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The patient was treated of hiv inBumrungrad International Hospital

es,. Its been a good care and great hospital ... They attended my needs and concerns... I was been so sad but I am still been trying to be good... the hotel and doctors is very thoughtful and helping me out to consider the situations and to be ok...
I am very good and yes, I am satisfy ... They're concerns and giving me an option to do what is right things to do..

The patient underwent check up for men inBumrungrad International Hospital

Very helpful,cooperative.All staff were very polite.Doctor was very nice.
I am very happy. Planning to go again with my wife for check up.

The patient underwent dental implant inBangkok Hospital Pattaya

It didn’t go well at all
it seems all the information that I passed on at the beginning was not passed onto this dentist at all
I am very disappointed that he would not take out these 3 mercury filled molars that ARE causing my neurological illness to worsen,
they did not even know my allergies to fluoride, you do know that it IS a poison don’t you?
what I thought was going to be a positive experience turned out to be a negative one
I also had to endure a radiation burst to weaken me further through means of an x-ray to try convince him to take out the teeth
he even told me that there was not a laser in the hospital to perform the treatment I had sought from the very start
a complete waste of my time and money
I hope this has answered your question

The patient was treated of atrial septal defect inBumrungrad International Hospital

I requested for an appointment of my daughter, 15 years old with a congenital Heart disease. I sent all the ECHO report to you before.
But her first appointment was made with Doctor Pitsanu on 25th March,2019 who is for adult. Next day we were referred to another Doctor(pediatric). Then we were referred to third Doctor, Dr Anant on 28th March at 5-30PM. We sat idle for two days(27th & 28th). Dr Anant does not do the procedure himself(ASD device closing). So we were to meet another Doctor on 29th March. Does it make sense???
First appointment should have been with Pediatric Heart Consultant, considering the age and diagnosis in Bangladesh.
Moreover the cost is also very high compared to Bangladesh & India. 16000 USD for only device closure!!

The patient was treated of herniated disk inBumrungrad International Hospital

For my Lower spine problem I choosen Burmurgrad and Im happy on my selection. I found evry thing in order and hospital really maintaining international standard. My Doctor Mr Yodruk is very good Neuro doctor and he always attended me with very kind. My all prayers always with him. All other staff also very kind and cooperative. Hospital is so clean looks a 5 * hotel.


    Fahad Mawlood Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 22, 2019

    Mr. Mumtaz, thank you so much for taking the time to leave this excellent review. Best wishes for great progress and great encouragement every day during your recuperation.

The patient underwent check-up inBumrungrad International Hospital

I find it more than my expectations. hospital Nursing staff is very polite and friendly. Doctors are very caring.


    Kamran Abbas-Zade Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 22, 2019

    We are glad to hear that Mr. Ali. Thank you for your kind feedback!

The patient was treated of nevus inBumrungrad International Hospital

Before starting my story I would like to thank care bookimed , Maryna Slysarenko & hospital authorities of Bumrungrad International Hospital. You people help me a lot for my daughter treatment.

The hospital facilities are unique. All the staff including my doctor Dr. Nicha Rungsimanond, Dermatology is very cordial with me. The security is excellent. All my country foods are available near the hospital.
The money exchange office is very near to the hospital. As this is very renowned hospital and the stuff & the doctors are very professional famous & experience I hope my daughter has got best treatment & will get same treatment future.
I will come next may for my next slot of treatment. This time I will come along with my mom for her treatment. Thank you very much. Looking forward to your help for the future.
Zahid khandker


    Maryna Slysarenko Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 9, 2019

    Dear Mr.Zahid, thanks a lot for your trust and so detailed review. Our Team will stay in touch and wish your daughter all the best!

The patient underwent diagnostic inBumrungrad International Hospital

Coordinator maryna was great.
the hospital though was unaware of my booking.the doctor when i eventually saw him was a kindly man and tried to be of help but the nursing stafff were terrible,couldnt answer simple questions and then the 2nd test i was due to take they told me to take in the public toilet in the hospital,never obviously heard of a sterile environment!
i walked out after spending 4 hrs there and not having my problem fullt addressed,i feel some depts are very good and others well make your own decisions about that.

The patient was treated of lung cancer inBumrungrad International Hospital

I am so satisfied with Liza Dudnik! She is an amazing woman! She so kind, on time, very helpful. One of the best staff I know from my experience. God bless her

The patient was treated of azoospermia inBumrungrad International Hospital

Everything at Bumrungrad was above average, except the fact that they told me they d send me quotes on different procedures within 3 days and it took one full month and me pushing them 3 times in order to get these quotes. That is far from what anyone would expect from an hospital of this international standing.

On the flip side though, the people from Bookimed were awesome and i was happily surprised by they re professionalism, presence and speed of response to any of my inquiry. I will recommend Bookimed's services to everyone i know that are in need.

Keep it up Bookimed and all the best! :-)

The patient was treated of lung cancer inBumrungrad International Hospital

The doctors and nurses are top class well trained professionals - the only major problem, especially with the very kind and helpful nurses was that most of them speak very little English, so it was extremely difficult to have conversations with the ladies - a great pity! Otherwise I was very satisfied with the treatment in this highly modern hospital.

The patient underwent consultation with a surgeon inBumrungrad International Hospital

Thanks a lot to a medical coordinator Ekaterina for quick help in booking an appointment! My overall experience was positive: the arrangement was quick and convenient.

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The patient was consulted inBumrungrad International Hospital

Thank you so much! Appointment scheduling was fast, everything was great)) The staff were polite and pleasant)

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The patient was treated of breast cancer inBumrungrad International Hospital

Bookimed medical coordinator’s work is excellent! I’m totally satisfied with healthcare and service quality. I've got lucky with my physician. Interpreter Larisa always helps and answers all the questions as well.

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The patient was treated of lung cancer inBumrungrad International Hospital

I was extremely satisfied with everything that happened to me at this wonderful hospital. I don't think that there is a hospital in Asia which can compare with this one. From the doctors to the nurses and all other personell in this hospital ALL are competent, very polite and friendly - the only small criticism that I have is that unfortunately many don't speak English very well, that's a great shame.

The patient was treated of breast cancer inBumrungrad International Hospital

I am very happy with the treatment I've so far received at Bumrungrad International Hospital. Beginning last year, I've made three separate visits for treatment at the hospital. The staff are extremely professional and efficient using very modern equipment. The cost of treatment is competitive. I would strongly recommend it to other people looking for medical care.

The patient was treated of benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph) inBumrungrad International Hospital

three years passed since i have did disc operation
Now Im happy and almost pain free coparing to my preoperation status.
Thanks to my doctor and all staff

This is one of the best dental experience ever! They are professional, modern and I was very impressive with their cleanliness and how sterilize everything was. The counter service was very friendly! I had teeth whitening and upper veneers done... good prices and my treatment was quick and effective. I now have a lovely new smile to show back home after a one week break!


    costas coutsourelos Feb 13, 2019

    I had my teeth implants( All in 6 ) done 4 years ago with this clinic and it was the best thing i have done in all my life as i had lots of problems with my teeth. The girls behind the counter welcome you with the Thai greeting and a friendly smile. Dr Thanit is very friendly and professional and all went very well. It cost me with 12 days holiday including accommodation half of the price i have been giver here in Australia. Every time i go for a Holiday to Phuket i visit the clinic for a check up as like anything else they need service. When the times come to go back home you will feel that you are leaving good friends behind..Greeting to all at the clinic..costas

I would like to thank the team of BIDC and especially Dr. Phunthikaphadr for my medical vacation to Bangkok for my teeth repairing. I am very pleased with the treatment. It was everything I was hoping for, all procedures were painless and efficient. I also liked friendly attitude.

The patient was treated of azoospermia inBumrungrad International Hospital

the place was awesome from the doctor to all the nurses, they did a great job.

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