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The patient underwent knee replacement inAsklepios St. Georg Clinic

The clinic is probably a good one, but everything was organized very illiterate and ugly, I planned to get to a specific doctor, who eventually turned out not to receive in this clinic, nobody told me about this, I was examined, I did not need.

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The patient was consulted inMalvazinky Hospital

I will never be there again
You should send your staff
to learn how they deal with patient from the airport in the hospital till the operation.and recovery period and reports are all in English
Mot i have to pay for the translation
Irina and olga it looks they making a free
Favors .
Thank you for wasting my 2 weeks.time

The patient was treated of lymphoma inHM Hospitales

Pediatric Hospital of Oncology, especially dr Blanca Lopez Ibor is the best doctor that i meet .I recommend . Maya from International Pasient - coordinator there was very helpful . I had confidence in bookimed and did not disappoint me . Thank you


    Marian Zaiarna Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 20, 2019

    Mr.Gabriel, thank you for trust, it was pleasure to work with you. Wish your son strong health!

The patient underwent diagnostic inAnadolu Medical Center

I am very satisfied with my experience.
Everyone was very professional and kind.
My coordinator was really helpful with everything.
The services was above and beyond.
Regarding my medical services, this was the best clinic I have ever been to.
The doctors really makes sure that you do get the help you need.
I truly recommend.

The patient underwent basic check up inGangnam Severance Hospital

Consultations at the clinic were excellent. We are very pleased with the clinic and the doctors, as well as the managers who worked with us there.

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The patient was treated of asthma inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

Thanks to Maxim and Yulia, everything was at the highest level, even 5 plus.
As for the clinic, I can’t say anything bad, the doctors are good, the professors are all knowledgeable of their work. We do not regret contacting this clinic.

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    Yuliya Sukhovich Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 11, 2019

    Благодарю! Будьте здоровы Вы и вся Ваша семья!

    iRADA YULDASHEVA Representative of Medipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi Mar 16, 2019

    Всего наилучшего,всегда рады помочь!

The patient underwent ophthalmologic examination inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

Prepared in Ukraine by doing some Analyzes, discussing this with Bookimed, having arrived in Medipol, the doctor again prescribed the same for the price higher than those discussed in the correspondence. !

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The patient was treated of infertility inFertility Center Berlin

Everything was organized, received even a bit of misunderstanding due to language barrier. But thanks to Bookimed rep, it was dealt.
We have got our diagnostic & results handed to us as well.
Doctors gave us recommendations.
Thanks to Bookimed for Everything.

The patient was treated of melanoma inAnadolu Medical Center

Ужасный координатор Сулейман
Цифры из воздуха
Никакой отчётности и прозрачности
Переводчики , врачи , все супер , кроме Сулеймана

The patient was treated of epilepsy inCentro Médico Teknon

We are very grateful to all not indifferent people who helped us get to treatment at the Teknon clinic, which is the leader in treating severe neurological diseases. Also, thank especially the entire staff of Bookimed Svetlana, Katerina, Daria and all the staff you are super professionals.

Bookimed this is certainly the number one service for the selection of clinics for treatment today.

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    Olesya Bulavina Representative of Centro Médico Teknon Mar 7, 2019

    Большое спасибо! От лица всей команды Медицинского Центра Текнон желаем Кире крепкого здоровья!

The patient was treated of severe postpartum injury inMemorial Şişli Hospital

The clinic is beautiful, but not for ordinary people. I can say about the doctors of the clinic that ordinary doctors, like everywhere else, are not interested in patients, and money is not interested. Those who are interested in patients are coordinators, doctors are organized, they went to Istanbul for rehabilitation, only Alexander helped us, thanks to him a lot. It is a great desire that the doctors of the clinic also work as the coordinator doctors work, consult with them before you go.

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The patient was treated of sinovit inCarolina Medical Center

Boules for consultation in the Klіnіtsі. Everything went good. On vіzit before Lіkarya got exactly on the appointed time. There were no problems. We have been assigned an additional obligation, who passed in the same day. I think that the consultation was canceled. Dyakuyu for the organization of our vizitu.

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The patient was treated of sarcoma inHELIOS Berlin Buch Hospital

I think my story can support and inspire many people going through the rough period of uncertainty. So I was diagnosed with sarcoma in Dubai, the place where the level of medicine is extremely low. But even if you know you cannot trust the doctors, learning such news is very hard. My first idea was going to Germany for second opinion. After googling opportunities I sent a request to bookimed and got a call from medical coordinator Liza within 1 hour. Liza is an amazingly professional doctor but moreover she is a very compassionate and responsible person. She was with me through all my periods of doubts, questions and of course celebration. My visit to Berlin Buch was organized within 1 week’s time. And after 2 weeks I was in the hospital. Private Clinic in Berlin Buch is nice. But the most important is the doctors you meet there. My doctor – Juliane Bock is the best doctor I have ever met in my life. Attentive, professional, straight to the point and very understanding. Long story short. All the necessary tests and scans were made within 5 hours and I left the hospital for a 2 week waiting of my biopsy results. After 2 weeks I received a thorough reply from the hospital saying that the initial diagnosis was a mistake. And the tumor was benign. I am really grateful to Bookimed team and Berlin Buch team for helping me in every step of this hard period of my life, for support, professionalism and exceptional expertise.

The patient underwent check-up inAnadolu Medical Center

Меня встретили в аэропорту Ататюрк. В клинике сразу встретила ассистентка Дилара, ответила на все мои вопросы и помогла пройти всех врачей.


    Екатерина Feb 14, 2019

    Здравствуйте! какой чек-ап вы проходили? сколько по цене получилось?

The patient underwent laser vision correction inZulekha Hospital Dubai

everything was top notch, starting from booking the time of the consultation, ending with the arrival and departure from the clinic. Support service Bookimed helped at each stage of the real pros of their business! Thank you very much!

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The patient was treated of allergy inMedicana Hospitals Group

I am satisfied with the healthcare, equipment quality the physician .

But the medical coordinator does not speak English it was very hard to communicate but she tried everything she could .Other than that everything was perfect.

Its good to assign a person with basic english skills .

The patient was treated of epilepsy inMemorial Bahçelievler Hospital

I am excessively satisfied with the professional doctors, who know their job on the highest level . You are the best , punctual, orderly and what is the most important - professionals of your business!

The patient underwent rhinoplasty inKardiolita Private Hospital

The doctor really liked. Attentive, kind, professional in their field.
The operation is satisfied.
The rest of the staff at C grade (

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The patient was treated of thyroid cancer inMemorial Bahçelievler Hospital

Thank u very much for u all. .the doctors were very helpfull.they take us from hotel to the hospital and back.there was a translator waiting for us..set an appointment with qualified doctor..make me a treatment program...and a that was for Free.
Start the treatment next month..
Thank u for all the efort..

The patient was treated of pancreatic cancer inOspedale San Raffaele

Just returned from there. Everything was top notch, and doctors, and the organization of the stay. It took 2 days from the first call to the bookmarked to my arrival in Milan. The next morning, consult a doctor. All questions were solved almost instantly, the results of all analyzes and studies were ready the next day. And constantly in touch with the coordinator Catherine and care worker Alexander. In my trips to the clinic, I was accompanied by a super translator Yulya Sukhneva. Thanks to the clear and professional work of Julia, Kati and Alexander, my stay was very short, I saved money on the hotel. The hotel, by the way, was excellent, up to the clinic, 200 meters. Yes, and more, the prices for consultations and analyzes are quite comparable with those in Moscow. I spent much less money than I thought at first. Thank you all!

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    Катя Колико Feb 27, 2019

    Спасибо Вам за теплый отзыв о нашей работе, мы искренне рады, что смогли в кратчайшие сроки и за оптимальный бюджет помочь Вам в решении медицинского вопроса у наиболее компетентных специалистов!

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