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Feb 25, 2019
The patient was treated of autism

It was not what we expected. We wanted to either confirm or deny the diagnosis. In the end, we did not get anything. Due to age, while the coordinating physician could have warned that in Korea such diagnoses are made from two years, we could postpone the trip. The clinic did not like the fact that she was not such a nursery. Severance would have been better, but they refused us, apparently because of a small age. Therefore, we went to Kvims, nevertheless, it turned out to be not quite the right direction, that is, pediatrics is not his direction.

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How much does developmental delay treatment cost ?

Doctors calculate the cost of developmental delay treatment individually for each patient. The price depends on the disease type, complications (if any), hospital's reputation, and doctor's experience. You may get the final developmental delay treatment cost only after complete diagnostics and consultation with a doctor.

6 clinics are represented in the ranking. According to their data, the approximate developmental delay treatment cost is:

  • The average cost of the consultation is $70. The lowest price is $50 and the highest — $80.
The patient was treated of developmental delay inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

the clinic is good, help.
everything was at the level taken to the clinic, accompanied when they met with the doctor.

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Tamara Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of pancreatic cancer

Excellent care. It gave my mom the strength and positive attitude to fight cancer.

Nadeghda Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of strabismus

There was a slight misunderstanding in the treatment process; after a month, there was no apparatus for assessing visual acuity. At the consultation, we managed to ask all the questions we were interested in, but the consultation went very quickly, and in general we are satisfied.

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Larisa Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of headache

I really liked the Antalya Memorial Clinic. Starting from the translator, everyone is attentive and friendly. I completely trust the doctors of the clinic, because everything is done for people.

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Anonymous Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of west syndrome

Good day. Thanks to Dmitry, because we closed our question through a Skype conference. Initially, we only needed a doctor’s consultation. As a result, we spoke precisely with the professor that we needed. And he answered all our questions.

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