pediatric cardiac surgery treatment reviews

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The patient was treated of atelocardia inIstituto Ortopedico Galeazzi

Hello, I have serious scoliosis and some other health problems, it is necessary to operate scoliosis and preferably as soon as possible since it will only get worse ... In Ukraine, everyone refused to operate because there was a very big risk, Poland also refused ... Then I My coordinator Pavel Popkov wrote to Bookimed just a great person, he answers any questions even to stupid ones, he sent my documents to different clinics and finally the Galeazzi clinic was told to come for a detailed consultation ... The consultation was successful, everything seems to be going positive, waiting for a final decision from them! A trip to the clinic was done by Yana. She got us free tickets for a special program.

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The patient was treated of tetralogy of fallot inAnadolu Medical Center

Last year was a test for our family. Andryusha was diagnosed with Tetrad Phallo. This is a complex congenital heart disease. Treatment is one - operation. The operation is not cheap, but thanks to friends and family! They paid for the operation and rehabilitation in Anadolu clinic in Turkey. The professionalism of the doctors saw from the first second. The operation was successful and without complications!

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