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Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center is the first licensed top-class dental hospital in Turkey. Dentakademi Hospital is the 1st in Turkey and 6th of 126,000 evaluated dental clinics in the world according to GCR (Global Clinic Rating). Dentakademi specializes in the treatment of all dental specialties providing patients with the high-level service. The success rate for the advanced dental procedures is 97%.

Patient reviews on the hospital
6 patient reviews
Mar 18, 2019
The patient underwent dental implant

She underwent treatment and prosthetics at the Dentakademi Dentistry Center. The staff and doctors were very attentive, I was pleased. I want to thank the coordinator of Bookimed Elizabeth Dudnik, the coordinator of Dentakademi Abdulhak Eacheavi, as well as the translator Zalina. Thank you very much for the excellent organization, support and assistance provided.

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Dec 13, 2018
The patient underwent dental implantation

I was at the clinic. I liked the admission of patients. The doctors were very attentive. But one moment during the treatment when I did part of the implants I asked to see if my teeth were fine, somehow did not look attentively, as I explained because it wasn’t Although we said we would pay for viewing, treating and brushing teeth from stones, as I would put crowns on these teeth and I would not like to return to these teeth for treatment.

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Nov 7, 2018
The patient underwent dental implantation

Good time to all who read my review. My story is banal, damaged teeth by local dentists, as a result, improper treatment led to multiple cystic formations that partially destroyed the bone. The question arose not only about the implants, but also the restoration of the bone itself. I decided immediately that I would do everything in an international clinic. On the Internet, scoring in the search for the clinic, quickly found the right one and called. And then, like in a fairy tale: a pleasant male voice introduced himself to Ostap, proposing a number of clinics, my dear, I want to immediately tell him BIG THANKS, without his help I would not have met so quickly those doctors who saved not only my mouth, but also my soul )). When the consultation was appointed at the clinic, another sorceress named Varvara appeared in my life. The feeling of a soul mate arose from the first minutes of intercourse and has not left until now

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    Varvara Avotynsh Bookimed medical coordinator Nov 8, 2018

    Татьяна, большое спасибо за теплые слова!

    Ostap Bondarenko Bookimed medical coordinator Nov 13, 2018

    Татьяна, спасибо большое за такой подробный отзыв, он очень поможет будущим пациентам. Было приятно с вами работать!

Nov 7, 2018
The patient underwent dental implantation

Everything was on an excellent level. And the coordinator, Dmitry Belik, who took care of everything, and the doctors at the clinic. Thank you so much! I will recommend :))!

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    Dmitryi Belik Bookimed medical coordinator Nov 8, 2018

    Наталия, спасибо Вам за тёплые слова, очень рад, что нам удалось Вам помочь! Было очень приятно с Вами сотрудничать во время подбора клиники, выяснения всех нюансов у доктора и во время организации поездки. Будьте здоровы, всего Вам доброго!

Aug 4, 2018
The patient underwent installation of pfm crown

The crown fell on vacation. I had to think about going to the dentist. In addition, she knew about two teeth waiting for their seals. But I did not want to waste time on treatment. I contacted Bookimed. And within a couple of days their coordinator, Dmitry Belik, found a suitable option - the Dentakademi clinic in Istanbul. Dmitry contacted the clinic and agreed on everything. I have only to fly. The coordinator of the clinic arranged for me a free transfer from the airport and back, and this is neither more nor less, more than an hour by car. In the clinic, too, I was not left for a minute, everything was organized clearly and without unnecessary red tape - first an x-ray, a visit to the orthodontist, where I was slightly upset that the root should be removed. Then a visit to the surgeon, who told his opinion about the fate of the tooth - pull out the root, later the implant and the crown. Then go to the doctor who sealed all the holes. There were six of them! At the same time, in conclusion, he still cleaned the stones and bleached them. The whole procedure took an hour - ten, no more. Then a heart-wrenching visit back to the surgeon to leave the root of the tooth. As a result, it became clear that an infection was starting to develop, which was not visible either on the x-ray or in the visual examination. And that's all. Airport transfer. All the time in the clinic took about four hours. Very pleased with the qualifications of doctors. For some reason, when I think about their work, I remember a video on the Internet about the virtuoso cooks. So sharp, fast and precise movements were with my doctors. A huge thank you to them. Thanks to the coordinator of the clinic. I did not feel abandoned for a single minute and not wanted in a foreign country! And all this was not more expensive than if I had done all this in my clinic in Kiev. Even cheaper. I recommend. Both Bookimed and the clinic!

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About the hospital
location_on Turkey, Istanbul

Dentakademi Oral and Dental Center consists of 14 departments. Among them are 2 maxillofacial surgery departments, 1 operating room, units for general anesthesia and sedation. The Center is equipped with 3D computer-controlled tomography which helps doctors provide up to 100% accurate diagnostics. Specialists of the Center accept both children and adults.

Implantation Department

Dentists prescribe implants for treatment of single and multiple teeth missing. The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The success rate for the implantation at Dentakademi is 98%. Specialists use 3D volumetric, cephalometric and panoramic tomography to see all the peculiarities of patients’ teeth.

Prosthetics "All On Four" is an innovative dental restoration system. It allows placing four implants at a certain angle on absolutely toothless jaws with osteolysis. It fastens treatment, and a patient gets a quick result.

Implant Guide is a technique of navigation implantation. It involves performing a volumetric computed tomography to detect the structure of the patient's jaws. Then doctors make an appropriate surgical template to identify the precise implant placement points.

Maxillofacial Surgery Department

Dentists from Dentakademi specialize in the wisdom teeth extraction of any complexity. Before a surgery doctors make all the examination to take into account the peculiarities of tooth location. The operation is painless and comfortable - the surgery is performed under anesthesia. After an extraction, a patient can feel some discomfort for several days.

Orthodontics Department

Orthodontists of the Department provide aligning of teeth and correction of occlusion. Such methods for treatment, except traditional ones, are available:

  • Moving brackets. This type of braces can insert or remove whenever a patient wants. It allows avoiding discomfort: patients can eat and drink whatever they want.
  • Orthognathic surgery. In case, if a patient has a mismatch of maxillary or other defects, specialists perform this kind of operation, and then develop the treatment plan.
  • Ortho-Aligner. It is an alternative treatment applied without brackets for some orthodontic disorders. Special transparent borders are used for teeth aligning.

Bleaching Unit

Specialists provide bleaching (elimination of coloring problems) with the porous enamel layer. There are two main types of bleaching: power bleaching and home bleaching. The first one a doctor performs for an hour, the second one - is made at home and takes 5-7 days. The home bleaching requires wearing mouth guards with special gel inside. A patient wears them 4-8 hours per day.

Prosthesis Department

At Dentakademi specialists provide installation of metal- and zirconium-supported porcelain coating, full ceramic coatings, ceramic or composite lamina crowns. In some cases, dentists in Turkey install high-quality dental bridges. Doctors also install one-tooth or multiple implants.

Special Pediatric Department

This Unit was created specially for little patients. All the procedures are safe and painless. There are special play spaces. During a treatment a child can watch cartoons and forget that (s)he is at the hospital.

Anaesthesia Unit

Some procedures may require sedation or anesthesia to get rid of pain and uncomfortable feelings. Doctors of Dentakademi Center perform safe sedation or anesthesia with the previous testing to avoid side effects.

Dentakademi is equipped with HEPA-filters system to maintain a complete sterility. The use of this system prevents the infection of open wounds and the occurrence of complications after surgical interventions.

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