Treatment of lymphoma in Switzerland

We`ve found 3 specialized clinics for private treatment of lymphoma
Using Bookimed, 237 patients received individual program for treatment of lymphoma
Clinique Générale Beaulieu - photo
78 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 78 patients received individual treatment program in Clinique Générale Beaulieu
Hirslanden Hospital  - photo
66 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 66 patients received individual treatment program in Hirslanden Hospital

Why Hirslanden is one of the leading centers in lymphoma treatment?

The medical team of the department participates on a regular basis in the clinical testings and national programs on hematologic oncologic pathology, in research and development world conferences and symposia.

Hirslanden is one of the leading European medical institutions in oncology and hematology. The most modern equipment, best medical infrastructure and years of exprience in medical services for patients suffering cancer and medical care provide the required assurance for the patients.

The Centers for Radiology in Zurich and Aarau are equipped by three best Trilogy linear accelerators of the world, i.e. the equipment to carry out all kinds of the remote radiotherapy of lymphoma of any localization, and the radiosurgical system Cyber Knife to carry out the radiotherapy of the difficult accessability tumors or the brachytherapy (intracavitary and interstitial irradiation).

What doctors are the experts in lymphoma treatment at Hirslanden?

The experts are Prof. Christof Renner and PD Dr. med. Boris Schleiffenbaum.

What is lymphoma diagnostic methods at Hirslanden?

The laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods are applied at Hirslanden for lymphoma diagnostics:

  • a thorough physical examination by oncologic hematologist to detect the clinical signs of lymphoma and to coordinate the further diagnostic program;
  • laboratory studies of peripheral blood, including analysis of functions of hemopoiesis and the immune system condition;
  • the increased lymph nodes biopsy followed by hystology to detect the Hodgkin's lymphoma specific Berezovsky-Rid-Sternberg cells;
  • bone marrow examination when suspected its infiltration by the cancer cells;
  • radiologic and visual visceral diagnostic methods to detect the disease signs, i.e. ultrasound, CT, PET-CT, MRI.

What is the lymphoma diagnostic cost at Hirslanden?

The total cost starts from 5,000 USD.

What are the treatment methods of lymphoma at Hirslanden?

Such methods of treatment are worth of noting as:

  • Сhemotherapy by anticancer medications provides amazing results both at the early stages and progressive stages of the disease;
  • The radiotherapy is often combined with the medications treatment;
  • The irradiation of the affected lymph nodes and the spleen can destroy the cancer cells or significantly inibit their growth;
  • The combination of chemotherapy and irradiation allows to achieve the full recovery or the sustained remission when the treatment was started in time.

The bone marrow transplant under Hodgkin's lymphoma is applied while the relapse disease. The high-dosage chemotherapy to stop the cancer growth is followed by the healthy stem cells transplant. The follow-up transplant allows to restore the regular hematopoiesis process. The immune therapy increases the immune system activity to fight the cancer.

Clinic Genolier - photo
35 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 35 patients received individual treatment program in Clinic Genolier
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