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Manipal Hospitals
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Manipal Hospitals

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About Hospitals:

Prosperous company Manipal Group was founded in 1953 by Dr. Pai - a famous physician, educator, banker and philanthropist. It was he who in 1955 organized the first in India Medical College (Kasturba Medical College). Multidisciplinary Manipal Hospital is located in Bangalore and offers a full range of services in 60 different directions. The hospital is equipped with the most modern facilities and meets all international standards. It was founded in 1991 and it is one of the top 10 general hospitals in India.
If you want to be treated in this modern medical center, you can make request on our website. The staff will take care of all organizational issues.

Specialized areas of network Manipal Hospitals:

Manipal Hospital (Bangalore) features:


Bangalore, India

Date of foundation


Number of beds for patients

inpatient capacity is around 600 beds

an intensive care unit

Number of staff

2000 doctors and 6000 nurses in the network of clinics

JCI Accreitation


Availability of our ownlab


Rehabilitation services


Prices of services


Availability of the Russian-speaking staff



Luxury chamber, single, double chambers
Chamber of rehabilitation centers,
accommodation in hotels

Visa support


The price of air flight

Moscow -Bangalore from $ 250;
Kiev - Bangalore from $ 300;
Astana - Bangalore from $ 320.

Distance from the airport

30 km from the city of Bangalore

Transfer organization


The doctors and medical staff

Medical personnal of Manipal Hospitals includes 2000 physicians and 6000 nurses, paramedics and support staff.
The best doctors, specialists from various fields of medicine with many years of experience employ in the hospital.
Patients who were examined or treated in Manipal Hospitals confirm the qualification of doctors. Among the world-famous doctors of Manipal Hospital:

  1. Dr. Amit Rauthan - oncology;
  2. Dr. Ajanta Chakravarty - ophthalmology, has extensive experience in operations with more than 4,000 laser treatments.
  3. Dr. Anatheswar Y.N- plastic surgery.
  4. Dr. Anuradha Vinod - specialty pediatrics.

Modern technological base of clinic

Manipal Hospital are equipped with the latest medical technologies, apply the latest developments of Western firms, as well as standardization of medical treatment protocols.

How much money does the treatment of Manipal Hospitals cost for foreign patients?

India is one of the countries with the most rapidly developing medical tourism. In recent years the health care market of the country shows the annual increase on average by 30%. Treatment in India is increasingly in demand, not only the residents of the neighboring countries, and the CIS countries, especially Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
Indian private clinics provide medical services of world standards. Prices in medical centers of India are the lowest among the providers of medical services, especially if you compare them with the prices of services in the clinics in the US, UK and Germany.

Today, Manipal Hospital has become one of the leading clinics for international patients. The atmosphere here is very light and quiet, thanks to the excellent staff that will take care of all your needs, starting with a meeting at the airport, stay at a resort or hotel, and to the return to your home safe and sound.

High quality service for all patients

Manipal Hospital is the leading hospital in Bangalore, which is popular among foreigners. Treatment of Manipal Hospital has a number of advantages as: at a relatively low cost of medical care in the country clinic doctors have a reputation for excellent specialists, most of them trained and best practice in medical schools and clinics around the world.
For patients with the Chamber offers comfortable facilities, and there is a possibility of accommodation in nearby hotels with a doctor's permission.
There operates a service center of foreign patients, that offers a full range of services for people from abroad:

Location of the clinic on the map (India, Bengaluru)

Manipal Hospitals

Manipal Hospitals - Clinical Unit of private Indian company Manipal Education & Medical Group (MEMG), one of the leading healthcare centers in India with more than fifty years of experience in the field of medical care. Today, Manipal Hospitals is the third largest health care provider in India, they offer comprehensive medical care not only in medical but also as a preventive measure. Existing Manipal Group includes a network of 15 hospitals and 3 clinics, located in six states of the country, as well as in Nigeria and Malaysia. The network of Manipal Hospitals annually serves about two million patients from India and abroad.
1135 patients have already received the cost of the treatment and the program
Using Bookimed, 1135 patients received individual treatment program in Manipal Hospitals
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Manipal Hospitals
  • Manipal Hospitals

  • Manipal Hospitals

  • Manipal Hospitals

  • Manipal Hospitals

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Infectious diseases
Heart Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Plastic Surgery
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  • Kiev - Delhi
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  • Kiev - Kolkata
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  • Kiev - Mumbai
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  • Moscow - Delhi
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  • Moscow - Kolkata
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  • Saint Petersburg - Kolkata
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