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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inAsklepios St. Georg Clinic

Good day !
After almost half a year I am writing a review.

The level and quality of medicine, I can not adequately assess, as I am just a client (someone came up with the name of the patient, which I personally do not like).
So, I had an operation. On the heart. The diagnosis was atrial fibrillation. Made an Ablation.
How did - I do not know. I hope at the proper level.
This is a conveyor. You with your medical problems / diagnoses get on the conveyor.
I do not know whether this is good or bad - but it is.
I had a surgery very quickly - for which I am grateful.
Extract from the clinic.
The doctor had a conversation with me (through an interpreter) for 3 minutes before the operation and 5-10 minutes after the operation (after 2 days of re-discharge). And that's all. My questions are what to do next (what predictions, recommendations, etc. I have not received an answer).
The next day (the day of discharge from the clinic), the nurse / doctor’s assistant arrived and presented the discharge report in German. To the question whether it is possible in English, I received the answer that it is possible, but contact the translators.
Like this.
Still. I waited for more than 2 hours for a prescription for the purchase of medications prescribed to me (for a purchase at pharmacies in Germany). And this after repeated reminders.
I have not received any recommendations regarding the observation of the passage / consequences of the operation.

As a result, I was forced through the Internet to look for possible subtleties / complications after my operation. Then, after 20 days, I had a relapse - a long-term arrhythmia over the course of 4 days. I found it myself through a Garmin wrist pulse detector.
As a result, I bought the device for ECG registration and with the help of it I independently registered this fact of relapse.
Further, through the Internet, I realized that it is permissible with my diagnosis for a period of up to 3 months after the operation.
Now, six months later (without a week), I have no arrhythmias.
It seems that the operation in Hamburg I did right.
But the rest ...

Another important fact.
At the entrance I was promised a price of 22,000 euros with a deposit of 2,000 euros, which is refundable if there are no complications during the operation.
So, as of today 2019-05-22, this deposit was not returned to me. Despite the fact that I was very tolerant in this matter - I did not demand, I did not pester ...
This is a note for future customers of this clinic.
Feel free to write off this amount of the so-called deposit on expenses. Such a marketing course of German clinics.
I understand that for me and for the majority of clients of (international) clinics, this 2,000 euros means nothing on the total amount of the costs of treatment and imposes on health ...
Personally, I do not like it.
I have something to compare.
In 2007, I was treated in Israel. Result by all parameters 5 +++
Here in Germany at 3 ---
I do not take into account the medical aspect - here it is difficult for me to be an adequate evaluator.

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inAnadolu Medical Center

Met well, went to a consultation with a heart surgeon and took a cardiologist. There were clear questions that the surgeon could answer precisely. admission fee just to the wind.

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The patient was treated of hypertension inAnadolu Medical Center

Money is not small worth the check up, there is no consultation as such, you come, a maximum of 5 minutes and the doctor says it all. Then the documents that they sent me after the check-up I made a medical translation and went with them to a good doctor in Moscow, and in these documents there is almost no information on the analyzes, according to the conclusion from which I have such ailments. So bad.
There is no understanding of the result of what is with me and how to treat it. In general, Money to the wind.

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inSachsenhausen Hospital

Nobody there seemed to know about my appt. There were no free translators. Luckily I found a very nice lady in surgery dept who called Mrs. Spiegel and i finally got to see the head of the gastro dept.He ordered a set of blood tests and scheduled a gastroscopy for the next day. The second day, I got the gastroscopy, and then I waited for like 3hrs for the doctor who performed my gastroscopy to tell me about the results. Apparently he was on duty and there was nobody else to discuss with me.In the end he showed up and said that the blood results were incomplete and we had to wait for the results of the biopsies that were prelevated during the endoscopy.He said it would be a few days, and they will send it by mail. That was last friday.No sign up to this day..So l would have to say that it was not very well organised and if it wasn’t for the good heart of the clerk working in surgery dept.i would not had been checked at all.

The patient was treated of arrhythmia inSan Donato Hospital

Excellent and prompt service. They told (without insisting) which hospital and which doctor to contact. Initially I planned a survey in South Korea, but on the recommendation of the Bookimed coordinator, I went to the Italian clinic of San Donato, to Dr. Carlo Pappone, and I have no regrets. Special thanks to Anton Volvak and the representative of the clinic San Donato, Julia. Paid directly to the clinic (after all procedures), the price is the same as reported by an employee bookimed. Bottom line: I recommend this service.

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    evgen Feb 20, 2019

    Антон, подскажите, чем лечение в Италии принципиально отличалось от предложенного дома?

    Екатерина Feb 20, 2019

    Как долго вы находились в клинике?

    Anton The patient was treated of arrhythmia Mar 8, 2019

    Оснавная цель поездки была получить стороннее мнение у профессора Паппоне. Мнение врачей в Казахстане и России расходились, а профессор Паппоне как раз специализируется на аритмии. В больнице был один день - прошёл обследование и получил консультацию от профессора. Координально обследование и преложенная терапия не отличается, тут мне лично было важно экспертное мнение (делать вмешательство для устранения аритмии или нет).

The patient was treated of coronary artery disease inLIV Hospital

We express our gratitude for the assistance rendered to the Liv Hospital clinic, in the future we will recommend this Hospital to all our friends and acquaintances.
All at the highest level!!!
Dr. Burak, a cardiologist with a capital letter, words of gratitude can not convey this, a professional in his field!
Also, many thanks to the patient care team, Robert and Madina, a very responsive and attentive girl, worked with us. Special thanks to the coordinator Dmitry Belek for the information provided on medical directions, from the very beginning, as we submitted the application, he was very attentive, and solved any of our questions. Thank you so much!

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The patient was treated of atherosclerosis inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

Everything was okay. We were met, the professor made a reception with 4 assistants at once, examined the coronography, decided on what the shunting would do on the robot. This is 100% coincided with our desires. The doctor was very confident, rather strict with his subordinates. We liked it. The next day, all the tests, the examinations were done, at 4:00 pm he reviewed the tests, and said that the patient was ready for the operation, and scheduled for Monday, since they have one robot. And today, from 8–20, we were taken away for an operation, but still our mother did not wake up, it is now 6:00 pm. We saw the doctor at 15-30, said that the operation had ended successfully, the incision as planned was small, the lungs did not interfere, the shunt was normally set. It is now 4 hours for the patient under anesthesia to do intensive therapy. We look forward to hearing our mother, we are waiting. Thank you so much for having found us Dr. Mustafa Gudin, we hope that rehabilitation will be as successful as an operation!

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The patient was treated of atherosclerosis inKardiolita Private Hospital

The clinic can not evaluate, since I was there for one hour. He came with his analyzes, they didn’t say anything new, maybe this is good. Although I did not want to know.

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inKardiolita Private Hospital

Vse ponravilis! Vse na vishim urovne. A pavelu papkovu blaqadaren za xoroshiyu orqonizaciyu vstrece vracami xotya yevo samavo ya ne videl

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The patient was treated of pulmonary hypertension inHelios Krefeld Clinic

The doctor was not competent in my illness. There was an oblique cardiologist. The coordinator promised a super test for my illness, but this examination was not. The doctor asked Vapros why I came to visit. Nobody passed the history of my illness into the clinics to the coordinators. I waited for a meeting with the doctor for more than 1.5 hours that I was scheduled for an appointment at 9:30 am. The examinations were done by themselves that they do in any wedge. There was even a blood test in the wedge.

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The patient was treated of hypertension inNational Research Cardiac Surgery Center

Good day! On the recommendation of the coordinator Dmitry Belik, I drove my mother to the NNSC to be examined for hypertension. We held a consultation, we appointed all the examinations and we all did it quickly. According to the results of tests and examinations, the doctor prescribed the necessary medicines. Were at the Center in the beginning of September 2018, now the mother takes the pills, the pressure has decreased from 180/60 to 140/70 and while we are in these values, as a doctor, it was recommended that it should not be lowered to 120 immediately.
We are very grateful to the coordinator Dmitry Belik for his help, for doing this kind of work for people, for his recommendations. I was always in touch, I called and was interested. Everything went well and well. Thank you, Dmitry. And the Center was impressed, very worthy, clean and quiet everywhere, and of course the doctor prescribed the medication necessary for my mother.

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inAnadolu Medical Center

1. Very far from Istanbul. 3 hours away by car.
2. It was written that there will be a personal translator, but 1 interpreter for several patients and translators will transfer you to each other.
3 no on the part of doctors of personal approach to the patient, you feel yourself like a cander.

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inAsklepios Hospital Barmbek

Many thanks to Bookimed for your work! the operative call of the doctor !!! - a specialist who is able to understand the problem and suggest variants of the survey, a clinic, a suitable specialist. After a conversation with Pavel Popkov a few days later I had a visit to Dr. Grönefeld, to which I was traveling for a second time regarding the arrhythmia of the heart. Pavel and his colleague-coordinator in Germany-Lydia were in contact with me all the time, worried about me. On the day of the visit, I was met in Asclepios Barmbek, helped to arrange all the documents, I was introduced to the doctor and sent for examination. The clinic is modern, equipped with the latest equipment, the medical staff is friendly and speaks English. Dr. Grönefeld made the most positive impression, gave us as much time as needed, answered all the questions, explained everything and told. After the visit, I have an understanding of what I need to do next.

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inAsklepios Hospital Barmbek

I want to express my gratitude to coordinator Asklepios Lydia for organizing the survey. For attention. Help in all matters !! Such specialists are needed in difficult moments of our life! She is in her place!

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The patient was treated of hypertension inAsklepios Hospital Barmbek

Hello! We were very pleased to cooperate with the "Bookimed" service and with our coordinator Lisa Dudnik. Starting from correspondence and ending with the trip, the organization of all documents and stay in the clinic - everything was on top.
We turned to this service with the question of selecting a clinic that deals with patients with hypertension at a young age. In Ukraine, unfortunately, doctors did not want to understand, the tests were done incorrectly, there was even a situation when the doctor wrote a diagnosis that does not exist, it was very frustrating, and the health condition only worsened.
Lisa found several clinics for us and sent our extracts and some tests there. As a result, it was decided that we will still go to the Asclepios clinic in Germany, since it has a nephrology department that specializes in hypertension at a young age, we also found many good reviews and information about doctors. Dr. Meyer, our attending physician, described to us in advance what tests and examinations should be done in Asklepios in order to understand what causes the increase in pressure. And also to us have sent approximately the sum which will be spent for these researches.
As a result, we spent 5 days in Hamburg, we were given all the tests, examination and changed the drugs, since those that were prescribed in Ukraine, are banned in Germany and have long ceased to be produced.
At the moment we are taking medication and contacting the coordinator with Dr. Mayer if there are any questions.
I also liked the translator Vladimir, whom we also received the service. He accompanied us in Hamburg for all procedures and all consultations and even after our departure he decided some questions with our treating physician.
Therefore, we can safely recommend this service to cooperation!

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inMedical Center in Solingen

My name is Elena. I applied to this site because my husband needed an urgent ablation operation on the heart. Naturally, in today's Internet space, a million proposals are lightning-fast ... But in a situation where you do not have time for a long and detailed correspondence with a particular clinic, Bookimed in my situation played a very positive role. At the same time I want to express special gratitude and gratitude to the coordinating physician Bogdan Klimenko. His attentive attitude and careful participation in solving our problem played a decisive role in the choice of doctor and clinic. Thank you very much, Bogdan and all who helped us!

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

the medical team was fine thanks but the hospital was too expensive .

The patient was treated of coronary artery disease inBumrungrad International Hospital

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inLIV Hospital

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