Medical tourism in Thailand


Medical tourism is traveling abroad to receive treatments. People over the world look for the best offers that combine high-quality healthcare services, doctors’ experience, and the most affordable prices.

Medical tourism in Thailand 2017

Why do people choose medical tourism in Thailand?

There are 6 reasons to visit Thailand for diagnostics and treatment:

  1. Cost

  2. Low costs in Thailand

    Average savings for each patient is up to 50-75%. It’s cheaper than in European countries, the US, Australia.

    Pay attention, that the quality of the procedures in these countries is at the same high level.

    What factors do affect the cost of medical treatment in Thailand?

    • economic development of Thailand

    Thailand is one of the developing countries. The level of economic growth is lower than in the states with the advanced economies. The median wage in Thailand is about $400.

    • medical tourism packages

    Most of the medical facilities offer packages that include tests and therapy. Sometimes they also contain spa procedures and training (massage, yoga, acupuncture, sunbathes, and others). Medical tour packages cost cheaper than the separate therapies.

  3. Healthcare standards

  4. Medical accreditations in Thailand

    A lot of Thai medical facilities have the international accreditations, especially the American ones. Most of the centers in Thailand providing medical tourism services follow the US medical standards.

    42 medical facilities in Thailand have received JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation for the innovative equipment, specialists qualification, and patients’ safety.

    Specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and latest therapeutic methods currently available in the countries with the advanced economy and healthcare system.

  5. Waiting time

  6. Waiting lists in Thai hospitals

    Thai medical centers do not have long waiting lists for patients. So the patients have easier and quicker acess to the treatment in Thai hospitals than European, American or Australian clinics. The main reason for this phenomenon is a significant number of medical facilities in Thailand, which increases dramatically.

  7. Excellent hospitality

  8. 5-star medical centers in Thailand

    Almost all clinics in Thailand combine medical facility and 5-star resort. Effective treatment and luxury vacation attract thousands of international patients.

  9. Doctors’ experience

  10. Top doctors in Thailand

    According to the Thai government declaration, the doctors, surgeons, and nurses have to undergo the training in the USA or Australia.

    Over 500 Thai doctors are American Board Certified. Specialists in Thailand cooperate with their colleagues from the world’s best medical institutions. A lot of Thai experts contribute to medicine development and conduct research.

  11. Specialized hospital services

  12. Specialized hospitals in Thailand

    There are a lot of healthcare facilities providing specific medical services. Specialized medical centers reduce the cost of medical tourism services in comparison with general hospitals.

    The fact of specialized hospitals preference in Thailand is significant to know for those patients whose diagnosis is unknown.

Healthcare in Thailand for tourists

Plastic surgery

In Thailand medical tourism of plastic surgery is the leading specialty by the number of cosmetic surgeries performed. Thai hospitals provide package tours for cosmetic procedures. The tours include the diagnostics, operation, and recovery period on the beach. Thai doctors are the pioneers in carrying out sex change operations.

Most of Thai plastic surgeons have a great experience in performing a wide range of cosmetic operations. 300-500 plastic procedures carry out each surgeon every year due to medical tourism in Thailand statistics.

Cosmetic medical tourism in Thailand


The 2nd main specialty of medical tourism in Thailand is dental one. The main reason for choosing dental medical tourism in Thailand is the low costs for the procedures. Australians and Europeans usually select Thai dental medical tourism due to the high quality of services and low prices. Dental implantation is the most popular procedure performed in Thai clinics.

Dentistry market in Thailand increases up to 20% annually. This phenomenon makes Thai medical tourism the most available and famous in the world. Over 1,000 dental clinics offer the access to the full range of procedures.

Single tooth implant cost in different countries:

Dental medical tourism in Thailand


Orthopedics and traumatology take the 3rd place in the healthcare system in Thailand for medical tourists. This specialty develops dramatically due to the road traffic crashes in Thailand. Thai orthopedists are professional and highly experienced because they carry out therapy for thousands of patients with traumas and injuries every day.

About 2,000 orthopedic surgeons provide an effective treatment of locomotor system disorders. 12 Thai institutions have certification for orthopedic training.

Orthopedic medical tourism in Thailand statistics according to NCBI (The National Center for Biotechnology Information):

Orthopedic medical tourism in Thailand

HIV and AIDS treatment

Thailand is the leading country in Asia and the Pacific Region with the highest prevalence of HIV infected persons. It is 9% of total HIV population of these regions. Due to this fact, Thai specialists develop new test, counseling, prevention and treatment programmes.

Medical tourism in Thailand: HIV/AIDS

Thai specialists have contributed to development PMTCT (preventing mother to child transmission) program. Thailand is the 1st country in Asia and Pacific Region to decrease mother to child transmission.

95% is the success rate of PMTCT

Delivery services

Almost all hospitals in Thailand offer childbirth packages that cover the delivery services procedures. But if a woman faces some complications before or after the delivery, the price for the procedure may increase.

Future mothers choose Thai hospitals because of the high-quality services, doctors’ experience, and climate of the country. Healthcare services in Thailand combine with the luxury resort. The mild weather, exotic food, and comfortable wards turn the staying in a clinic into the vacation.

Some clinics may join you to some package without your consent. So after the arrival to the medical facility, ask doctors about packages in their hospital.

Except for the delivery procedure, the medical tour package in Thailand usually includes extra nursing care for mom and baby, emergency care for a child, and some drugs

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Bumrungrad Hospital

Medical vacations in Thailand

Thailand is a country of the mild climate and exotic nature that make staying in the country particularly enjoyable. Taking into account these advantages, the Thais have developed the new type of medical tourism.

Medical tourism in Thailand is not only a high-quality treatment but also a rest at the first-class resorts. Thai medical facilities look like 5-star hotels with beautiful beaches, unique Thai cuisine, and relaxing services. Massage, yoga, acupuncture, spa procedures are available at any hospital.

Medical vacations in Thailand help patients not only to relax after the treatment but also to shorten the recovery period.

Thailand medical tourism hospitals

Bumrungrad International Hospital

Medical tourism in Thailand: Bumrungrad Hospital

Bumrungrad Hospital consists of 30 specialty centers. The Medical Center has JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation that proves the high-quality standards of healthcare services and patients’ safety. Bumrungrad Hospital is the 1st Asian medical facility to receive JCI certification.

Bumrungrad specialists offer the advanced medical services at reasonable prices. The treatment is 50-70% lower in comparison with US hospitals.

Over 1.1 million patients undergo treatment in the Hospital. 520,000 of all patients are the medical tourists from 190 different countries.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Medical tourism in Thailand: Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Pattaya Hospital is one of top 10 best medical services according to Tourism Authority of Thailand. 40% of all medical tourists to Thailand choose this medical facility for diagnostics and treatment.

The clinic works under JCI (Joint Commission International) standards that guarantee the high-quality services and patients’ safety.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is the leader in Thailand to carry out plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. The Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center is the highly commended international plastic surgery center according to International Medical Tourism magazine.

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDS)

Medical tourism in Thailand: BIDSBIDS specializes in the dental care services. It is one of the largest dental clinics in Thailand. Over 20,000 international patients undergo dental procedures in the Hospital annually.

The Center has accreditation of JCI (Joint Commission International) that controls the quality of medical services and doctors’ experience.

70 certified dentists provide treatment for patients from 43 countries.

Medical tourism in Thailand cost


the USA



Heart valve replacement




Breast implants




Hip replacement




Tummy tuck




The procedures costs given in the table are approximate. You may consult Bookimed medical doctor to find out exact price for the procedure you’re interested in.

Guideline for medical tourism in Thailand

  1. Choose a right hospital

  2. Bookimed medical doctors will give you additional information about the Thai hospitals and help you to choose the best one. To get the Bookimed consultation, you should submit a request.

  3. Send medical records to Bookimed medical doctor

  4. Only after learning your records, a medical doctor will consult you about the best hospital, doctor, and treatment option in your case.

  5. Medical visa

  6. You have to get the medical visa to undergo treatment in Thailand. There are 3 types of visas:

    • 30 days tourist visa
    • 3-month tourist visa
    • 9-month tourist visa

    The longevity of your stay in the country depends on your reasons for visiting.

  7. Treatment

  8. Bookimed medical doctor will consult and support you during the treatment process and after your arrival at home.

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