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86 patients have already received the treatment plan

Leopoldina Hospital Schweinfurt

Gustav-Adolf-Straße 8 97422 Schweinfurt, Germany

86 patients have already received the treatment plan

The Leopoldina Hospital is an academic institution The University Hospital of Würzburg - it is the largest hospital in the resort area, located in a cozy picturesque location between the river Main and the Rhön mountains.

About hospital
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About hospital

Each year the hospital accepts 33 thousand patients in the hospital and another 30 thousand – outpatients. The Leopoldina Hospital  Schweinfurt meets all international standards, equipped with the most modern equipment and offers patients a wide range of complex diagnostic and therapeutic services of the highest quality.

The Leopoldina Hospital in Schweinfurt was founded in 1898 and got its unusual name from an old German scientific society "Leopoldina", which was organized in the city in 1652 by the famous physician IL Bausch (Johann Lorenz Bausch) and other scientists (IM Fehr, H. Balthasar).

The Department for foreign patients, which receives patients from all over the world who want to receive high-quality treatment in this wonderful Bavarian hospital, operates.

The hospital is known for its unique operations on the spine, as well as the Department of childhood diseases.

Bookimed recommends  to choose and pay attention to the advantages of the Leopoldina Hospital:

  • 2000 employees, in particular 230 doctors and 900 nursing and administrative staff;
  • 18 highly specialized clinics and departments;
  • Interdisciplinary centres were established for complex symptoms that require close collaboration between several specialties;
  • Complex diagnostic and therapeutic services of the highest quality;
  •  In 2014 the new building of psychosomatic clinics and private new department with single rooms was opened.

 The 18 specialized clinics and departments operates in the hospital:

  • Department of Vascular Surgery;
  • Department for specialized surgery on the spine;
  • Anesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care;
  • Surgical Clinic;
  • Orthopedics, Traumatology, Hand Surgery Reconstructive Surgery;
  • Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics;
  • Clinic for Children and Adolescents;
  • Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry;
  • Clinic specialized pain therapy;
  • The Department of Urology and Pediatric Urology;
  • Medical Clinic 1 (cardiology, nephrology, pulmonology, Interventional Angiology, Intensive Care Unit);
  • Medical Clinic 2 (gastroenterology, hepatology, hematology and oncology, diabetes, infectious diseases, immunology / rheumatology);
  • Department of Neurosurgery;
  • Neurological clinic;
  • Clinical Radiology;
  • Pathology;
  • Radiation Oncology;
  • Community of laboratory practice doctors  from Schweinfurt.

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By choosing this hospital you will get excellent medical care, taking into account the individual needs of the patient and combine the most advanced technology and medical advances.


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