic surgery is applied for cholelithiasis (stones formed in the gallbladder), hiatal hernia, inguinal hernia, appendicitis and diverticulitis (inflammation of the large intestine wall), oncology etc. ServiDigest Medical and Surgical Center has a great experience and prefers this method due to its advantages and safety. The low level of traumas, short rehabilitation period, quick return to everyday life as well as small chance of post-surgical adhesions, the appearance of skin, puncture marks incomparable with deep scars, no deep damage of tissues, and rather less pain effect after the operation – all these things make laparoscopy a widely used method.

  1. Diagnostics and tissue research of the liver

To detect the strength of liver tissues (reflected in the rigidity degree of tissues) or liver fibrosis ServiDigest Center uses the innovative technique of Transition Elastography (FibroScan CAP®). The advantages of this method are:

The Digestive System Surgical Department of ServiDigest Hospital has a special Hepatology Division aimed at preventing, diagnosing and treating of liver diseases.

  1. Hydrocolonotherapy – the safe colon cleansing

If you want to get rid of the accumulation of waste and toxins in your intestine or suffer from constipation, ServiDigest Medical Center offers a safe colon cleansing procedure of hydrocolonotherapy. This technique allows to remove the accumulated toxins and wastes using purified water which washes the colon without prior preparation and side effects.

The Clinic’s main purpose is to improve health and life quality of the patients by helping them to feel better and be more successful.

  1. Genetic and preventive examination at the Medical Center.

If you are tired of various ineffective diets, you quickly gain weight lost after starvation or the reasons for you obesity are unclear, you need to undergo the genetic survey in the hospital to detect your genetic profile. With the help of Nutri inCode genetic research the doctors will pick up the comprehensive individual weight loss program regarding your genetic particularities. The genetic and cardiac inCode test will allow to reduce your receptivity to the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Professional dietitians will help you to form the right eating habits, compile the individual dietary treatment plan and resolve the problems of overweight and moderate obesity through physical exercises and stress management.

High-level service for the patients

There are two modern medical and surgical centers equipped with the latest facilities. The first one is situated on 271 Balmes Street near Plaza Molina and the second one – on Padula Street. ServiDigest provides medical services at the highest level both for inpatient and outpatients for more than 40 years. Among the fundamental principles of the Hospital are the individual approach, attention and equal care for everyone.

The Clinic pays great attention to diagnostics and early prevention of diseases. This Center is very popular among international patients.

Solve the problem of overweight and digestive system diseases once and for all by choosing ServiDigest Medical Center, the professionals in this sphere.

Location of the clinic on the map (Spain, Barcelona)

Medical and Surgical Center ServiDigest

ServiDigest Medical and Surgical Center is located in Barcelona (Spain) and specializes in the treatment of patients with metabolic disorders, obesity and digestive system diseases in general. It offers the individualized approach to diagnostics, prevention and treatment of various illnesses for more than 40 years.
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Medical and Surgical Center ServiDigest
  • Medical and Surgical Center ServiDigest

  • Medical and Surgical Center ServiDigest

  • Medical and Surgical Center ServiDigest

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