Jose Baselga

Jose Baselga

Hospital Quiron Barcelona
Spain , Barcelona

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Jose Baselga is a prominent European doctor who specializes in curation of breast oncology.

His development of molecular agents trastuzumab and lapatinib which are known on the market as Herceptin and Tykerb has become a new step in the common practice of oncotreatment.

He is a key figure in investigation of hormone sensitive breast oncology (research of anti-HER2 antibodies which led to increase of survival rate of HER2-positive patients for 90%).

The only European doctor who has membership in American Society of Oncology Research .

Author of over 500 scientific articles.

Chief physician in American top-hospital for oncological investigation and treatment - Memorial Sloan Kettering Center.

Co-founder and editor of Cancer Discovery - a foremost medical journal in oncology.

Jose Basela is a famous medical oncologist and scientist from Spain. He is widely recognized for his developments and innovations aimed to treat breast oncology. Dr. Baselga received a golden medal of the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute. Jose Basela was named as a President of the European Oncological Association in 2015-2016. He hold a position of the President and actively participated in the American Oncology Research Society. In 2014 Dr. Baselga joined members of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences (Pharmacy). Currently he is involved in a number of studies connected with breast oncology and new pharmaceuticals for its treatment.

Education: Dr. Baselga obtained medical degree in Barcelona Universitat Autonoma in 1982. He successfully completed his internship in Hospital of the University Vall d’Hebron.

Academic experience:

  • Dean of Harvard School of Medicine in Boston, USA.
  • Chief physician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Center for Oncology
  • Associate professor in MGH Oncological Center, Massachusetts
  • Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at Vall d’Hebron University
  • Professor of Medicine in the Barcelona Universitat Autonoma
  • Head of the Center for Breast Oncology in Barcelona
  • Participant of Oncological Society of the Ludwig University.

Qualification upgrade training:

  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Center for Oncology
  • Harvard School of Medicine
  • Health Science Center at the New-York State University
  • Hospital of Vall d’Hebron University

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