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Teknon Medical Center
Excellent 9
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 10
Popularity of the clinic 8
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Teknon Medical Center

226 bookings
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Medical Center Teknon refers to the Quiron holding, which ranks the first in Spain and third in Europe in terms of indicators such as the number of clinics, the percentage of patients’ recovery, experience and qualification of doctors, as well as the level of service and availability of cutting-edge medical equipment. Teknon Medical Center (MC) provides medical services in many specialties, simultaneously working in practical and theoretical areas. The staff of Medical Сenter Teknon consists of over 2,000 employees, which provide a comfortable staying for every patient in the clinic, beginning with consultations and ending with the rehabilitation period. Patients Support Center Bookimed will provide you with a full range of necessary medical services of Teknon Hospital.

Teknon Clinic in figures:

  • 24,000 operations were carried out since the foundation of the clinic;
  • 20 operating rooms;
  • 230 individual chambers;
  • 19 luxury chambers;
  • 2200 parturitions;
  • 67,000 hospitalizations;
  • 150,000 diagnostic researches;
  • 2,000 employees;
  • 400 doctors.

Profiling areas:

About the Teknon Medical Center

MC Teknon is one of the Spanish Quiron Medical Holding clinics. Teknon Medical Center is located in Barcelona. The clinic accepts patients since 1994.

Key departments and leading doctors:

Oncology Institute of Teknon

Prof. Raimon Miralbell – the leading European oncologist, the headmaster of Radiooncology Department of Oncology Institute of Teknon.

Urologic oncology

Dr. Antonio Alkaraz – the owner of Marberger award in the field of minimally-invasive Urology.

Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr. Paloma – internationally recognized specialist in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Palasina – team leader of the specialists, who successfully completed operation of the face transplant, including the transplantation of all soft and hard tissues as well as reconstructive vascular microsurgery.

Regenerative Therapy

Doctor Luis Orozco Del Clos - a pioneer in the development and implementation of stem cells in practical medicine, they were grown by GMP procedures in cell therapy laboratories.

Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery

Epilepsy Russi Institute

Dr. Bartolomé Oliver - a leading neurosurgeon, who is widely known throughout the world. He is the president of Catalonia Neurosurgeons Community.

Dr. Antonio Russi – an outstanding specialist in neurology and clinical neurophysiology. Highly-skilled and experienced epileptologist, he also participates in researching for new anticolvulsants.

Common and Abdominal Surgery

Dr. Garcia Valdecasas - the first surgeon in Spain, who has transplanted liver from a living patient.

List of diagnostic and therapeutic investigations at the Teknon Center is very diverse, which allows you to take the full range of medical services starting from consultation and diagnostics and ending with the treatment and rehabilitation period, without leaving the clinic. This arrangement of the treatment process enables to provide well-qualified, and most importantly - fast medical assistance at all phases of the disease. All procedures and manipulations are carried out as soon as possible.

Features of the Teknon Medical Center:


Barcelona, Spain

Date of founding


Number of staff

More than 2,000, among which 400 doctors

Own laboratory


Research Institutes

(oncology, cardiology)


Rehabilitation services


Price policy



General wards


ICU (intensive care units)

Rehabilitation wards

Distance from the airport

Airport El Prat - 14 km


Transport and resuscitation vehicles

Medical and other staff:

The MC Teknon engages more than 2,000 employees, among which - qualified professionals with a world-famous reputation. The total number of doctors in the clinic is more than 400.

Doctors of Teknon clinic are known for their achievements in the field of oncology, plastic surgery, neurology and neurosurgery. In addition, research centers that enter the medical center structure elaborate the latest diagnostics and treatment of diseases, that subsequently successfully are being implemented on the basis of Teknon and around the world.

Reviews of patients who received care in the Teknon clinic once again justifies the high level of physicians in particular, and all staff in general.

Modern technological basis of clinical and research centers

Сlinical and research centers which are focused on the basis of the Teknon Medical Centre, are provided with the latest technology respectively. Advanced clinical and laboratory equipment enables a continuous process of care at all stages of the disease, as well as its improvement.

Among other diagnostic investigations the following procedures can be performed on the basis of the Teknon Medical Center:

The Teknon Clinic uses only the most relevant and effective treatment protocols, including developed on the basis of Teknon research centers.

In every branch of medicine Teknon Clinic specialists use only progressive and effective methods of diagnostics and treatment. Here are just a few examples:



Cardiac stress-tests

Holter ECG monitoring

Invasive and non-invasive coronography

Vascular surgery

Endovascular surgery

Aortic prosthesis



Robotic surgery

Radiation therapy IGRT*, IMRT**, SBRT***

Innovative chemotherapy

Neurology and Neurosurgery

Stereotactic robotic options

* IGRT - radiotherapy under visual control

** IMRT - a method which allows to select the most accurate dose of the therapeutic radiation

*** SBRT - single exposure of high radiation dose to the pathologic focus

How much does treatment in the Teknon Clinic cost?

Cost of services in the Teknon Medical Center can rightly be considered as one of the most reasonable among competitors.

Among the advantages of the Teknon Clinic should be noted:

Ensuring all patients with high level of care and service

In contempt of where the patient has arrived from, he will be provided with the highest level of medical care. The clinic staff will track that all stages of the treatment have been carried out on time and in full. And the presence of research centers on the basis of the medical center allows to continuously improve the quality of services. At any stage of therapy in Teknon MC patient can specify any questions (s)he is interested in with regards to the diagnostics, treatment, as well as its cost.

Clinic Directory strictly monitors the quality of the provided services, so the effectiveness of treatment and patient’s comfort are always at a high level. The clinic is staffed by English-speaking coordinators, who will accompany the patients during all consultations and procedures, ensuring a comfortable staying in the medical center.

You may get additional personalized information about arranging consultations, diagnostics or treatment course at Manipal Hospital through appealing to International Patients Support Center Bookimed.

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Location of the clinic on the map (Spain, Barcelona)

Teknon Medical Center

0 reviews
Excellent 9
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 10
Popularity of the clinic 8
Teknon Medical Center (Medico Centro Teknon) is one of the leading private clinics in the Spanish public health service, due to the high quality of its medical personnel and care treatment, which combines individual attention with the full support of the latest technologies in public health area. The mission of Teknon Hospital is to provide the best medical services to our patients, with the combine of a high care level and sincere human relation. A unique surgical cosmetic treatment of facial basal cell carcinoma and other visible skin areas is conducted here with the Mohs method.
226 patients have already received the cost of the treatment and the program
Using Bookimed, 226 patients received individual treatment program in Teknon Medical Center
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Teknon Medical Center
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  • Teknon Medical Center

  • Teknon Medical Center

  • Teknon Medical Center

  • Teknon Medical Center

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Reviews of the clinic"s patients


Antonio Russi


Experience: 35 years
Charlotte Garcia - Valdes Casas
Experience: 11 years
Isabel Rubio
Experience: 25 years
Javier Maiz
Experience: 30 years
Jon Karles Galseran
Experience: 30 years
Jose Gonzalbez
Experience: 24 years
Jose Tabernero
Experience: 19 years
Rafael Blesa
Experience: 40 years
Raimon Miralbell

Oncologist, radiologist

Experience: 35 years
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