Specializes on the radiation therapy of prostate cancer

Skilled in stereotactic radiosurgery

More than 100 scientific publications

Obtains several international awards: from Swiss Radiobiology Community and Varian Company

International practice: Great Britain, the United States, Switzerland

A member of European Organization for Nuclear Research and Scientific Association of Swiss Radiation Community

Professor Raimon Miralbell is a world-class expert in the field of remote and local radiation of malignant tumors of various localizations, especially prostate cancer.

His professional interests include the most modern methods of radiology and stereotactic radiosurgery, such as Gamma Knife; cyber-knife; X-knife; proton therapy; brachytherapy; SIRT (selective internal radiation therapy); IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy).

Besides radiology professor is engaged in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Currently, he is a chief of the radiation oncology department in Teknon Medical Center and in Geneva University Hospital at the same time.

Education: Raimon Miralbell received his medical knowledge at the Free University of Barcelona and the Geneva University Hospital. From 1983 to 1985 he studied bone marrow transplantation in leading medical institutions.

Academic experience: During several years Prof. Miralbell was engaged in scientific research in the field of radiology in USA. He is a contributor of European Scientific Institute. Currently he holds the degree of Professor in Geneva University. His research interests comprise the following questions:

  • Tracing biochemical recurrence after radical surgery or radiotherapy.
  • Prognostic significance of hypoxia markers.
  • The study of quality of life in unstable patients with androgen deprivation.
  • Biological modeling of radiation therapy in post-radiation local failures.

Improving of practical qualification: Dr. Miralbell treats oncological pathologies radiological methods for over 35 years. He have deepened his mastery at several prosperous medical entities:

  • Royal Marsden Hospital in UK – studied bone marrow transplantation;
  • City of Hope Hospital in the United States – gained experience on hematopoietic cell transplantation;
  • Geneva Medical School.

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