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Marcus  Hospital is considered a leading multispecialty medical center in Frankfurt.

About the hospital
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Marcus Hospital  is considered a leading medical center in Frankfurt, which specializes cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular system, nephrology, proctology, urology, gastroenterology, and obstetrics and gynecology.

Specialists of Marcus Нospital is very successfully combine the traditional, time-tested methods of treatment with the most modern methods diagnostics and treatment, known in the West in its practice.

New, advanced treatment of various internal diseases - minimally invasive surgery are widely used in Marcus  Hospital. This type of surgery eliminates the implementation of insections - all the manipulations are carried out through microscopic punctures. This surgery minimizes trauma undamaged tissues, as well as to avoid scars.

All equipment of Marcus Hospital is the latest equipment for diagnostics and treatment, including complex diseases such as cancer.
The specialists of hospital are used successfully radiologic diagnostics, which allows to minimize the harm caused to the body.The  laser therapy is widely used, for example in the  department of urology  « green laser » (Greenlight) use, which speeds up the healing process and significantly reduce postoperative complications.
Bookimed portal recommends  Marcus  Нospital in Frankfurt am Main, as a sampling institution, where a tradition of quality combined with the latest achievements of domestic and foreign experts.

The main directions of medical practice in  Markus Hospital:

  •    Oncology;
  •    Cardiovascular disease;
  •    Nephrology;
  •    Proctology;
  •    Urology;
  •    Gastroenterology;
  •    Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Wilhelm-Epstein-Straße 4, 60431 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Agaplesion Markus Clinic · Germany, Frankfurt am Main