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The patient was treated of rectal cancer inCentro Médico Teknon

Dr. Antonio De Lacy is an excellent doctor, the staff is attentive, only the prices are very high and the rest is fine.

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The patient was treated of chordoma inOspedale San Raffaele


The patient was treated of kidney cancer inAsklepios Hospital Barmbek

I am a Canadian who wanted to look for the kidney disease treatment in Hamburg right the way. I search on internet to find some one who can help me contact with doctor in Hamburg hospital and I found the Bookimed. First time, I really did not trust the Bookimed because I thought it is on internet - no face to face , but the Bookimed sent me a call immediately . After that, Liza Dudnik , the staff of Bookimed , contacted with me via email and phone. She helped me a lot to look for the kidneyprofessional doctor . Liza Dudnik worked very professional, kindly and helpful. From my heart bottom I would like to say thank her.
Now I can tell people : I believe that the Bookimed is an agent that you can trust because it's service .
Thank Bookimed and Thank Liza Dudnik again. God Bless You.


    Liza Dudnik Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 22, 2019

    Dear Sir! Thank you for your kind words and trust in our company. I wish you and your family good health!

The patient was treated of uterine cancer inAnadolu Medical Center

The clinic is modern, the staff is attentive, competent, highly qualified. The approach to the organization of diagnosis and treatment professional. Everything went according to schedule. The language barrier was not felt. I was somewhat surprised by the lack of sanepid mode, in my opinion. Logistics (hotel accommodation, transfer), translator on top.

Great site, great service. Kind, competent, attentive and caring attitude of employees. You do not feel useless and lonely.

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The patient was treated of meningioma inMedical Park Hospitals Group

The doctor was not enugh practicality experience to for brain tumour problem and make us hopless from the operation.


    Anton Volvak Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 17, 2019

    Dear Shatha, Could you describe in details why is the doctor not experience enough? Did the doctor perform the surgery, was it successful?

The patient was treated of thyroid cancer inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

The stay in the clinic left only positive emotions. On the organization's questions, if they were before the arrival at the clinic, then after the arrival the questions disappeared by themselves, everything was organized perfectly, any wishes were fulfilled. The doctor took it immediately on the day of arrival, everything that was planned was appointed, answered all questions immediately and before and after treatment, left a positive impression. Umnichka translators, it was possible to contact them at almost any time, they always helped. I lived in a guest house, everything is fine.
Satisfied with the service

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The patient was treated of prostate cancer inHelios Krefeld Clinic

I want to evaluate the work of Bookimed as a whole on the results of organizing the treatment of a father well. After examining the results of the surveys, we were presented with options for treatment. Despite the fact that initially we practically had a clinic for treatment selected (on our own), we revised and made a decision to undergo treatment at a clinic in Germany, which Bookimed offered.

For all organizational issues, both Bookimed and the logistics company from the clinic offered support. We did everything on our own, but still it is nice when they want to help you. There were minor inconsistencies in organizational issues. But with the mines that provide support, always in touch and help them solve. But as for the treatment process at Helios Krefeld, everything is on the level. The result is satisfied.

Of the minuses - the discharge process is not fully organized, the time for receipt of documents is not specific and rather long. A translator is needed. After we returned from treatment, we are awaiting the receipt of documents (conclusions) from the clinic, we have not left us on this issue either.
Bookimed is a company of a good modern level, in any case do not think not to trust. The main thing is to keep the level and only raise it.

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The patient was treated of prostate cancer inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

The Medipol Clinic in Istanbul was recommended to me by bookimed specialists.
I was very pleased with the additional service. We were met with my father at the airport and taken to the guest house, which was provided by the hospital free of charge, as well as free 3 meals a day, not only for my father, but also for me. Every day a car came for us to take us to the clinic, as well as to take us back. We were provided with the services of an interpreter.

Translator Murat turned out to be a very good person, he told everything and helped absolutely everything. operas atsiyu. Everything went fine, he is very happy that he finally got rid of the cancer using the da Vinci robot. The staff after the operation behaved very courteously and neatly.

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    Ekaterina Koliko Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 22, 2019

    Максим, мы рады, что смогли помочь вам подобрать правильное медицинское решения для вашего отца, чтобы процесс лечения происходил максимально комфортно и без забот. Благодарим вас за отзыв, он поможет в будущем многим пациентам, кому также важно позаботиться о здоровье своих близких.

The patient was treated of breast cancer inMedical Center in Solingen

Very quick and clear consultation of Bookimed coordinators. For several hours, they helped organize a consultation at the clinic and lure the flight. A transfer from the airport to the city was also organized. In the clinic, with the help of coordinators, a consultation with explanations was successfully held, diagnostics were carried out, and the treatment process started. Very good attitude of doctors.

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The patient was treated of melanoma inAnadolu Medical Center

Ужасный координатор Сулейман
Цифры из воздуха
Никакой отчётности и прозрачности
Переводчики , врачи , все супер , кроме Сулеймана

The patient was treated of sarcoma inHELIOS Berlin Buch Hospital

I think my story can support and inspire many people going through the rough period of uncertainty. So I was diagnosed with sarcoma in Dubai, the place where the level of medicine is extremely low. But even if you know you cannot trust the doctors, learning such news is very hard. My first idea was going to Germany for second opinion. After googling opportunities I sent a request to bookimed and got a call from medical coordinator Liza within 1 hour. Liza is an amazingly professional doctor but moreover she is a very compassionate and responsible person. She was with me through all my periods of doubts, questions and of course celebration. My visit to Berlin Buch was organized within 1 week’s time. And after 2 weeks I was in the hospital. Private Clinic in Berlin Buch is nice. But the most important is the doctors you meet there. My doctor – Juliane Bock is the best doctor I have ever met in my life. Attentive, professional, straight to the point and very understanding. Long story short. All the necessary tests and scans were made within 5 hours and I left the hospital for a 2 week waiting of my biopsy results. After 2 weeks I received a thorough reply from the hospital saying that the initial diagnosis was a mistake. And the tumor was benign. I am really grateful to Bookimed team and Berlin Buch team for helping me in every step of this hard period of my life, for support, professionalism and exceptional expertise.

The patient was treated of thyroid cancer inMemorial Bahçelievler Hospital

Thank u very much for u all. .the doctors were very helpfull.they take us from hotel to the hospital and back.there was a translator waiting for us..set an appointment with qualified doctor..make me a treatment program...and a that was for Free.
Start the treatment next month..
Thank u for all the efort..

The patient was treated of pancreatic cancer inOspedale San Raffaele

Just returned from there. Everything was top notch, and doctors, and the organization of the stay. It took 2 days from the first call to the bookmarked to my arrival in Milan. The next morning, consult a doctor. All questions were solved almost instantly, the results of all analyzes and studies were ready the next day. And constantly in touch with the coordinator Catherine and care worker Alexander. In my trips to the clinic, I was accompanied by a super translator Yulya Sukhneva. Thanks to the clear and professional work of Julia, Kati and Alexander, my stay was very short, I saved money on the hotel. The hotel, by the way, was excellent, up to the clinic, 200 meters. Yes, and more, the prices for consultations and analyzes are quite comparable with those in Moscow. I spent much less money than I thought at first. Thank you all!

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    Катя Колико Feb 27, 2019

    Спасибо Вам за теплый отзыв о нашей работе, мы искренне рады, что смогли в кратчайшие сроки и за оптимальный бюджет помочь Вам в решении медицинского вопроса у наиболее компетентных специалистов!

The patient was treated of glioma inCentro Médico Teknon

We contacted Bookimed to get a second opinion. Their response time was very quick. Within one day we had 2 appointments planned.
The online appointment with the clinic went well, the Proffessor answered all of our questions. Special thanks to Svetlana, who was our coordinator.

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    Svetlana Pashchenko Bookimed medical coordinator Feb 27, 2019

    Thanks for your feedback! We are glad that you were able to get answers to your questions)

The patient was treated of prostate cancer inBremen-Mitte Clinic

I has a Skype conversation with doctor in Bremen-mitte clinic. Actually I was a very good option for me as I could not travel in the time being. The hopital meducal coordinator was supportive and she qas keen and she called me by phone 1 hour before the conversation with physician to confirm the time and she called me also to be sure that I am online to start tge conversation. The Bookimed medical doctor assistance was very helpful from the start minute I sent message to Bookimed. She called me on phone and took all the information to provide the best solution for my situation, I would like to thank her so much. She was answering me rapidly either through e-mail or WhatsApp after that. She was very cooperative and when I faced a problem with the time of conversation she rearrange another one rapidly.

The patient was treated of prostate cancer inAsklepios Hospital Barmbek

Excellent service from Bookimed medical doctor's assistance, the medical coordinator in clinic and everything went very well. The professor was great, took his time to explain and answer my questions.

The patient was treated of breast cancer inAnadolu Medical Center

Clinics at a height, diagnosis was carried out quickly. Appointed the treatment, although there are doubts that it will help, because similar drugs have already been prescribed by Ukrainian doctors and there was no effect on them. The only hope is that their drugs are better and they will be the result.

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The patient was treated of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

The diagnosis of neuroendocrine carcinoma of the pancreas with liver metastases was made to the husband 2.5 years ago. Were observed in another clinic in Turkey, also under the control and care of Bookimed specialists.
They came to Medipol to make a cycle of procedures with the drug Lutetium - the most modern way to treat this type of tumor.

All perfectly. We were met by representatives of the clinic at Ataturk airport, right by the ramp, brought to the hotel (the price of a room per day is $ 35, which is very small for Turkey). The room is great, clean, has it all - from the washing machine to the dishwasher. Three meals a day are included in the price.
Transfer from the hotel to the clinic and back every 30 minutes for free.
The clinic has a Russian-speaking curator of patients from the CIS, Irada. With it you can at any time solve all the issues that relate to the treatment and life of the patient.
In Medipol, we were met by translator Murad. He was with us during the reception of a professor of nuclear medicine, accompanied us during the testing.

The professor took us more than an hour, answered all the questions, gave a lot of recommendations.

We were at the consultation, now on February 14 we are flying the procedure.

All this time, Varvara from the Bookized Patient Care Department supported us online.

All perfectly. Bookimed, many thanks to each of your employees for the fact that we feel abroad calmly and under your protection.

Separately, I thank the miracle of Dr. Bookimed Sofya Grabovskaya. She helps us with advice and supports all 2.5 years of illness.

Bookimed, respect. You are great.

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    Эльвира Feb 10, 2019

    Здравствуйте. Не подскажите Как назывался отель в котором вы остановились ?

The patient was treated of lung cancer inWiener Privatklinik

We were satisfied with arrangement, coordination and consultation. Everyone was professional.the Clinic itself is for recomendation

The patient was treated of thyroid cancer inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

The choice of the clinic is very satisfied. I liked the doctors and the staff very much. Polite, competent and ready to help with any question.

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