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The patient was treated of leukemia inAnadolu Medical Center

I liked the service very much, a completely different level compared to medicine in Ukraine. The professor immediately called for trust, transfer, settlement, everything was very clear and fast. The only thing was a hitch immediately upon arrival, the attendant was not immediately found, but they turned to the airport staff and they were happy to help to contact. He was at the airport, just a little apart. The rest of the stay was very comfortable and did not require anything from our side. Everyone was accompanied by companions, translators and medical staff.

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    Kateryna Potapova Bookimed medical coordinator May 17, 2019

    Сергей, рады, что медицинская составляющая полностью соответствовала ожиданиям. Скажите, может есть рекомендации от Вас где бы лучше встречающая сторона могла ждать пациентов в аэропорту? Чтобы не было заминок по прилету.

The patient was treated of ulcerative colitis inMemorial Şişli Hospital

My Son was assisted by Dr Birol Baysal after 6 months of Inflammatory bowel disease he is the best expert ever

The patient was diagnosed inAnadolu Medical Center

in general everything was good the stuff very helpful and freindly the doctors are very qualified and kind , many negative points as my appointment has been delayed till 11h20 we had to wait too much time after night trip then the check up didn't go as planned, I was supposed to see the diabetologist first and then he decides if I need to see the neurologist or not but the guy who assisted me said that we will check with the neurologist first because Dr turmen is not available yet !!! honestly I payed money that it was not planned and prices are quiet expensive!! then I told the coordinator of the hospital that I do speak 4 languages I don't need a translator eventhough he assisted me !!! in general it's very good hospital with great service for very serious cases or diseas ..thank you so much

The patient was treated of osteoma inLIV Hospital

The clinic is simply super Operated about Rhinoplasty by Professor Ismet Aslan is very attentive to the pros of their work. The coordinator was Nazrin and Farida, who are also responsible, always in touch, girls are great. Thanks to the Bookimed website to Anton that everything was organized so quickly. I am planning to arrive at Chekap Inshaolloh too.

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    Anton Chebotarenko Bookimed medical coordinator May 10, 2019

    Гульфура, спасибо за теплые слова! Рад, что Вам все понравилось. Мы всегда остаемся на связи ;)

The patient was treated of diabetes type 2 inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

Good day!!! The fee was not high, the tests were expensive, the doctor’s attention was normal, he didn’t say anything new about the results, added another pill and corrected, said the tests were good, except for the sugar index.

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The patient was treated of prostate cancer inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

Мі біли in the clinic Medipol in May 2019 on examination. The level of medical care of the Clinic, the medical staff, we really liked, we are satisfied. In the hotel, where mі lived, a very functional room, everything you need, well fed. Bіli problems with bed linen: in any way we could not get a full set. The transfer is organized remarkably, the only thing is that upon arrival it is difficult to expect more people, especially a sick person. Bookimed a separate THANKS for the information and the provision of travel support services. Accompanying Bilo at the highest level. After all, they felt the attention and support, because they were calm. The only thing that I wanted to pay attention. The trip was prepared for several months, I took air tickets, and I found out that I needed to prepay on the eve of the flight. In addition, mi bіli two days in total. And they came to the oncologist between the patients, for some reason they did not register. And the investigation, for which mi went, we were appointed on the day of departure, literally in front of the plane. We do not know where the failure occurred. But, on the whole, we are satisfied with the result of mi and plan to go there again.
P.S. I want to mention the quality of the translation of Babacan. Brilliantly!

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The patient was treated of meniscus tear inSan Raffaele Hospital

Drs seemed very good. The consultation was calm and professional but I was told I would have results within 2 working days. When I didn’t receive any information I returned to the hospital and was told I would be emailed within 24 hours. When that didn’t happen I had to come in again and was hugely surprised by a very rude and impatient receptionist who was dismissive and seemed to want to blame me somehow. She made some very unprofessional comments about me to colleagues in front of other patients when she thought I couldn’t hear. Other staff did their best to help afterwards but considering the money spent and my experience I would not recommend this place at all.

The patient was treated of hiv inSourasky Medical Center

Good day! During this treatment, I was only twice in this medical center, both times in the laboratory for blood donation, I waited 1 hour for the first time, 30 minutes for the second time, despite the fact that there was no visitor except me. All other actions, including the consultation of the doctor, were not in this clinic, so it is difficult for me, based on the foregoing, to make a different assessment. Also about the doctor. I was given the wrong doctor who was originally declared. I do not know anything about the current attending physician, please provide the data whenever possible. The doctor's conclusion, by the way, was also not carried out on Ichilov’s form — on a regular sheet and contains not the appointments that were made as a result, the doctor’s explanation of the side effects of the drugs (but I was going there, because your specialist said medicine without side effects and this was the key for me), appointed in the end and containing quite strong side effects.

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    Nastassia Piklas Representative of Sourasky Medical Center May 13, 2019

    Добрый день, Елена. Благодарим вас за ваш отзыв. Вы обратились за помощью 16 апреля. 18 апреля вы подтвердили ваш приезд и 21 апреля уже были в медицинском центре. Вам помогли с бронирование отеля, без предоплаты. Встретили в аэропорту и отвезли в отель. Ввиду того, что это была неделя Пэсаха, медицинский центр работал в сокращенном режиме и лаборатория выполняющая необходимые вам исследования не работала. Доктор, курирующая ваше лечение, открыла лабораторию исключительно для вас и дала распоряжение лаборантам провести исследования в срочном режиме. В воскресенье вы сдали анализы и прошли КТ организма в понедельник были готовы все исследования и вас приняла врач.Вы не ожидали сдачи анализов крови. Вы ожидали процесс оформления вас и открытия лаборатории исключительно для вас. Так же, вам было разъяснены причины, по которым врач заменил одну схему, с минимальными побочными действиями, на другую. Первый препарат, мог вызвать у вас резистентность с антибиотиками, которые вам придется принимать довольно длительный срок. Но вы сможете к ней вернуться, после окончания курса приема антибиотиков. Вам так же было разъяснено, что большая часть недомогания, которое вы испытываете, связана не с препаратами, а с сопутствующим заболеванием, которое было вызвано основным. С момента вашего обращения, вы каждый день остаетесь на связи с координатором центра, который незамедлительно направляет все ваши сообщения врачу и дает вам ее рекомендации. Вы всегда имеете возможность воспользоваться мнением другого специалиста, для получения его рекомендаций. Но они останутся неизменными на протяжении срока приема антибактериальной терапии. Желаем Вам как можно скорее восстановиться. Здоровья Вам и Вашим близким.

The patient underwent breast implant replacement inAnadolu Medical Center

Thank you, everything was ok to Anadolu.
I am waiting for a cost of a surgery and by the end of this year I will chose Anadolu for this intervention. Thank you.

The patient underwent rhinoplasty inFORME Clinic

Overall experience was good, nice staff, very good after care.
They could do with a renovation of their facilities. I would have liked to have spoken to someone before booking the operation, instead I was just exhanging emails with the receptionist. No much info on the procedure when I arrived as well,you kind of have to just trust that they will do what's needed,which I can't complain, they did a good job


    Jana Dostalova Representative of FORME Clinic May 13, 2019

    Dear Bruna, thank you for your feedback. Hope you are doing well and that the process of healing going well. Unfortunately, this is one of the problems of medical tourism, the exact treatment is explained and recommended during the personal consultation. But we tried to write all the information and recommendation through the email. Thank you for understanding and wish you all the best. Kind regards, Jana

The patient underwent breast reduction inEstetik International Clinic

I was booked for a breast reduction Surgery From the moment I arrived to the time I checked out it was 100 percent professional. The staff are caring, the service is excellent .

The Doctor! WOW is all I can say . DR. Cenk Sen was professional and informative. He made me feel comfortable in his magical hands. It has only being a week post OP and I FEEL WONDERFUL.

Feel free to provide my mobile nuber to anyone wanting to use estetik as a clinic of choice. All the ladies I spoke to who had procedures there were more than thrilled and each and everyone of them had excellent feed back as we discussed procedures in the ambient environment .

I love the luxurious touch of the red carpet and limousine chauffeur. My whole experience was nothing short of Amaizing .

Thank you estetik, thank you bookimed !!


    Anna Mamina Bookimed medical coordinator May 8, 2019

    Thank you for your review! We are happy for your dreams to come true!

    Christine May 30, 2019

    Please text me on whatsapp if possible. +256795307073

The patient was treated of alopecia inMemorial Ataşehir Hospital

That was great experience for me and my 2 passions,
People in this hospital they did a good job and magic communication,

Thanks for every one from Bookimed and memorial for the brilliant job that you offer,

I will speak too much about you

The patient was treated of myelodysplastic syndromes inVienna General Hospital (AKH)

Everything was organized clearly, punctually and carefully. Consultation took place at a fixed time. I received answers to all the questions that interested me.

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    Roman Barakov Representative of Wiener Privatklinik May 6, 2019

    Мы очень рады, что Вам всё понравилось. Мы всегда стараемся предоставить нашим пациентам максималыный комфорт и сервис и нам очень приятно, когда пациенты получают всё то, что ожидают получить от нас.

The patient underwent check-up inKyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong (KUIMS)

I will be pleased when they receive the remaining examinations and consultation with a doctor. And so, in general, everything is quite decently organized, quickly, and a lot of different surveys in a short time.

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The patient was treated of headache inSan Raffaele Hospital

I had a consultation with Prof. Colombo on the 29th of April. I was complaining of chronic headache for more than one year. The clinic is very organized and the staff are friendly and proffessional. They also asign a doctor that speaks your language to attend with you in case you need any help with communication. Prof. Colombo is very professional, he gave me all the time to ask and discuss with him all what I wanted.
Thanks to Bookimed and Dr. Marian for their recommendation. It really helped me.
I am totally satisfied. I wanted to find a good place specialized in headache treatment and Bookimed helped me find the perfect place.

The patient was treated of hiv inBumrungrad International Hospital

es,. Its been a good care and great hospital ... They attended my needs and concerns... I was been so sad but I am still been trying to be good... the hotel and doctors is very thoughtful and helping me out to consider the situations and to be ok...
I am very good and yes, I am satisfy ... They're concerns and giving me an option to do what is right things to do..

The patient underwent orthopedic rehabilitation inAbromiskes Rehabilitation Center

She underwent rehabilitation after a complex fracture of the elbow joint and very unsuccessful rehabilitation in St. Petersburg, which led to the formation of very strong contractures.
The stay in the rehabilitation center was very comfortable. The attitude of all staff from the head of the trauma department to the workers of the canteen and cleaners is exceptionally friendly. Asta Zelenesen, my attending physician constantly monitored the course of my rehabilitation, which made me feel respect and trust in her as a doctor. All procedures appointed under the contract are executed in full. We lived in a suite, comfortable, clean, equipped with everything necessary.

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The patient underwent breast enlargement inEstetik International Clinic

The clinic is very fashionable and the medical staff is professional and attentive. Very strong support for the bookimed team! Alexander and Alena did a great job before arriving, answered quickly and clearly all my questions, and Lena was always there throughout her stay at the clinic.
The hotel was super, the impression that I was on vacation, and not on treatment))
The room is comfortable, a huge bed, quality bed, there is a bathrobe and all the bath accessories, breakfasts on and by the way, I cook deliciously
All that was promised before my trip - everything was so in reality, even where it exceeded my expectations!
Surgeons are all pros! Jenka Shen’s clear advice on performing the operation made me a happy owner of a beautiful breast)
Initially, I was planning a lipofilling with a facelift, but with a personal consultation on arrival, he clearly argued his decision in choosing an implant and I am glad that I trusted the professor!
Post operational relation at European level!
It sounded very much that Elena Kleomov gave me a lot of time and also offered the services of a dentist in the same clinic. They have a very cool technique and decided at the same time to whiten their teeth and do some kind of treatment and prosthetics. The transfer from the hotel to the clinic was included in the price. The drivers are polite, everything was very convenient and everything was for the comfort of the Client.

In general, my best recommendations, trust the professionals and your dreams of a beautiful body will become a reality!
Respectfully ,

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The patient was treated of spondylolisthesis of the lumbar spine inMedical Center in Solingen

Good day. Operated on 10.04.2019 spondealistez at the doctors of Bul and Flo, joint operation of a neurosurgeon and an orthopedist. Doctors are beautiful with golden hands. Actually because of these doctors this clinic was chosen, and in this many thanks to the coordinator Alyona. The surgery went great, recovery after surgery, under the close supervision of doctors and physiotherapists, also went well. The clinic itself is on the level of convenience of an average private clinic in Kiev. The staff is attentive and always ready to help. The chamber was spacious, clean and bright. The work of the international department was a little upset, they were allowed to sign documents in German without a paper translation at least into English, I’m not talking about the Russian language. Sometimes they consulted with doctors in German, without literally translating what they were talking about. But despite this, I was very pleased with the clinic, the doctors and the company Bukibmed, and I can recommend the professors Buhl and Flo.

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The patient was treated of infertility inMemorial Şişli Hospital

At the stage of preparing for eco, I liked everything. The doctor and the prince who conducted the reception inspire confidence.

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