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There are the best clinics for breast augmentation (boob job) in Thailand. They are ranked on the basis of patients reviews and Bookimed Medical Doctors expert opinion. Thailand is one of the best places in the world to have a breast enlargement. It is connected to the high quality of services (the same level as in European clinics), vast doctors’ experience, and low prices (2-3 times lower than in Europe or Korea). The clinics in Thailand offer breast augmentation packages which include transfer, 1-day hospital stay, medications, pre- and postoperative examination, language assistance.

Bumrungrad International Hospital

Thailand, Bangkok

5 days for arrangement

Price on request
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The patient was treated of breast cancer

Bookimed medical coordinator’s work is excellent! I’m totally satisfied with healthcare and service quality. I've got lucky with my physician. Interpreter Larisa always helps and answers all the questions as well.

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The patient was consulted in this clinic

Thank you so much! Appointment scheduling was fast, everything was great)) The staff were polite and pleasant)

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The patient was treated of benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph)

three years passed since i have did disc operation Now Im happy and almost pain free coparing to my preoperation status. Thanks to my doctor and all staff

The patient was treated of breast cancer

I am very happy with the treatment I've so far received at Bumrungrad International Hospital. Beginning last year, I've made three separate visits for treatment at the hospital. The staff are extremely professional and efficient using very modern equipment. The cost of treatment is competitive. I would strongly recommend it to other people looking for medical care.

The patient was treated of lung cancer

I was extremely satisfied with everything that happened to me at this wonderful hospital. I don't think that there is a hospital in Asia which can compare with this one. From the doctors to the nurses and all other personell in this hospital ALL are competent, very polite and friendly - the only small criticism that I have is that unfortunately many don't speak English very well, that's a great shame.

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Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Thailand, Pattaya

5 days for arrangement

Price of breast augmentation

from $3300


Preecha Aesthetic Institute

Thailand, Bangkok

5 days for arrangement

Price on request

Features of breast augmentation in Thailand

The breasts can be enlarged to 2-3 sizes in most of the cases. If a woman wants bigger breast, this must be discussed individually with a doctor.

Breast augmentation in Thailand includes such stages: preoperative preparation, boob job process, and postoperative survey. In general, a patient needs to stay in Thailand for 10 days.

Preoperative preparation

A patient arrives at Thai clinic for breast augmentation and undergoes following preoperative tests (they are usually included in the breast enlargement price in Thailand) for 1 day:

  • consultation with a plastic surgeon
  • mammography and breast ultrasound
  • blood tests to detect/exclude HIV, hepatitis, syphilis
  • ECG
  • consultation with an anesthesiologist.

Some tests may be required to be done at home and results brought in Thailand. More information about preparation for breast enlargement in Thailand you may receive by submitting a request on Bookimed.

Boob job process

If a patient does not have any contraindications to the breast enlargement, a doctor develops surgery ractic. An operation is assigned the next day after a complete examination.

A plastic surgeon draws contours of the future incisions; then a patient is administered general anesthesia. The surgery takes 1-2 hours. Boob job process in Thailand includes following steps:

  • a doctor makes an incision preparing a “pocket” for the implant. It can be made in the base of the breast, areola or the armpit);
  • the implant is placed inside;
  • a doctor stitches the incision with a bioresorbable suture;
  • drainage is installed to withdraw blood and prevent hematoma.

Then the special gauze bandage is worn to support the breasts and avoid stretching for 2 weeks. A patient stays in the hospital for one day and then is dismissed.

Postoperative period

When a woman is discharged, she can stay at a hotel for approximately a week. In 6-7 days after surgery, it is necessary to visit a doctor for a final survey. A plastic surgeon estimates the results and removes stitches (if the suture is non-bioresorbable).

A patient returns home. In 3-4 weeks a woman can lead usual lifestyle. The swelling disappears in 10-14 days, the scars - in 4-12 months.

Side effects of breast enlargement

Boob job in Thailand is considered a simple surgery, but in rare cases, such side effects may be observed:

  • prolonged pain
  • changing of nipples sensitivity
  • temporary appearance of milk out the nipples.

Strictly follow doctor’s recommendations to avoid side effects.

Options of breast enlargement in Thailand

Breast augmentation in Thailand is performed applying high-quality safe implants.

There are two types of implants shape:

  • Anatomical breast implant. It has more natural shape and is suitable for slim girls with small breasts and narrow chest.
  • Round implant is suitable for women with the initial 2nd breast size or in case of sagging.

Anatomic vs. round implants

The implants can be filled with:

  • silicone
  • saline
  • gel.

Breast implant cost in Thailand depends on the filler type. Only a doctor can decide which type can be used in your particular case.

The access for placing of breast implants in Thailand is defined by a doctor and depends on body features. Implants can be placed through:

  • areola
  • armpit
  • underbust.

Places for incisions

The implant can be placed under:

  • muscle (if a woman plans to have children and breastfeed in the future)
  • mamma (if a woman does not plan to have children).

Place for implantation

How to choose a clinic for boob job in Thailand?

Before going for the breast enlargement in Thailand, a patient needs to choose the best clinic. Pay attention to such factors:

  • Narrow specialization. It is better to choose clinics which exceptionally specialize in plastic surgery. Such medical centers have a vast experience in performing breast augmentation surgery and achieve higher success rates than multidisciplinary hospitals.
  • Location of Thai clinics. It is better to make breast augmentation in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Breast augmentation price in Bangkok is higher than in other Thai towns, but a patient can be certain of safety of the procedure.
  • Breast enlargement cost. One shuold avoid clinics which suggest suspiciously cheap breast augmentation in Thailand. Experienced doctors do not perform boob jobs at very low prices.
  • Reviews on breast augmentation in Thailand. Experience of real patients will help to choose the best clinic and doctor for a boob job.

If you have any questions about boob job in Thailand, submit a request on Bookimed, and our Medical Doctor will contact you to provide all information.

Breast augmentation cost in Thailand

Patients often wonder how much are breast implants in Thailand. The breast augmentation cost in Thailand is 2-3 times lower than in Europe, Korea or Israel, but the quality is the same. Clinics in Thailand offer breast augmentation packages that include:

  • pre- and postoperative tests
  • boob job process
  • doctors’ fees
  • medications
  • transfer from/to a hospital
  • service of an interpreter.

The calculation of breast augmentation cost in Bangkok or other towns is made individually for each patient.

Boob job in Thailand with Bookimed

Submit a request on Bookimed website, and our Medical Doctor will choose the best clinic for breast augmentation in Thailand taking into account your requirements.

Bookimed cooperates with the top breast augmentation clinics in the world, so the Doctor can suggest options for boob job in other countries.

Bookimed services are free for patients.

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The patient was treated in this clinic

I’m good .. the doctor was more than great .. he explained everything for me .. He was very friendly as well .. And the good news is that he made me feel good about my condition and that I don’t have to worry .. I have a black disc .. he told me to continue my life and not to think about it if it’s not causing me any difficulties in life I would like to thank you Anna .. you’ve been so helpful and understanding through my journey Thank you Again

The patient was treated of atherosclerosis

Everything was okay. We were met, the professor made a reception with 4 assistants at once, examined the coronography, decided on what the shunting would do on the robot. This is 100% coincided with our desires. The doctor was very confident, rather strict with his subordinates. We liked it. The next day, all the tests, the examinations were done, at 4:00 pm he reviewed the tests, and said that the patient was ready for the operation, and scheduled for Monday, since they have one robot. And today, from 8–20, we were taken away for an operation, but still our mother did not wake up, it is now 6:00 pm. We saw the doctor at 15-30, said that the operation had ended successfully, the incision as planned was small, the lungs did not interfere, the shunt was normally set. It is now 4 hours for the patient under anesthesia to do intensive therapy. We look forward to hearing our mother, we are waiting. Thank you so much for having found us Dr. Mustafa Gudin, we hope that rehabilitation will be as successful as an operation!

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The patient was treated of diabetes type 2

Everything is good with us! What was planned, we did. Now at home. Thank you very much for organizing our trip! Everything went well, there was no difficulty

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The patient was treated of prostate cancer

The impression is normal and according to the level of service and in relation to the patients, everything was more or less on time and clearly.   The doctor who consulted everything was done professionally, attentively towards the patient.    Co-ordination from the side Bookimed completely satisfied.

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