medium price level

5 days clinic's response speed

11 requests per week

831 patients have already received the treatment plan

Breast augmentation in JK Plastic Surgery Center

medium price level

5 days clinic's response speed

11 requests per week

831 patients have already received the treatment plan

  • No.1 plastic surgery clinic for medical tourists according to KAHF. About 6,000 international patients visit JK annually to get plastic surgery.
  • 100% is a success rate of all cosmetic procedures in the clinic. Only a few medical centers in South Korea show the same index.
  • The breast augmentation is carried out at JK using Motiva implants. They are ultrasound, made of hypoallergenic material, and approved by the Korean government.
  • Due to above-mentioned benefits, JK Plastic Surgery Clinic is among the best places for breast augmentation in the world.

The hospital ranking according to reviews of patients treated at JK Plastic Surgery Center

The ranking is based on scores and reviews of hospital's real patients only

4 patient reviews

Reviews Patient's reviews on breast augmentation at the clinic

Apr 19, 2019
The patient underwent rhinoplasty

All perfectly ! Alexey, special thanks

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Apr 1, 2019
The patient underwent blepharoplasty

All was good

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Nov 6, 2018
The patient underwent breast augmentation

The clinic is excellent, everything was 5

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Jan 3, 2017
The patient underwent facial plastic surgery

I chose to have the surgery because of result that I saw with the advertisement.
My experience was pleasant and I’ve seen gradual result. I love my new chin.
Some friends did not notice and some said I looked a little different.
Personnel, surgeons, nurses are amazing and very professional, they all made me feel very comfortable.

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Airport to clinic
for orders over From $10 000
Clinic to airport
for orders over From $10 000

Visa assistance



Russian English Chinese Japanese Vietnamese


Hotel on clinic's territory
$200 - $350
for orders over From $10 000
Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
$100 - $300

Clinic policies

Age requirements

Patients aged 18-70 are accepted


Direct bill from clinic

Authorized hospital representative

Authorized hospital representative is a person or company that clinic entrusted work with patients like acquisition, trip arrangement and logistics, and sometimes even a billing.

In some cases, representative's commission is absent for patients and payed by clinic itself; or in other cases it can be added to bill as a service.

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Payment in advance

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About hospital

JK Plastic Surgery Center was founded in 1998. Today it is a part of JK Medical Group of 5 clinics.

JK Clinic is located in the Gangnam District, one of the most prestigious areas in Seoul, often compared to Beverly Hills in the USA.

Seoul Gimpo International Airport is 30 km away from the clinic.

Why choose JK?

  • You will see the result before the surgery. 3D modeling accurately recreates the expected outcome before the surgery. So you can discuss all the changes you wish to amend.
  • You will be safe and secure. Your well-being is the doctors’ priority at JK. They use the sterile operating system that corresponds to the US standards and the newest equipment for anesthesia from Germany. After the surgery, a patient is under the constant supervision of the staff and special monitoring system in real time.
  • You can recreate at the Aesthetic Center. The patient is invited to perform some skin care procedures to relieve swelling and reduce the rehabilitation period quickly. At JK, there is a Spa Center with a comfortable hotel, day-patient treatment, a pharmacy, and cafe.
  • JK team will take care of you. A local coordinator will support you throughout your stay at the center. The clinic offers transfer from the airport, comfortable wards, VAT refunds. After your return home, you may have a postoperative remote consultation so your condition will be monitored even after your return home.

JK Plastic Surgery Center in figures

JK Plastic surgery clinic in figures

Anti-aging with stem cells

Anti-age therapy with stem cells at JK is aimed to restore wrinkles, sunken upper-eyelid deformity, fight with cutaneous aging.

JK Stem Cell is the 1st and the only one government-approved stem cell therapy for cosmetic surgery. Stem cells with fat are taken out of patients tummy or thighs. Then JK doctors separate stem cells in 6 steps (in other institutions it usually takes 4 steps). And after accurate harvesting, they make stem cell injections in the face or body.

The procedure takes 1.5 hours and doesn’t require hospitalization.

Face&neck lift and Anti-aging therapy at JK Plastic Surgery in Korea

Before and after: anti-aging therapy + face&neck lift

Facial surgeries

Plastic surgeons in JK Medical Clinic provide bone contouring, jaw surgeries, nose, eyes, chin and forehead surgical and non-surgical treatment. Non-surgical treatment sets out the use of filler.

The filler injections show prompt results with no scars or other traces. It helps to deal with small changes a patient wants to make. The procedure takes up to 60 minutes, no anesthesia is required.

The surgical treatment is applied for more serious adjustments as a hooked or flat nose job, double eyelid, etc. The duration of every procedure depends on the type of intervention and the patient’s features.

Blepharoplasty at JK Plastic Surgery in Korea

Before and after: blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty

Body contouring

JK surgeons can create a perfect body you’ve always dreamt about with liposuction (excess fat removal), lipofill (fat transfer) and lift (removing of excess skin and fat).

JK doctors apply various types of lipo according to your needs:

Vaser lipo and Liposonic — ultrasound waves destroy deep fat deposits in several areas — buttocks, belly, hips, legs — at a time. They do not damage blood vessels and muscles, so a patient has no hematomas after the procedure.

ZeltiQ — liposuction with cooling energy. Special sensors with very low temperatures affect fat cells and don’t have any impact on neighboring tissues. The result is noticeable in 3 weeks, no side effects.

Lipo at JK Plastic Surgery

Before and after: Vaser liposuction and abdominal lift

Breast surgeries

The JK team offers to have breast enhancement, reduction, lift, and nipple correction.

The procedures are secure. It can be made in 3 ways: through the armpit, through areola and along the bottom of the breast. The type, duration, and rehab period depend on the patient’s case

All the surgeries are provided with latest generation of Motiva implants. They are able to change the shape depending on the woman’s body, and look as natural as possible.

Motiva are ultrastrong implants consisted of hypoallergenic materials not rejected by the body. They are licensed by the Korean government.

Breast enhacement in JK clinic

Before and after: breast enlargement with Motiva implants + lipofilling

Breast correction at JK

Before and after: breast correction

Services for international patients

  • Transfer

At the airport, you will be met by a car and taken to the clinic, and after procedures back to the airport. At your request, a limousine will come for you.

  • Translator

No language barrier. Local coordinators speak English.

  • Accommodation

You can stay at the JK hotel, where you will be monitored daily by the medical staff, or at a hotel near JK Plastic Surgery. Bookimed manager will help you book the best option.

  • Meal

You will be offered a menu of Korean or European cuisine.

  • Other services

Spa Center, cafe, and garden on the building roof.


Bookimed Awards 2018: Best plastic surgery center

Bookimed Award 2018 as the Best plastic surgery clinic according to Bookimed patients and experts.

JK Awards 2018: Best plastic surgery center

As the Best Medical Institution for International Patients by the Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare.

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Breast augmentation
from $8000
The price includes additional services:
  • Visa assistance
  • Translator 5 languages

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Anonymous Jun 24, 2019
The patient was treated of atherosclerosis

Thanks to the organizers of the trip ... met .. settled in a great hotel..transfer from the hotel to the clinic and back without question ... umnichki girls, translators .. especially grateful to Tamara ... it is clear that there are a lot of patients and they were torn ... and they had to wait .. but in spite of this, I have repeatedly observed the picture .. how .. I will not give the name of the translator .. I have a very high opinion of myself .. I spent most of my working time in a cafe over a cup of coffee .. as for the survey .. I was disappointed .. money ... at the first reception eminent doctor Hasim Ustunsoy so coasively in he "painted" gave great hopes .. but at the same time he said about the need to undergo a series of examinations .. which cost a lot of money ... respectively, understanding that this is probably necessary .. once the doctor said .. all this was done .. and at the decisive stage the doctor issued such predictions of the operation .. that I wanted to quickly run away from this clinic .. a question arises .. why was it not said about the first time ???? This is despite the fact that I underwent an examination .. it seemed that everything was alright ... now I understand that it was just pumping out money ..... I heard the same feedback from many patients in the clinic ..

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Elena Jun 24, 2019
The patient was treated of lung cancer stage 3

The clinics accepted us well, explained everything clearly, they passed the tests, all the rules, thank you very much !!! The clinic is at the highest level, the attending physician is a professional in his business, I already tell all my acquaintances about you that they work so quickly and clearly, with understanding, thank you Daria and Martha

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Anonymous Jun 24, 2019
The patient was treated of herniated disk

Everything is fine, they arranged a remote consultation to understand whether it is possible to perform an operation. This format is definitely needed, very useful. I can say that the patients would write down all their questions in advance, so that later they would not think that they should ask the doctor, you also need to think in advance what you want in principle from the consultation and then it will definitely be useful.

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Bektur Jun 24, 2019
The patient was treated of myopia

Hello, my name is Bektur, my brother was examined at the EMC clinic, the service was excellent, everyone was happy, special thanks to the Bookimed team for their excellent work, success!

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Natalya Jun 22, 2019
The patient was treated of prostate cancer

The clinic and its medical staff, command respect. Highly qualified doctors, nurses and attendants are very attentive to patients. Chambers are kept in perfect system, daily change of linen. No complaints. The hospital is surrounded by forest, clean air. The only drawback is that there are no air conditioners in the wards.

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