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Daniel Briscoe
Medical Doctor. Experience: 25 years
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Daniel Briscoe

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  • Position: Medical Doctor
  • Experience: 25 years

Dr. Daniel Briscoe is one of the most famous ophthalmic surgeons in Israel with more than 25 years of clinical experience. The ophthalmologist, plastic surgeon, specialist in oncological surgery of the eye. Assuta, Medical Center Emek Medical Center in Afule.

Daniel Briscoe -Head department reconstructive plastic orbit Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv.

He specializes in conducting these types of operations:

  •  eyelid surgery and orbit (oculoplastics);
  •  Cancer Surgery orbit (removal of tumors of eyelids and reconstruction);
  •  lacrimal tract surgery;
  •  correction of fractures and eye socket reconstruction.

Academic experience:

  • 2008 - Visiting Professor at the University of Sao Paulo, the development of new methods of operations in cooperation with Medical School of Ribierao Preto;
  • The founder and head of the department Oculoplastic Surgery at the medical center "Meir", Israel;
  • Supervisor of theses;
  • Teaches students, medical interns and medical professionals from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Greece and Turkey;
  • The author and editor of numerous scientific publications, reports and presentations;
  •  Organizer and member of the Israeli and international conferences in the field of eyelid surgery, orbit and lacrimal passages.

Education and Clinical Experience:

  •  Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland;
  •  Soroka Medical Center, Beer Sheba, Israel - passed residency in ophthalmology and ultrasonic diagnostics.
  •  Wilmer Clinic at University. John Hopkins (USA) - passed residency in ophthalmology and ultrasound diagnostics.
  •  Royal Ophthalmic Hospital (Manchester, England) - studied Oculoplastic Surgery, eyelid surgery, lacrimal system and orbit, as well as the removal of cataracts.
  •  University of Baltimore (Maryland, USA) - studied endoscopic eye surgery.

Membership in organizations:

  •  Israel Oculoplastic Society;
  •  European Ocular Oncology Group;
  •  Israel Ophthalmology Society;
  •  Israel Medical Association;
  •  Irish College of Ophthalmologists (Past);
  •  European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER);
  •  Israel Society for Eye and Vision Research;
  •  International Society of Ocular Oncology.

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