Thyroidectomy clinics in United Arab Emirates

2 clinics


How much does thyroidectomy cost in United Arab Emirates?

Doctors calculate the cost of the thyroidectomy individually for each patient. The price may depend on the hospital's reputation and doctor's experience. You may get the final thyroidectomy cost in United Arab Emirates only after the consultation with a doctor.

2 clinics are represented in the ranking. According to their data, the approximate thyroidectomy cost is:

  • The average cost in United Arab Emirates is $4350. The lowest price is $3800 and the highest — $4900.

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Merita Aug 23, 2019
The patient was treated of larynx cancer

Got a discount in the clinic and we have translator but in general we don't like it, we were expected that people speak English there but they don't.

Tamara Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of pancreatic cancer

Excellent care. It gave my mom the strength and positive attitude to fight cancer.